Thursday, January 31, 2013

I couldn't make this stuff up if I tried

Tonight I went to New Beginnings.  It was a bit like groundhogs day since I also went the night before :)  Different ward, different program.  Both were awesome.  R met us on the way up and picked up Lu and brought her home and put her to bed. 

So we got home and R was out on the deck, wearing his underwear and a coat and his crocs, and a headlamp on his head, and he was practicing casting off the deck with his new reel or something.  The funny part was the kids didn't even bat an eye.  I said "where's dad" and they said "on the deck in his underwear" and we all went "Oh".  For the record that's the first time he's been outside practicing fishing or in his underwear but for some reason no one thought that was particularly odd.

Last night after NB we stopped at Old Navy.  I wanted to get some leggings for Lu.  She has an aversion to clothes that are "itchy".  As a result most of her clothes have been deemed unacceptable by her and she looks pretty scrappy on a regular basis.  I thought some leggings might help the situation. Or therapy (for me)...but leggings are cheaper.  Anyway we went in and they were having a sale. Ethan found something he wanted and Hannah, no surprise, found things she wanted, and I, big surprise, found something things I wanted.  So I bought.  Val told me to buy colored pants.  She said they look good on every body and she got some herself.  There was a cute pair on sale for $8.  So I hesitantly bought them.  I even held them up in the check out (the place was empty save us) and said "am I going to hate these once I get them home?"  Hannah and the clerk assured me that I would not.  Ethan said "yes! I hate them already!"
 I bought them but now I have a problem.  It looks like I am wearing an "outfit" when I put them on.  A cute one but still clearly an outfit and so how often can I wear it??  I hate dressing myself.

lastly after work today I have a mammogram, which I don't mind I've had one before but I can't wear perfume or deodorant today.  That will be stressful.

Other news, sea shell number three has been cast as chef, and a sea creature.  The play should be fun :)

Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Sometimes things don't go as expected.  Today was definitely one of those days.  I got to work, as usual, and everything was normal until lunch time when I got called away from my assignment to sub in fourth grade math...all day, all math.  My least favorite assignment.  Oh well.

I started a diet and....then I decided it wasn't the right one for me.  I am going to do something normal like weight watchers.  I didn't really blow it, I just am not trying to lose 72 lbs before the wedding. 

Speaking of the wedding.  It's off.  For now.  I wish I was in Utah with Jenna to take her out for pedis and hug her.  I think she's made the right choice, but I am sad for her, that she had to.  We'll see what happens.  Slowing down and making sure is always good.  My prayers are certainly with Jenna and Clayton today.

but you know what would have been really unexpected?  If I came home and found that the children had done their chores.  That would have been lovely.  Would.have.been.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Beehive Conference

 Today was our Beehive Conference and it went well.  Whew!  We had a fun schedule and I think the girls really enjoyed it.  We started with break the ice speed friending.  The girls were chatting and giggling and really getting to know each other.  Our stake is so big and that makes it really hard for the youth to get to know each other.  Our hope is if they become friends now they can stay friends and help each other and enjoy each other every time they get together.
 Next we had a class on personal progress taught by Sister Warner from the Bowie ward.  After that Sister Gorley taught the girls how to paint and each one made a beautiful picture of the temple to take home.  I loved that!  They did a great great job.
 After painting we ate lunch and then quickly cleaned up so that the girls could dance.  Three of our Laurels came and taught the Beehives a few of the line dances that the youth do at the stake dances.
Lastly I gave a talk about service and scriptures. 
I'm happy it's over, and happy it went well.
On the way home Hannah and I stopped at Charming Charlies, just opened in Waldorf and Ulta. 
While I was gone R and E went fishing and bought an apple TV.  Lu got to spend the day with Summer.  They went to lunch, and Summer's horseback riding lessons, and Lu got a pet fish.  A beta.  It was her birthday present from Summer.

So everyone had a great day. 

Friday, January 25, 2013

Snow Day 2

Lu and Arden playing
 Another snow day! Yay!  We had kids traipsing all over the place.  Friends in and out.  Lots of sledding and playing games and drinking hot chocolate. Lots of snow and salt dragging around.  Life is messy.  Embrace the mess.  Love the mess.  Be grateful for the mess.  I say this to myself and I believe it.  I also need to remind myself that this is what I believe because quiet, calm and clean have their appeal as well. 

Hannah spent a long time helping me get ready for the Beehive Conference tomorrow and I am very appreciative of her help and good cheer.  I am in a particularly busy season with YW stuff and it's so nice when my family helps me.  I could not do it without their help and support. 

Z and I took a long walk. 
Ethan, Abinidi, River and Eden playing Mexican Train

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Snow Day

 5:00am the phone rings, it's an announcement from the schools.  They are closed for inclement weather.  Turn off the alarm, settle back in the warm covers, sigh.   Snow yay!!

6:00am a little girl comes in the room and announces it's snowed!!! and can we go outside??  It is 15 minutes past our regular wake up time so we got to sleep in!!

A snow day is fun.  It is beautiful.  A day home from school is welcome especially today since I still have not prepared my presentation for Saturday and have little time and many meetings this week. 
It holds the promise of unexpected fun.  Like a vacation you were not expecting.

So we begin...

{insert snowy fun}

and then,

8:00am  the floors are wet, the kids toes are cold,the dogs are wet,  Bub can't "find his gear", laundry is piling up (and for the record last night all the hampers were completely empty and I was feeling soooo happy about that, there is a stack of wet things by the door and cups of 1/2 drunk hot chocolate on the counter.

update:  Snow fun was had by all.  We ran some errands.  I get to make decorations for the blue and gold banquet so Hannah and I got those done.  Ethan is off sledding with John.  Hannah is at Alyssa's working on French day Friday and Grace is playing with Keean.  First they started at his house, now they are at ours.  They've been sledding.
It's been a good day.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

catching up

Lu working on her theory
Catching up with laundry was the order of the day yesterday.  We did a lot of loads.  I also went visiting teaching, Grace came with me and then got to stay and play with Arden.  Ethan played with John and then in the afternoon a small gang of boys knocked on the door and they both ran out to play soccer.  I watched some of the inauguration on TV.  Even though I do not love our president I do wish him well and pray that he will be wise and I feel blessed that we live in a country where the people chose and the peaceful transfer of power is respected by all. 

When the kids get baptized we always let them choose a restaurant to go out to dinner to.  Since Lu got baptized on a Sunday she didn't go out that night so we went out last night.  She chose Subway.  The most economical choice ever.  We had a fun time at dinner with lots of pleasant conversation.  Then we came home and watched The Work and Glory vol 1 for FHE.

Today I didn't work because I had a doctor appt scheduled.  The annual fun one.  I also did some VT and drove up to Waldorf to meet with my new counselor and give her an orientation.  She is super friendly and talkative and we had a good time at lunch.  I don't know how much orienting I did but we did go over the calendar and she's good to go :), and we laughed a lot. 
Lu tired of practicing

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Grace's Baptism

Today was Grace's baptism day.  What a special day it was.  This weekend was stake conference.  Today we got to watch the general session broadcast to our building.  It was a really nice meeting.  Pres. Sakai spoke last and his little girl Lily is only a few days older than Grace so she is also preparing for her baptism.  As a result I think it's been on his mind and his talk was all about baptism.  He did a very outstanding job and I loved hearing about it just before Grace's baptism.  She was so excited she could not sit still all during the meeting. She wiggled and squirmed and asked every minute if it was time yet.  It was a long meeting, but I totally understood.  I remember being so excited and anxious when I got baptized.
A lot of people came to be with us for this special day.  Brother Zawada gave the talk on baptism, Sister Mitchell gave a talk on the Holy Ghost.  Ethan said the opening prayer and Joey Zawada the closing.  Dad did the baptism and confirmation.  I really felt the spirit and am so proud of Grace for choosing to be baptized and wanting to follow Jesus.
After the service we had some of our friends over to BBQ.  The weather was perfect! (50degrees out) and the kids could run and play.  The McCombs, Martines, Davies, Streeters, Marshes and Zawadas came over.  Everyone brought something and we had birthday cake and burgers!
Our birthday girl!  Oh how we love her!!

Now we are enjoying the quiet of the evening.  It was an exhausting weekend.  We had our zoo trip on Friday.  We cleaned and shopped yesterday, plus the stake YW presidency was responsible for feeding 120 people yesterday after the leadership training and before the adult session of conference. That was some work, although all our husbands helped which we were so grateful for!  The food turned out well and everyone was complimentary and full ;)
The session last night was tremendous .  So powerful.  I love the adult session the best.  It's always so inspiring.  The music was fabulous and the talks were great.  I was really uplifted.  We got home late and then got up early this morning to get stuff ready for Lu's big day.  I am a good way!

Friday, January 18, 2013

6-2 against a travel team! boo-yah!

cute little pink clad keeper with a clean sheet

Birthday celebration!

For Lu's birthday we planned a trip to the zoo.  She got to invite 3 friends and chose Summer, Maggie and Arden.  Unfortunately Summer got sick and couldn't join us.  It was a cold, cold day but the girls were game and we all still wanted to go! I am a big believer in kids being outside.  A little cold or a little hot is just fine. Anyway it was such a fun day.  Ethan spent the day "running around the woods" with Daniel so it was an all girl trip.  We stopped at WaWa for some donuts on the way up and I packed a picnic backpack so we'd have lots of sustenance throughout our day.
The animals were out in droves and we got to see so many up close and personal.  One of our favorites was the pandas.  They were in the house eating and playing and we got to stay and watch them for a long time.  There was a keeper there who was happy to chat with us.  She told us that in the winter the pandas eat the stalks and in the summer they eat the leaves.  Interesting.  We got to watch wolves, and foxes, zebras and the lion maned tamarin. 
The girls had a great time running around, riding the merry go round, and laughing, and talking.  It was really great! 
The best thing was the seals.  This was amazing.  The girls had picked up some short bamboo sticks and were using them as walking sticks.  Well we sat down by the seal tank and were watching them swim by when we noticed that they kept stopping by the stick and putting their nose on it.  I thought that they were probably trained with a stick.  I know this from a) our last trip to the aquarium when the trainers told us that's how they work with dolphins and b) from my reading in preparation to train our little Ziva.  Anyway I told the girls and said, slowly move the stick in a big circle.  Sure enough they responded and we then spent the next 15 minutes, or maybe 10, I am not sure but it was quite a while watching them do flips, race passed us, jump out of the water and otherwise interact and play with us.  It was amazing, really we could not believe our good fortune!
On the way home we stopped at the gift shop and then drove through Chickfila for ice cream cones and french fries.  Lu got some cute elephant gifts.  Laura made the darling crocheted elephant for Maggie to give her, and Arden got her the silver elephant necklace and she chose the erasers and some magnets for herself and I chose the cute change purse.
It was a good, good day!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

snow day?

It's chilly outside.  Today the talk about town was that we were expecting a "snowmagedon".  In fact the schools closed 2 hours early in preparation for the big event.  So far, as of 9:40 pm, we have seen not so much as a flurry.  Well, we were happy to have the extra hours.  Grace and I went to JCP and bought a pretty dress for her to wear for her baptism and we found one for her to wear to the wedding.  Successful shopping trip!
When we came home John came to play. The boys were very crazy today.  I think it's snowfever.

This evening we went to the store.  The kids and I stopped at the puppy boutique.  We got a fancy new collar.  (because she ate the old one).  The kids wanted to buy her puppy socks and shoes and tons of stuff.  I was strong though and didn't let them :)

Tonight we enjoyed a family meeting.  The topic was how to watch less TV and do your homework on time and be kind to your siblings.  The kids were engaged and agreeable so that was good.  Grace cracked me up...she was cold.  It is a bit on the chilly side inside our house in the winter. 

Last night we took a trip to the temple with Pete and Katherine.  We had a nice time.  We always get along well and enjoyed the drive.  On the way home we stopped at the WaWa for dinner.  I had never eaten there (it's a gas station FYI) and surprisingly they had a large selection and it wasn't bad for a late night stop for food.  Rob got a hot pepperoni sandwhich which he liked and it smelled good so real food is an option.

Had a chat with my new counselor today.  She will get called Sunday and she's exicted to get to work.  Which is good, there is lots of work to do.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

7 years 360 days

Grace is almost 8.  I can't say it's flown by.  She's the last and we have savored all the milestones.  She's also a bit of a pill so no day seems particularly fast.  The years sure do though.

Not last night but the night before I went to bed early, Lu was still awake in her bed.  She came and slipped in the covers next to me.  We snuggled and watched a little Downton Abbey until soon we were both asleep.  She's so much bigger than the tiny babe that once lay by my side.  In the dark we whispered to each other, admiring the lovely gowns the ladies worn, talked about the day, laughed at the Z antics. 

Today she turned in her cookie order form.  Her goal was 1000 boxes of cookies.  Mine was a much more attainable 115 boxes.  That's how much you had to sell to earn the stuffed puppy and heaven knows we need another stuffed animal around here.  She easily reached the 115 and then sold some more, then some more.  Pretty soon we were pretty close to the next prize point 175 boxes.  Today she realized she was 8 boxes short so before brownies we made one last push and she got up to 193 boxes.  I think she has a career in sales.

After a short hiatus from piano Lu started back up with lessons today.  She did well and was happy to be back.  I hope she will stick with it.  She really is musical and has a talent for it.

Today in the hall at school I saw her walking back from the nurse with her friend Ava.  Ava had hurt her head.  Lu is nurturing and kind, she is always willing to walk someone to the nurse, or run and get a band aid.

Lu is a writer.  She has book plans and likes to write chapters.  She also has a good brain for math and easily figures out lots of stuff.  I wonder what she'll be when she grows up.

The other day I was talking with Ms Myers, Lu's kindergarten teacher.  She was reminiscing about when Lu was in her class.  She has a book of remembrance that she puts a few notes in each year of funny things she wants to remember about her teaching years.  She told me Lu was in the book.  It was Columbus day and the kids were on the carpet talking about Christopher Columbus.  Ms Myers asked the kids what they knew about him, Lu raised her hand and was the first one called on.  Ms Myers expected her to say he sailed around the world or something like that.  Instead she said "he was a Jew".  Hmmm.  While Ms Myers asked Lu about that interesting fact and how she knew it Ms Knight looked it up on the Internet.  She verified that Lucy was right.  Who knew?  I didn't, and I asked Ms Myers how Lu knew.  She had told her she learned it in church the day before.  She remembers and knows all kinds of interesting things.  FYI: When I looked it up myself the info seemed more speculative than conclusive but maybe he was.

Love my little Missy.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

circus dog

Trick #2, unless you count sit and come which she also does. 


Last night we had some indoor soccer fun.  The games are fast paced and the boys play well and love it.  They love to play off the wall and to have no off sides.  It was an exciting start to our weekend.
Hannah finally went back to school yesterday.  She was sick for a long time.  She got cast in the ensemble cast which was disappointing but hopefully she will have a lot of fun none the less.
This morning was our first chess team match.  It was a tournament and it was oddly exciting to watch too.  Ethan won his first match, lost the second, won the third, lost the fourth and won the last.  Not bad for his first time out.  He is anxious to go again and do better!

When we got home Lucy and I took the doggies for a walk in the woods.  It's pretty out today.  Not too cold and the leaves were crunchy which is fun.
Tonight Hannah is going to a regional fireside.  She's going with Chelsea.  I am anxious to hear all about it.  I decided not to go because we really have a busy month and I have to be home sometimes.  It's hard to find the right balance.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

perfect record

Last night was the pinewood derby.  We ended with our record of embarrassing losses intact.  Ethan's cars are always slow :)  Oh well.  His was the pink one.  Nate's "carrot car" won.  I heard it was a fun night.  I stayed home with Hannah and Grace. 
Hannah is finally feeling better.  She was in bed for basically 4 days.  Today she was home but is up and grouchy and fighting with her siblings so tomorrow she goes to school.  She'll have a lot of make up work :( and will find out her part in the play.  I can't imagine that it will be a happy day.

Poor little Penny has RSV.  I am so sad to hear that news.  It has been a winter of illness.  The flu is every where.  Kids are missing school by the droves.  Between the illnesses, the economy and the lack of quality television programing on it's a wonder we are getting through the winter.  At least I figured out how to get pictures on. I don't know what is wrong with blogger but I can switch to HTML mode and get one in.  Strange.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

summer daydreams

I always daydream about summer in the winter.  It makes me want to declutter, I don't know what that has to do with summer but it does.  I love to go to the beach.  Last year we had the best time at Hilton Head.  I loved it.  So relaxing and fun.  The water was beautiful and we talk about it and relive it all the time.  I can't wait for this summer.  Maybe we will have a kayak and the kids can paddle around with us.  Or maybe we will sit on the beach and dig our toes in the sand. I still want to go to see the wild horses or up to Nantucket..or Tahiti :) I love the sun and the sand and the water and watching the kids splash and swim and catch waves.  They are brave to my fear. They are wild and free and I am reserved and wear a hat.  They are like little merkids and I am a watcher.  We both love it though. 
 I was looking at summer art on etsy.  It was fun to look.  The top picture is me, in my mind anyway.  Me and Bub a few years ago when he was smaller. 
The bottom one is me in a few years.  LOL

shell # 3

It's chilly outside.  January.  Gotta love it. 

Lu is getting ready for her birthday.  She is very excited to turn 8.  She is going to be baptized on her actual birthday.  Two days before we are going to have a birthday party/field trip.  She's asking 3 of her friends to join us on a zoo trip.  Lu is a smart girl, she is chatty and loves animals.  She's learning to like to obey and sometimes is easy and sweet.  Sometimes she  is sassy and stubborn.  We love her at all times!

Poor Hannah is still stick.  She missed her callbacks and now fears she will be cast as "shell #3".  I had to laugh at her when she said that, she is so funny.  I hope she gets a part she is happy with.  We will hear today.

I had a long day yesterday.  My job is good.  I like the kids and what I do.  I don't know how people who work every day and take care of home and family do it.  Really.  Han has been so sick and I have felt so horrible about leaving her home alone.  Today I stayed home, and then I feel bad about not being at work.  It's ridiculous.  Today she is actually a little bit better and is out of bed.  I am happy to be with her and wait on her though.  Also I am sneaking in some debris removal (always needed) and working on YW stuff.  We had a presidency meeting last night.  I sure love my presidency.  They are funny, hard working, good women.  We laugh a lot.  We also work a lot and there are tons of big things coming up.  I got home a little before 10.  Rob had held down the fort while I was gone and took Lu to Brownies and helped Ethan build his pinewood derby car.  Thank goodness for his support and help.

Wedding plans are also slowly unfolding.  It's a busy year ahead for us.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013


Hannah didn't do DI this  year.  She literally spent days and weeks thinking about this.  You can not do the play and DI and she really wanted to do the play this year.  So auditions were last week and she rocked it.  Han is definitely comfortable on stage.  She is a born drama queen!  Anyway she got a call back for Ariel.  So exciting.  Then began a series of catastrophes.  First her practice CD didn't work.  We spent a day and a half trying to work that out.  Finally we had music and script and then worst of all...the flu hit.  Poor girl has been SO sick.  She has slept probably 45 out of the last 50 hours, waking up only to be forced to drink and to take some meds.  So call backs have come and gone.  I talked with the director and she promised Han a part and was very understanding, the flu is ugly this year, but it won't be Ariel.  She is sick and she is sad :(

In the afternoon of yesterday I met Lucy at the bus with our girl scout cookie selling paraphernalia in hand.  We walked home very very slowly as she stopped to knock on each door.  An hour later she had sold 83 boxes!  Yea!  Really selling GSC is more a public service than anything else.  People love them.  We were hoping to sell 115 boxes total but are now thinking of trying to reach the next prize level which would be 175 boxes.  Lu has a good door approach. She says "Hi, my name is Grace and I am selling girl scout cookies.  How many boxes do you want?" as she slides very very close to the threshold and hands them her card.  Then while they are looking she launches into a spiel about wanting to sell 1000 boxes so she can earn the super deluxe, water proof, something something digital camera and tells how the cookies are such a great deal at $4 a box unlike the overpriced and not as tasty boy scout popcorn.  It's pretty funny.

Sunday afternoon, home from church.  Lu and Daniel swapped for the afternoon.  The boys were engaged in watching Mythbusters, Han was passed out on the couch, the blinds were open in our bedroom letting in the soft winter light in slits across our red flannel sheets, the house was peaceful and we had enjoyed a very lovely albeit kind of chilly, day at church full of inspiring lessons and strong testimonies and then came the best part: Rob and I slid in the sheets, gave each other a kiss, and took a nap.  Sweet! I woke up two hours later and began making dinner.  R slept an extra hour.  It was great! Best part of 9am church for sure!

Saturday, January 5, 2013

this and that, no pictures

ok, I give up.  For reasons I do not understand, and can't seem to fix, I can not post pictures right now.  Maybe with time Blogger will heal itself, or maybe not.  Who knows?
Anyway we had a very fun time at the shower.  A lot of dear friends came, which I was grateful for.  Love my friends! I made some soups, 2 of which turned out well, and we had a chocolate fountain.  The games were fun and I wish I could put up pictures of Chelsea and Josie dressed as toilet paper brides. They were adorable.  Jenny, Clayton's sister came from DC and she is a hoot.  Jenna had a great time I think and was a gracious receiver.

I started a full time sub job.  Ms Shunk, who does inclusion support for kids with IEPs had a heart attack and will be out for an indefinite amount of time.  I took her place.  I like it well enough.  The kids are sweet and it's not hard.  I like to not work every day because it's crazy keeping up with stuff at home.  In my perfect job world I would work 3 days a week, only when the kids were in school, and would be paid considerably more than I am at my "volunteer work with a small stipend" which is what I call my job in my head.  But I am grateful for the extra $ especially now when we are preparing for a wedding, in a different state.  It's helpful and I am still home when the kids are...and the house, well it's fine as long as no one comes in to it :)

Clayton had his birthday this week while he was here.  He turned 24.  Jenna had some birthday fun planned for him, then late at night (8pm ish which is late for us lol) we had birthday cheesecake, Jenny came, then we all went to bed and Jen2 and Clayton watched Taken, which I want to see but I wanted to sleep more.  (a sign that I am old)

Last night was our first indoor soccer game of the season. It was very exciting.  The team had a wonderful game.  Ethan scored a goal in the first half and played keeper the second half and didn't let any goals in.  He loved it.  The only damper on the evening was Ethan wants to play travel and spent a lot of time feeling bad about it.  Problem is: travel games are on Sunday.  We honor the Sabbath (.)  Additional problem: his friend, also a member, recently decided to play as long as it was after church.  Which is his choice, not one I agree with and not one we will adopt, but not one I take issue with.  Everyone is free to chose for themselves, which is God's greatest gift to us , our free agency.  I do not similarly give this gift to my minor children as I feel it is my duty, obligation, privilege, honor, etc, to raise them and teach them and therefore tell them what to do.  I believe very much in the teach them correct principles and then let them govern themselves philosophy but we are still in the teach them phase not the govern themselves phase, and honestly mom's always weigh in, always have an opinion.  It's our nature.   Anyway, this made a most excellent game for Bub a little bitter sweet because he knows he can't play where he wants later. 

There has been a lot of talk about new year's resolutions lately.  I don't have any.  I do want to lose some lbs and learn to be a runner, or kayaker, or a person who can walk up stairs without getting winded and I am doing weight watchers...again.  I am a good loser, I have lost probably 200 lbs.  Sadly it's been the same 10 over and over again but it's evidence that it can be done.  Other than that and my on going attempts to be a crocheter my only goals are to get through the events I am responsible to plan this year with stellar results and all my hair.  Beehive Conference, Girls Camp, Jenna's wedding, Palmyra trip to name a few.  High dollar, big pay off, lots of work that I want to do well events.  That's all I can do.
Rob's resolution may be to clean his closet.  I don't know that  for a fact but he has been working on it for days.  Which thrills me and is unprecedented.  He suffers from too much stuff, but he got rid of all the things that don't fit so now with a little organizing he might be set.  I actually, as always, want to organize top to bottom.  Nana is much better at that than I am but I try.  Things don't stay where I put them which is a big part of the problem.  Oh well.  I am blessed to have little mess makers around me.

Jenna and Clayton left yesterday.  It was a good visit.  They were here a long time which was nice because we really got to know Clayton well and he us.  We could only act the way we wish we really were for a few days, then we acted the way we really are, which is sometimes the way we wish we are and sometimes a little less and he still wants to marry Jenna.  So I guess he's committed :) She wants to marry him.  They are different people but are crazy about each other..ah, young love.  I hope they will be very happy together!

lastly I totally get why some people have dogs instead of children.  Not that I am in any way anti child.  I do have 6 of them, which is a decent nod to the multiply and replenish mandate.  And I love them, they are my greatest joy and I would never, even on the worst day with the most difficult child trade any of them.  However dogs are easier and a delight.  I call Ziva and she drops what she is doing and runs to me.  The kids, not so much.  I give her food, she is delighted...the kids, not so much.  I want to spend time with her...she is thrilled and will do whatever I want to do and she does it with nary a complaint.  The children take issue with every wonderful, glitter filled, magical childhood event I orchestrate for them.  Z will never date someone I don't like.  She will never tell me no when I ask her to clean her room (in fairness I will never ask her to but whatevah), she will never break curfew, say she wishes she was never born, hit her sister, stamp around or worst of all move to Utah and leave me grandchildless and without her company just when she grows up to be the most wonderful person ever (as my 3 biggest have done and my 3 littlest no doubt will do)  No wonder I love that little fluff ball.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Bridal Shower Antics

Jenna, Jenny (her new sister in law), Hannah and Chelsea entertained us with a lovely musical selection.