Friday, June 30, 2017


 Yesterday the Abramson's rented a cabana at DryTown (a cute little water park nearby) and invited all the YW to join them for the day.  We decided to go and it was a lot of fun.  Audrey and I were ride partners and we went on slides and the lazy river.  It was fun and funny to see all these moms racing on the racing slides and playing without any kids around.  All our kids are teens and of course they quickly abandoned us :) I think there were about 15 of us there together, we had never been and I am happy to report that it's a nice park.  Small but clean and not crowded.
This morning we woke up and Rob wanted to hike Vasquez rocks.  We couldn't convince the kids to come so we had a morning date.  We drove the jeep out, hiked around for an hour or so, and then came back.  It was very nice out and the rocks were beautiful and fun to climb on.  

When we got home we had outside chores to do.  Then Grace and I went shopping.  She has been doing chores to save up for a baby mouse and we picked him up too.  His name is Stuart. 

Now it's late afternoon and everyone is doing there own thing.  Grace is face timing with Brynn and playing with her animals.  Ethan is on line gaming with friends . Rob is carving and I am starting a new book that I've been looking forward to reading called "the soul of an octopus" by Sy Montgomery.  

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

pool party

 We had a post camp pool party and ice cream bash.  It was a little chilly, as it was windy in the evening, but I think everyone had a fun time!
Also this is the saddest dog ever. Her incision is huge and she is a wreck. Poor Z:(


Yesterday we took Ziva to the vet,  she had her cruciate ligament (ACL in humans) repaired.  We are going to pick her up this morning and we're anxious to see her. The vet said everything went well. I hope she has a good recovery.

In the afternoon Grace had Makayla over to hang out and swim.  Those girls are very silly.  They made concoctions and played hide and seek and swam.

In the evening we had a ward social. It was a lot of fun.  We had a picnic at Rawley Duntley park. We had a really good turn out, lots of friends and lots of delicious food.  The weather was super nice, a little windy but not hot and we got to sit around and visit.  Ethan and the boys threw around balls and frisbees.  Grace and her age kids sat at the table and laughed and talked, they threw water balloons at each other and raced around the playground.

When we first got there Dale was scooping a snake into a bag and was transporting it to the desert.  Most people missed out on that excitement.

I meant to write about some of the fun things I wanted to remember about camping.  One thing that was so striking was the sky at night.  It was super amazing.  So.Many.Stars.  Each night I lay on the air mattress (at like midnight or 1am) and looked out the screened window and watched them while I fell asleep. Gorgeous.

Also Grizzly Falls.  So amazing.  We hiked up a short little while and when you got about 20Feet from the falls you could feet the mist and it was like taking a shower.  We got so wet.  It was loud and wet and amazing.  It made you laugh to stand there in all that majesty.

The river.  Woah! I have never seen anything like it.  It was so powerful.  The water was churning up white caps and spraying huge bursts of water fountains. So overwhelmingly strong and majestic.

Lastly this cute little squirrel.  He hung out at our camp a lot.  He was so brave and friendly.  He stole food right next to our feet.  He would sit and eat right in front of us.  He did this funny little army crawl where he would press himself totally flat and then inch forward.  We saw lots of animals, which was neat.

Monday, June 26, 2017

15 years old

2 days old
 Ethan had his 15th birthday yesterday.  It was a very low key day.  We went to church.  He wanted fruit pizza.  He got his present early, both from his dad and I and from Nana and Abba so there was nothing to open.  Kind of sad.  I'm not letting him open early next year.  He got a fitbit from Nana and Abba, which he really wanted.  From us he asked for headphones for the xbox. He also just got his first phone (because he finished all his eagle stuff) and we got him the case and accessories he wanted/needed on Saturday.
Anyway I've been asking him if he wants a party or if he'd like to do something special: go to the beach, go to Disney, go to the movies.  He's said no.
putting on the armour of God at FHE, 3 years old
 He has been a delightful boy to raise.  Obedient and helpful and funny.  I can't believe he'll be leaving our home in just 3 years.

getting baptized
15 Things about Ethan

  1. He is super smart.  He learns easily and understands things quickly and remembers them for a long time.
  2. He is a good athlete.  Soccer is his favorite sport but he's good at others as well.
  3. He is very clever, he says funny things all the time.
  4. Ethan is not a daredevil,
  5. he doesn't like to go fast or on roller coasters or things like that.
  6. He is strong though.  When they were biking last week Brody said E was the 3rd to get up the mountains each time...but on the way down he rode his brakes and was in the last 3 down. 
  7. Ethan is kind.  He helps people.
  8. He's loves his video games and is a little addicted to electronics.
  9. Ethan fulfills his priesthood duties cheerfully.
  10. Girls like him but he has not had a girlfriend yet.
  11. When he was little he loved to dance and sing.  Now he loves to listen to music.
  12. Ethan is an adventurous eater.  He'll try anything.
  13. He is a great friend.  He's loyal and fun to be with.
  14. He is calm and patient and easy going like his mom but
  15. a thinker, and brilliant like his dad.  

We adore that boy.

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Girls camp~ we survived!!

Hannah is in the front of the boat, paddle in the water

 These pictures are in no particular order.  Wednesday morning we got up at 4am to leave for the river.  It was early.  Wednesday night packing had a lot of hiccups, including the sister who was supposed to buy all the food ran out of time and didn't so Audrey and I ended up in the store at 8pm buying everything and a broken trailer and other issues.  We were a little behind schedule getting out on the road but were driving before 5.
Grace is in the back with the blue shorts
Our first stop was the Kern River.  We went white water rafting.  The girls were really looking forward to it.  I had some hesitations before getting there because the water is really high and rough this year. Also we didn't use a professional guiding group.  Our camp leader's husband did a lot of training and time on the river, he is thinking of starting a company.  I thought he was competent and put in lots of effort.  But I think an experienced tour would have cost less money (not the Lord's $ but his) and maybe some of the issues we had would not have happened.  In the end everyone survived and 95% of the people had a great time.  Rob did get thrown in the river on the last run and it was scary for him.  He was caught in a cataract and was trapped in the water for a short time.  He ended up fine but if it was one of the girls who went in I don't know if we would have been so fortunate.  He is a strong swimmer and felt like he barely made it out.

On one run we lost two guides to in the water.  One of the boats had Grace and Brynn and another girl and Audrey in it.  They were on the wrong side of the river and they are not strong paddlers nor did they know what they were doing and just after the spot where they were to get out the river got much people could die on it. Miraculously, and by that I believe they were helped by ministering angels, they did get to shore in the right place and were safe.  

 After that we drove another many hours to arrive at our camp site just before dark.  It was very beautiful and we quickly set up.  The girls were so helpful.  We got dinner made and had a devotional and then the girls begged to go to bed.  It was almost midnight by this time (I guess we wore them out!).

Day 2 everyone slept until 8am.  We spent the day seeing some awesome sights . The river was amazing. It was all white water and the spray blasted up onto the road.  Grizzly Falls was a favorite of everyone.  Standing 20 feet away you still got completely wet from the water pouring off the falls. 

 We went to Crystal Cave, which was super neat.  Saw the world's biggest tree, and the 2nd biggest tree.
Day 3 was a hike, with a bear sighting! and an afternoon of crafts.

We had very little drama, which is unusual with 17 girls :)  They were awesome.  They worked hard and played hard.

Bro. Abramson teaching Grace and Charlotte how to build fires.
We had golden hours each night and devotionals each morning.  The girls did all the cooking and it was good! They did the cleaning too.

me and Rachel and Audrey
We enjoyed a fireside testimony meeting.

testimony meeting
We saw 3 bears, a family of raccoons, many deer & squirrels, bats, blue jays, tons of bugs and other birds.

Paige, Mia, Kelly and Hannah
 We slept well, and were hot and sweaty the whole time. We did have one incident with some noisy neighbors.  Late one night a man from their group, who had been drinking, came knocking on the girls tent asking to be let in.  He left glow sticks for them and they were freaked out.  It was probably innocent but still unwelcome.  Knocking on a strangers tent at 11pm is never a good idea and they were scared.
in front of Grizzly Falls
Other that that the girls said they had an awesome time.  Rob and I sure had a terrific time.  We love to serve together, and nature is beautiful.  It was super fun to be there with our girls too.

Hannah 17 and Grace 12
 Ethan stayed with the Harvey's and he said it was great.  They had a fun time.  I am grateful for good friends to help us out.
 So we got home, stinky and tired but happy for a good adventure and a good week.

Rob was our official cobbler maker, it was delicious

some of the girls earned their junior ranger badges.

 Grace and Brynn are good friends and they became even better friends this trip.  
Tree huggers

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

girls camp eve

 The kids wanted to have some friends over to swim.  So we did.  It's been hot and the pool feels great.
 Let me think who came over.  Grace invited Rylin and Audrey and Lilly and Mia.  Hannah invited Grace and Travis, and their two little cousins came.  Also Madi and Curtis.  Ethan invited Brody and Alex and Kaylee.  I think that's everyone.
 When the boys play I literally have to look the other way because I am sure a concussion is soon to follow. I am happy to report that only two kids bled and no one cried.  We had snacks and music and cool water and friends.  You can not ask for a better summer day.
 Getting ready for camp was full of challenges.  Hopefully it will be like an awful dress rehearsal leading to a great play.  Hopefully all the hiccups have already happened and we can have a great time!

Monday, June 19, 2017

the best part

The best part of going to a funeral is seeing friends you haven't seen in forever.  George Trahan passed away.  He was old and ready to go. His funeral was really nice and after I got to visit with these ladies!

Becky moved into our ward when we were freshmen in high school.  We became friends right away.  Becky was always cheerful and energetic and fun.  We were candy stripers together and volunteered at the hospital once a week for almost two years.

Lana and I became BFF's when I was in 4th grade and she was in 6th.  We were the best of friends all growing up and when she went to college I missed her terribly.    We thought we were twins and often dressed the same and look we have the same haircut! One day about 26-27 years ago we saw each other at church and we were wearing the same dress! So fun.  We both have 6 kids, and both have daughters named Sierra...I guess that's it but none the less it was super fun to see her.  I think the last time I saw her was at Rob and my wedding.  I wish we would have had 6 hours to catch up instead of 45 minutes!  I'll have to try and see her in Utah some time.  It's hard when everyone is busy raising families, and serving in callings, and not living anywhere near each other.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Father's Day

Rob was happy with his father's day gifts.  They weren't really intended to go together but he looked pretty cute.

We also made a nice dinner for him.  We spent some time setting up a tent that I bought at a garage sale to practice for girls camp.

I talked to dad on the phone, and we tried to call Abba and then remembered that he is in he probably didn't miss talking to us anyway :)

Father's are awesome and we are lucky to have these wonderful men in our lives.

Saturday, June 17, 2017

high adventure report

Ethan made it home this evening and had a great time.  I am hoping one of the leaders posts pictures later but for now a little report.

They went North past San Fransisco and camped in the mountains by a lake.  11 boys and 3 leaders went.  E and 7 of his closet friends shared a tent.  The leaders were laughing at them but the boys said it was great.  Apparently E was one of the first to fall asleep each night.

They ate well.  They grilled tri tip, steaks and kabobs for dinner.

They did a lot of biking.  The boys said it was a lot of uphill.  Only 3 guys could go all the way up the hills without walking: Bro Harvey, Preston and Ethan.  Down was fun...except if you hate to go fast (which is E).  Brody told us E was in the top three to get up each hill and the last 3 to get down.  He bit it once but only got scratched up.  Levi had to get stitches.

They went fishing, caught some fish, "fell" in the water.  They climbed trees.  Brody was a ninja for his climbing and jumping abilities.  They played capture the flag. Played with fire and basically had a great time messing around.

One boy didn't want to participate in a lot of the activities and that was kind of a bummer, especially for the leaders who had to stay back with him, but the rest of the boys did.  Hopefully our camp will go as well (minus the stitches) this next week!

The boys got home had time enough to shower and change and then went to a dance.  They learned the meringue :) and ate ice cream and danced with girls.  Good night.

this and that

 Rob got his executive photo shoot done.  I think he looks very handsome and very executivey :)
 Yesterday Grace had some friends over to swim.  It was a hundred degrees out and perfect pool weather.  Brynn stayed after for dinner and then the girls got to "jeep" home.  Looks like fun right?

 The Z saga continues.  Her cruciate ligament is definitely completely blown out.  The estimate was near $4000 to fix.  So we called around in Tijuana and found a place that could do it for around $1200 but we had to wait two weeks.  We were going with that plan until we talked to Dr/President/Brother McEwan and he said he could do it for about the same price.  We took her there this morning and it's going to a be a little more but we don't have to drive to TJ (twice) and so that's what we settled on.  She will have her surgery the week after girls camp.
 Charlotte, Brynn and Grace enjoying our backyard oasis!
Family scripture reading took place a little bit on the late side last night.
Sierra with the girls at the splash pad.  Love those three!!

Thursday, June 15, 2017

what have we been up to?

I don't even know.  Tuesday Hannah and Ethan went with some friends to the movies then hung out at Jayce's all day swimming.

I had a mammogram.  And went to Costco and Grace and I did some camp stuff.

Tuesday night we got Ethan ready for high adventure.

Wednesday morning he left at 6am.  They were going to go to Mammoth but it is snowing so they changed plans and went to Troy Meadows.  I hope they are having a great time. Haven't heard anything from them but no news is good news;)

Wednesday night we had a pre camp meeting with parents and girls.

Today we had a last camp food meeting.  When I got home the girls and I got ready and went to the temple.  It was a nice drive down, not too much traffic and lots of chatting.  They got to do a lot of work while we were there which was awesome and they both really enjoyed it.  Then we went to the Sherman Oakes Galleria, which changed a lot in the last 30 year :)  We had fun and ate lunch then drove home just in time to for me to drop them off and go meet R at the emergency prep classes.  It was about cooking with out power which was very interesting actaully. He got called to the high council a couple months ago and one of his responsiblities is stake emergency prepardness.

It was a long day, and kind of hot and I got a lot of bad news about different friends and a dear little brother so that's been hard.  You take the good and the bad in this life.  And pray that things go well.

Monday, June 12, 2017

fun day

 Yesterday John Croxson came over.  He and E were best friends in MD from the time we moved there until we moved away.  They were in the same class at school from 2nd grade thru 7th and we lived in the same neighborhood.  Then they moved to CA 6 months after we did.  We haven't been able to coordinate until now but the boys were excited to see each other and they had a fun time.  They watched movies, played soccer, played electronic soccer, went to the field and played soccer with some of E's other friends and talked about soccer :)  It was pretty fun to see and hear them together again.  John's a great kid.
 Hannah started a new "job". She's driving for a family.  Today she took them to the dentist and to their trainer.

After she was done she helped me with some camp craft samples.

Tonight we had tickets from Team Silva for the Jethawks.  It's a fun night.  We get to see lots of friends and watch some baseball.  Noah brought his soccer ball so a bunch of boys went to a side field and played soccer. It was pretty chilly outside but we had a good time.