Saturday, April 1, 2017

Saturday Conference

It's conference weekend.  Our favorite.  Today we watched the 2 Saturday sessions and tonight Rob and Ethan will go to the priesthood session.

There were some great talks today.  One thing that really stuck out to me is that 3 different people quoted "For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son".  What a powerful phrase and event.  God loved us, His imperfect, crazy, selfish, sad, quick to forget and slow to obey children so much that He sent His perfect son to atone for our sins. Wow

Elder Eyring spoke about the gathering of families.  How Jesus Christ is central to the Heavenly Father's plan and the family is the heart of that plan.  He talked about family history.

M Joseph Brough gave a very good talk about the "care package" Heavenly Father gave each of us to help us return to Him.  He gave us commandments, leaders,  His Son and repentance.  He also talked about the key to being a good youth leader 1. be with the youth, 2. connect them with Heaven and 3. let the youth lead.

Weatherford T Clayton talked about the pillars of the plan of happiness.

Elder Renlund spoke about being a shepard.  He asked if a shepard turns away from sheep that are sick, or lost, or have blemishes.  Of course the Good Shepard (Christ) doesn't turn away from His sheep (us) when we sin.  He loves us always.  He also wants us to love others so completely that no one feels abandoned or alone.

Ulisses Soares spoke about King Limhi, and serving with all your heart.

Mark Bragg spoke about light.  Where to find light in a dark world: the church, Christ and the gospel.  We should be a light to others and also see others with the same eye that the Savior does.   We must be kind.
We must put on the armour of light.

Russell M Nelson gave a wonderful and uplifting talk about how to draw power from the Savior.  We need to learn about him and make covenants and keep them with precision.  He said disciples of Christ are undaunted, devoted, courageous and willing to stand out.  He said faith propels us to do things we otherwise wouldn't.

This afternoon I missed three of the talks because I was picking Ethan up from a movie outing so I still need to catch up on those two but the ones I heard were:

Robert Hales spoke about what it means to be a disciple.  It's more than studying the Saviors life and following His commandments.  It's letting the characteristics of Christ become woven into our character.  We need to be virtuous, knowledgeable, temperate, patient and to be full of brotherly kindness.  We can not be part time disciples.

Elder Anderson talked about overcoming the world.  In order to overcome we have to have an all encompassing love for Jesus Christ.  We need to turn outward and care more about the happiness of our spouse, the teaching of our children and meeting the needs of others.

Elder Ballard talked about making goals and plans on how to get there.

I will catch up on the missing three while the boys are gone tonight.

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