Friday, July 21, 2017


 One day we ventured away from the camp ground to Solvang, a cute little Danish town.  We had some trouble meeting up..which caused some hurt feelings...which we got over, and then we had fun.

We rented a couple of surreys and rode around. Thanks Greg!

 Did a little shopping!
 ate aebleskivers

 went to the farmers market
 my 3 sons 
Clayton, Ethan, me, and Greg

El Capitan

 Every year growing up we went to El Capitan State beach the first week of June for our family camping vacation.  We LOVED it

I took the big girls there a couple of times when they were small and we LOVED it.

This year we went again and we mostly LOVED it.  Turns out the older you get the more the work side of camping manifests itself :), also the showers weren't working which was a huge (-).

Mostly it was awesome.  Like 85%.
All my kids and spouses and grands were there!! So that was way awesome.  Also 3 of my sisters and their families and mom and dad.

Marshall loved digging in the sand.  He could dig all day!

Penny thought it was cold and was happy go come home :)

Tatum is so grown up.  She played with Grace a lot.

Shitzu hair ;0

cute Kenz! I am so glad she and Hannah are going to be roommates this fall.
What we spent hours and hours doing each day!

Papa and Grams came down to the beach each day, they hotel hopped with Val and Ryan.  This was a challenge for everyone.  They had some very bad luck with their first two nights and their accommodations were subpar. The last two nights they stayed in Solvang at a hotel they thought was nice.  It was kind of a pain to have them far away, I was sad they missed out on stuff and we sometimes had trouble meeting up.

This little dino...what can I say?

The boys played a variety of games involving throwing things and riding waves and jumping as far as they could.

Jenna and Penny

Campfire conversations

3 little grandkids

reading and eating were favorite activities.

Several nights we went grunion hunting.  We never did see any but it was fun to explore the beach at night.  One night Clayton and Ethan went skinny dipping in the dark.  (We got to know each other much better this trip)

beach cave

Noah and Grace

"Jack and Jill" fetching a pail of water

quiet evenings around the camp fire are the best

There was lots of driftwood.

We saw lots of cool sea life.  Lots of star fish, dolphins, urchins, snails, pelicans, seagulls.  Also lots of land animals; skunks, raccoons, squirrels, birds, dogs, and a couple of cats that belonged to the loop host and had their own cat tent.

Tide pool exploration

We did some camp crafts and played games.  The kids enjoyed painting rocks.

The best parts:
family all together
beautiful ocean
awesome weather
lots of time
sunny skies
watching the stars at night
night hike
cousins playing
campfire donuts
dolphin spotting
game playing
chat chat chatting

Worst parts:
no showers
menu issues ( my fault)
a few disagreements and hurt feelings
damp mornings

Marshall and Noah

Sierra, Grace, Kenz, Hannah, Dani and Jordyn

 Spencer, Joneaux, Reggie, Noah and Marshall heads
 beach naps
Papa playing frisbee.
We also played butt charades and Quelf

lots of boogie boarding

 Love this girl!
The End

Saturday, July 15, 2017


 Family fun in the pool after sweaty soccer watching!
 Aunt Val reads the babies a bedtime story.  We have beds and blow ups in every room.

Tate's other grandma does grandma camp with all her granddaughters when they turn 8.  She'll be on her mission when Tatum has her birthday so she got to go last week and she made this beautiful blanket.