Sunday, August 31, 2014

Happy Birthday!!!!

26 years ago Dani and I went to church together every week. Now we both go to church but sadly not together. Two weeks ago it was very fun to go to her ward and see her friends, but I digress.
Today is Dani's birthday. She is 27 years old (for the record we have gone to church together for all those years the above picture happens to be only 26 years ago), digression. of us is getting old!
Dani at her second 1st birthday party. She had two birthday buddies and we celebrated together. She also had a family birthday bash that was enjoyed by all except Dani and I because for some reason I still do not know she cried the whole time and we were in the other room from the party. 
Dani meeting her best buddies and aunts, friends to this day, Anna and Andrea!
Dani has always liked, and still does: hanging with her friends, reading and being a momma!!

I love this girl of mine! Happy Birthday!!

Memories: one per year.
1. Dani took her first international trip before she was a year old. We went to Vancouver Canada. It was beautiful and cold and we enjoyed the totem pole's and the beautiful park and the water.
2. When Dani  was a little girl we loved to walk to the library. We babysat Becky and Brittan and I would put them all in my stroller and we would walk to story time. I liked to pretend that they were all three mine.
3. When Dani was two she took her first swimming lessons. It was a mommy and me class that we took with Brittan and Valerie.
4. Dani became a big sister when she was 3 1/2 years old. Grandma Natalie brought her to the hospital to meet Sierra. She enjoyed meeting her sister but enjoyed eating mom's red Jell-O best.
5. The next year we took our second trip to Disneyland! We loved to go to Disneyland together! This trip was special because we were celebrating the end of cancer. We loved the Dumbo ride, Peter  pan, and the merry go round ,but she thought Pirates was scary. Disney is still my favorite. If I lived in Orlando I would want to work at Disney World. Maybe I could be the fairy godmother, or maybe I could be a baker.
6. When Dani was five she started kindergarten. Her teacher was named Mrs. Brady. On her first day of school she wore hot pink tights. We walked to school and she was so excited! I loved to walk there and pick her up and hear about her day. One day she got to bring Jenna in for show and tell.
6. By first grade Dani was a very good reader. She loved to play dress-up with her cousins and aunts. She had lots and lots of friends and always had people to play with. And she had a little nemesis named  Jamie. 
7. In second grade we lived in palm springs. Dani was in a play at school, the Lion King. She took  ice-skating lessons.
8. Dani got baptized when she was eight. That was a very special day.
9. In Fourth-grade Dani had the same fourth-grade teacher that I had. She was in the gifted program, loved to dye her hair, and would come to my classroom before and after school to help me.
10. Fifth grade was an awesome year for Dani. She got to fly in an airplane on a field trip to Sacramento. She also had the lead part in the school play.
11. For sixth  grade we moved to Texas! Dani quickly made friends and grew to be a Texan girl!
12. Dani started playing soccer when she was in second grade and by middle school she was really good. Her team was called orange crush! She played for the high school team as well. One game it was so cold she froze her lungs.
13. Dani was a very excellent student until the end of 8th grade. Then she became a very smart girl who did not like to work very hard but had a lot of fun. 
14. I remember well Danis first dance in high school, she wore a pretty black dress and went with her friend Meridith. This was the first of many pretty dresses and many fun dances!
15. Seminary was a big part of Dani's  high school years. She also enjoyed mutual, particularly after mutual when routinely she and Meridith along with three or four boys, usually Richie, Spencer, Chad, Brett would come and ask if they could go to sonic.
16. Dani met a boy at EFY. His name was Daniel, and he took her on her first date.
17. Dani's  first boyfriend was a boy named Spencer. They dated for a long time and had a lot of fun.
18. Dani was 17 years old when she graduated from high school. She moved to Utah in the fall and went to UVU.
19. College was not her thing, at that time, so she went to beauty school.
20.  Dani is very creative and artistic and cutting hair came naturally to her.
21. While attending UVU Dani met Greg.
22. They dated for a year and then got married.
23. Dani is an awesome mom! Tatum and Penny and new baby raspberry ( who I think is a boy) Are the  luckiest kids ever. They have the best parents.
24. I love going to Utah to visit Dani. Sitting in her living room and chatting is my favorite. Eating at zuppa's is my second favorite. Knowing that she is a better person than I am is my eternal favorite!
25. Dani likes her book club and working with young women and is learning to like to cook.
26. One year Dani and Greg and Tatum came to North Carolina on vacation with us. We enjoyed a wonderful week at the beach house. Another time Dani and Greg met us at Disney World!! (See above) This summer we went on vacation to Lake Tahoe. Vacationing together is definitely one of my favorite things to do!!
27. Dani is calm, caring, hard-working, creative, organized, tidy, fun, smart, thoughtful, and I am so proud of her.

Friday, August 29, 2014

finally Friday

Grace is in the corner by the umbrella
I don't know why this was such a long week.  It wasn't particularly unpleasant, it just felt long.  This morning when I dropped off Grace at the hub some of the other moms invited me to go to coffee with them.  First I told them no because I had planned to go to Costco but then as we were standing and waiting for the bus I thought I should go.  I told them I changed my mind and went out with them after all.  I had OJ.  It was really nice to get to know them and to chat about our kids and our lives.

Jared came over later in the afternoon to help us with our aquarium again.  We are blessed with some great friends.

Hannah had a good day, she sent me a text saying she was happy.  Nice to know.  Tonight she's off with friends, Rob went fishing and the rest of us went to the pool to meet up with some friends and celebrate Aedan's birthday and swim.  We had pizza and the kids swam until the pool closed.  We had a great time.  It's always fun to hear crazy "when I was young" stories.  I think tonight the Bishop won the craziest/scariest story award!  Ethan had Daniel over to play.  Grace had Arden over for a late night.  We have been loving having the Streeters live next door.  Grace and Arden have bedroom windows that look at each other, I have often walked in to find them talking across the lawn.  Tonight they watched the stars with Asa and a telescope in their driveway, then ran over to our house for popcorn, gerbil time and fish cleaning.  It's a good life.
it was a good catch tonight
he's a pretty good catch too

Recently I have had several people I love receive very bad health news.  Our lives are full of challenges.  Its sad to know of the struggles people are going through, especially if you can't help, but even if you can.  It is also inspiring to see how they handle it with optimism and faith.  

Thursday, August 28, 2014

feels like Friday...

morning walk
but no, it's only Thursday.  The start of the new school year is an adjustment for everyone.

Today was a pretty day.  Ethan had soccer practice, Shannon came over after school and she and Hannah did homework together.  Jared, the fish doctor, came over to look at our tank, we had two losses today. I sewed lots of patches on scout uniforms and hemmed chef pants and did laundry and vacuumed.  Rob is Ethan's assistant coach again this year, after a couple year break, so he was at practice too.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

bad news

Tonight was our scout court of honor.  Ethan got a lot of merit badges as did a lot of other boys.  The court of honor after scout camps is always an exciting one.
Today I decluttered the kitchen and took a bunch of stuff to Amy's for the NAMI garage sale.  We ate lunch together and had a fun visit.

This evening we found out that Yoho has cancer.  This is, of course, devastating news. Last Sunday we had a family fast for him.  We are hoping for the best but honestly I am worried.  I remember with great clarity the day 23 years ago when I got the phone call saying that I had cancer.  Life changed then.  The strange thing is, as if there is anything normal about it, there's not, but one strange thing is how normal life still goes on.  I still fed and changed Sierra, still read stories to Dani, still fixed dinner and did some laundry.  There was still bills to pay, floors to clean. My friends still had jobs and went to school and everything was still "life as usual", while at the same time nothing was usual or normal.  

I wish Ang and Yoho didn't have this trial.  I am glad they have a happy, strong marriage.  I'll be saying lot of extra prayers, and feeling a little sick to my stomach because someone I love is hurting and I am far far away.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

this is why I don't have a "job"

The purge continues and it's amazing! Except the children keep undoing my work.

Today was a busy day. No one actually cares about my schedule except me but just for gigs I will share.

5:30 am alarm goes off.
I go wake up Hannah then head down stairs to let the dogs out and make lunches. I unload and reload the dishwasher and carry the shoes upstairs and put them in people's rooms. Then I wake up Ethan and after he is ready I sit on the stoop with him waiting for John.

6:20 pick up the kids rooms and then get Grace up. Finish her homework with her, she showers and I make beds and start laundry.

7:45 take Grace to school.

8:15 take the dogs out

8:45 shower
Then pick up the living room.

9:30 Teresa comes over and we go over our scouting schedule and divide duties for the first half of the year.

10:30 declutter some closets.

11:15 leave to meet Tara and the Bayside ward presidency for some training.

12:14 arrive 14 minutes late. Apologize.
They made lunch and we had a sweet meeting where the spirit was strong and we all left encouraged and uplifted.  This is one of the unexpected delights of my calling. I love meeting with the wonderful sisters in the stake who work so hard, and have such faith and testimonies.  It is such a blessing to me.  Tara was very inspiring to one of the sisters who has a particular struggle and as we talked about the girls and how to teach them to follow the Savior it was sweet and reverent.  I, and I know my councillors as well, feel it such a privilege to serve for the season in this way.

1:30 leave and zoom to bus stop.

2:30 get to bus stop at the same time as the bus and get the boys. Drop of John. E talks me into a trip to burchmart

go home pick up (why is that never ending?)  
Greet Han when she comes home.

3:30 leave to drop off stuff at Vintage Values (local thrift shop)
3:50 pick up Grace
4:00 drop off Grace
4:20 go visit teaching to Laurel's.  Have a good visit, she expresses desire to come back to church, we talk about her art work and her family.
5:30 go to pet store to by magic water balancing formula to avoid more fish death
6:00 come home
dinner,  prepare for meeting, swap laundry.

8:00 phone meeting with Larry to schedule the calendar for next year.

9:00 put children to bed, do some laundry, start winding down

Monday, August 25, 2014

glo fish

I have a lot of bad parenting ideas.  Letting Grace have pets is one of them.  Yet over and over again....
Our latest acquisition is glo fish.  They are pretty cool and glowy but like all aquariums they are not as easy to take care of as you would think.  I had an aquarium adventure years ago when the big girls were little girls and we killed everything until we got plain old gold fish.  I told Grace this sordid tale before getting the tank but she, of course, thought she would do better.  And in 3 days we have had 2 deaths and now we have some murky water.  These guys are no where near as hardy as Fluffy the kitchen counter dwelling beta.

Also the gerbils, while super cute are sometimes a bit stinky.

Tonight when we found fish number two stuck to the filter Lu cried.  She is tired and shocked to have to do homework for the first time, after school we had an orthodontist appointment and soccer practice and chef shoes to buy so despite my wish to put her to bed early it was well after 8 when we started for bed and found the corpse.

decluttering is going well, as is Rob's exercise resolve.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

baby steps

When we went to Dani's house it was so tidy and cute.  She didn't have clutter and it was peaceful there.
My house is cluttery.  I don't want it to be but I am bad about getting rid of stuff.
After we were home a couple days I was talking to Jenna one day, she's in the middle of setting up her new apartment and she had many boxes of books.  She said "what should I do with all these books?" and we discussed what she had.  Then I said (brilliantly) "sometimes it's good to cull the shelf and get rid of some that you won't read again).  To which J replied, "Mom, I don't think you have EVER done that.".  Guilty.

So after some thinking and soul searching I decided to purge...a little.  This morning I went through Grace's room with her and we selected 50 books, not favorites just books, to share with other readers. I also slipped in two stuffed animals while she wasn't looking.

Long ago I read a flylady book and she recommended "releasing" 15 things a day until you have pared down your stuff to only that which you love, use and need.  The rest you either throw away (if it's trash) or donate so it can bless someone else's life.  I can do that.

Psychological insight: I keep stuff because I want to be grateful for what I have.  Perhaps it is more grateful to share what I don't need.  Certainly it is easier to take care of, and will make for a more peaceful home.

I can do this......maybe ;)
Anyway, like I also so brilliantly said yesterday while talking to Rob on the phone (back story alert) he was saying he wants to change the culture of our family to one of working out together so he was starting a pattern of going to the gym with the kids after work.  He and Ethan went once, the night before.  Then he laughed and said it wasn't much of a pattern and I said...wait for it....a pattern starts somewhere, one day is better than 0, especially if the one day is today.

so one day of releasing for me, one day of exercising for him.  We are better people already!

Friday, August 22, 2014


Tonight we had our kickoff meeting for Junior Girl Scouts. Teresa and I were worried that we would be rained out. However it cleared up just in time and the girls had a wonderful evening. We had cookies and pizza, they swam and the moms visited. I'm looking forward to a fun year with Grace and the other girls!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

feels like fall

Seasons don't really follow the calendar year when you are a mom.  Fall starts when school does.  Even though we are hoping for a few more pool days and we are not quite ready to retire our shorts for the season there is a definite feel of fall.  Soccer practice has started, Grace and I spent half an hour on her first school project, and pinterest is full of pumpkin recipes. 

Wednesday, August 20, 2014


Summer homework, backpacks, lunches, gym clothes, locker $, science lab $, PTA $, forms, immunization updates, school supplies, new shoes. Check check and check. They are off!!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

first day of school eve

It's kind of hectic to get home from vacation and have one day until school starts.  Although we tried to get a lot of things ready before we left there were still plenty of things to do today.  We got up early, well it was around 7:30 but that's only 5:30 in Utah, and walked the pups and got ready then we headed out to open house #1.

A quick stop by Dunkin was in order since we didn't have much food in the house and then we went to Ethan's school.  It was funny walking around with him.  The kids in his program either have STEM in the morning, then their other classes in the afternoon, or vis versa.  So they would greet each other "am or pm?" He was happy to find that a lot of his favorite friends were in pm with him. It looks like it will be a fun year.

Next we went to Dicks and bought a pair of tennis shoes for Hannah and a back pack for Ethan.  Then we went to Walmart and bought food.  Then we stopped at the pet store.

After that we went home and put away the groceries and ate corn dogs.  We were home about 40 mins when it was time to go again.

We picked up Chelsea and headed to the high school.  That place was a zoo! We found all Hannah's and Chelsea's classes, including a stop at the tech center for the culinary program and then headed up the road to Grace's school.  She was anxious to see who her teacher was and if she knew anyone in her class.  Her only hope was that Douglas and Joshua wouldn't be in her class.  They are. She is super exited to start STEM though so the disappointment was short lived. I am not excited at all about all the transporting I will be doing this next year.

After the 3 schools we went to Kohls where Hannah had planned on buying a backpack.  She couldn't find one.  Grace did get some galaxy leggings that she loved.

We got gas and dropped Chelsea off at home then stopped by the McCombs to pick up Hannah's seminary stuff since this year Sister Krugman will be her teacher instead of Bro McCombs.  I am not thrilled about that becasue the drive is so much longer.  I know she will be a great teacher. I just want great and close.

We finally got home at 5.  It was a busy day and it takes a long time to drive from place to place.

For dinner I made penne with meat sauce and we gathered everyone's supplies, found we were missing a few things but not too many, discovered that Ethan had misplaced his summer homework, and that Hannah would probably die without a new backpack.  Walked the dogs again. Looked for the homework.  Found that the printer still doesn't work so Hannah couldn't print her homework either.
Hannah emailed hers to a friend (hopefully she will remember to print it)

I put Grace to bed.  She went nicely.  At 9 we put Ethan to bed.  At 10 he came in the bedroom to say he was too anxious to sleep.  Fortunately I had just found his homework and although it was wet (don't ask) it gave us a project and we blow dried it, then I lay on his bed with him while he read some of the funny parts of Big Nate to me.  Finally he was ready to bed.

I set the alarm (sad, I don't miss that at all during the summer) and the day is done.

Monday, August 18, 2014

we made it home

We had a good flight.  Uneventful, we got to sit together.  Ethan read 2 1/2 books, Hannah finished her history summer assignment and got thru half her English book.  Grace read a lot and played games.

It's good to be home. It was nice to pick up the dogs, we missed them.  It was great to see all the gorgeous trees.

I am very grateful that we got to go on such a wonderful trip and see everyone.  I was very sad to say good-bye.  In my perfect world everyone I loved would live in the same town!

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Last day:(

We celebrated Tatums birthday after church today. Dani made chez-it chicken and salad. Tate requested. We had cake and presents and now she's 5!! Wow! 
Dani colored Hannah's hair, we said good-bye and now were off to the airport. Our flight is tomorrow morning. 
It was a great visit. 

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Thanksgiving Point and City Creek

Today we went to the gardens at Thanksgiving Point then to Salt Lake City.
I like this picture of me and my sweetheart

Grace and Uncle Brian are buddies

these two were troopers on a very long day of fun

One more grad pic
And the boys playing.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Graduation day 2

Today was Jenna's last day at BYU.  We took some photos before the big event and enjoyed the campus again.  It really is beautiful.

It was a really special occasion to watch her get her diploma.  She worked really hard and I'm so proud of her!

After the ceremony she was supposed to give her white sash to the person who helped and supported her the most.  She gave it to me, this was a great and wonderful honor for me and I was so touched and glad.

Pre ceremony group selfie.
We will have to photoshop Sierra into this one :)
After everything we all went to grandma's and had a big BBQ.  It was so fun.  We had lots of family there and it was so great to visit with everyone.  The Johnson's came which I also thought was so nice.

Sierra brought her boyfriend Ryan to meet everyone.  He was quiet and very nice.
our family, minus Clayton who we missed very much

The whole crew at the BBQ
These cute boys are such fun cousins.  They went to a football game tonight and watched Kenz dance and the team play.

What a happy time it is to be with family.

Golden Birthday

Sierra and Dani planned a special golden birthday for Hannah who turned 15 on the 15th! They had balloons and a golden breakfast and gave her gold shoes and a gold notebook and pen.
Dani took her out for a birthday drink on the way to graduation and then made a beautiful table and golden cake.
Hannah is such a wonderful girl and such a blessing to our family.

15 fun Hannah facts.

1. She is a good singer.
2. She plays the ukelele.
3. She is good at improv
4. She is bouncy and enthusiastic.
5. She is great with her nieces.
6. She loves to help in the kitchen.
7. She is creative.
8. She loves Dr Who
9. She is a good swimmer.
10. She sews without a pattern.
11. She doesn't keep her room clean but is a good cleaner when she needs to.
12. She is spiritual.
13. She is a great friend.
14. She cares about people.
15. She has lots of great goals for the future.

Not a fun fact but dear to me is I am crazy about my sweet Hannahbanana!

Thursday, August 14, 2014


Rob and I in a rare moment with all our kids (and a Penny photobomb!)
Hannah (15), Sierra (23), Dani (27), Grace (9), Jenna (21), Ethan (12)
We had a lovely day.  This morning we had family cleaning hour at Dani's! Always a favorite activity :)
I also went to Costco for our BBQ tomorrow.

Then we got Jenna and ran some errands she needed to do before we went to BYU for commencement.  It was a lot of fun to walk around campus with Jenna and to see her "first ever classroom, of her first class freshman year" and all the other fun places.  

Elder Russell M Nelson was the speaker.  He did a great job.  It was really something to be there listening to an apostle of the Lord, not at a church meeting, and to hear what he has to say.  It was powerful and focused on the family and marriage and being strong in your convictions.  It was a no holds barred call to arms to do good, to defend family/marriage and God.  I love the motto of BYU, come in to learn, go out to serve.  There was a lot of that there too.

Beautiful BYU.
The Joseph Smith memorial room in the JSBuidling.
After the festivities we met up with the family at Tacanos.  Dinner was yummy and it was so fun to have everyone at the same table together.  We missed Tatum and Clayton but had two sets of grandparents and UB and all the kids and Penny.  Pretty sweet!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Birthday shopping was a success!

Today was a pretty fun day. We went out to lunch at Hu Hot, which everyone enjoyed.

Then we went to the mall and got some cute dresses for Hannah and it wasn't even stressful!
We went to the movies and saw 100 Ft Journey. We all (Jenna, Hannah, Dani, Rob and I ) liked it.

At the mall Han and Tate rose these crazy motorized stuffed animals. Tate loved it! So did Hann.
In between those activities I painted a tree in Tatums room. Her request. Ethan thinks I should be a muralist. It's nice that the 4-12 year old crowd likes my "art"!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Temple and pizza

The sun was in my face...that explains the even goofier than normal look I'm sporting. Anyway, last night we spent the night at Grams and Papas.  We had a nice evening together after everyone left and had plans to spend the day at the temple today. I will tell you what, these Utah residents are spoiled! The pedestrian foot traffic in the parking lot of the temple was heavier than the traffic on our drive!  We got to the temple at about 8am and were done around 3.  During that time we were able to do initiatories, endowments, sealings and baptisms and go home for lunch in between.   At home we could have driven there and back and done one thing while there in the same amount of time!

We had a very special, sacred time.  I often wish we could share more, particularly here on the blog since someday my grandkids may read it.  I would want them to know how much I love the temple and about the sacred, special, testimony strengthening, joy giving, marriage building, sweet experiences that we have there. But I have to be satisfied with just saying we went.

Ethan and Hannah were both looking forward to going to do baptisms.  We had a very special time doing that.  I was amazed at how many youth were there.  We signed in at the "walk in youth baptism" line and they were numbers 155 and 156 and it was early in the afternoon.  The place was packed but so reverent and quiet.  I sat and watched as Papa and Dad and the two kids did the work.  While I was waiting for their turn I picked up a Book of Mormon and read in Mosiah 18-21(ish) about Alma, who had heard Abinidi preach and felt the spirit prick his heart and was converted.  He then fled and hid in the wilderness and began to teach the people who sought him out.  He baptized over 450 people while "on the lamb" and his words touched me as I thought of the contrast my own children enjoy. They can worship in public the way they choose.  No one is hunting them or killing them for their beliefs.  What a wonderful blessing.

From Mosiah chapter 18:

 And it came to pass after many days there were a goodly number gathered together at the place of Mormon, to hear the words of Alma. Yea, all were gathered together that believed on his word, to hear him. And he did ateach them, and did preach unto them repentance, and redemption, and faith on the Lord.
 And it came to pass that he said unto them: Behold, here are the waters of Mormon (for thus were they called) and now, as ye areadesirous to come into the bfold of God, and to be called his people, and are willing to bear one another’s burdens, that they may be light;
 Yea, and are awilling to mourn with those that bmourn; yea, and comfort those that stand in need of comfort, and to stand ascwitnesses of God at all times and in all things, and in all places that ye may be in, even until death, that ye may be redeemed of God, and be numbered with those of the dfirst resurrection, that ye may have eternal life—
 10 Now I say unto you, if this be the desire of your hearts, what have you against being abaptized in the bname of the Lord, as a witness before him that ye have entered into a ccovenant with him, that ye will serve him and keep his commandments, that he may pour out his Spirit more abundantly upon you?
 11 And now when the people had heard these words, they clapped their hands for joy, and exclaimed: This is the desire of our hearts.

I love the wonderful words he taught them.  Really this is being Christ like in a nutshell.  
20 Yea, even he commanded them that they should apreachnothing save it were repentance and faith on the Lord, who had redeemed his people.
 21 And he commanded them that there should be no acontentionone with another, but that they should look forward with bone eye, having one faith and one baptism, having their hearts cknittogether in unity and in love one towards another.
 22 And thus he commanded them to preach. And thus they became the achildren of God.
 23 And he commanded them that they should observe theasabbath day, and keep it holy, and also every day they should give thanks to the Lord their God.
 24 And he also commanded them that the priests whom he had ordained ashould blabor with their own hands for their support.
 25 And there was aone day in every week that was set apart that they should bgather themselves together to teach the people, and to worship the Lord their God, and also, as often as it was in their power, to cassemble themselves together.
 26 And the priests were not to depend upon the people for their support; but for their labor they were to receive the agrace of God, that they might wax strong in the Spirit, having the bknowledge of God, that they might teach with power and authority from God.
 27 And again Alma commanded that the people of the church should impart of their substance, aevery one according to that which he had; if he have more abundantly he should impart more abundantly; and of him that had but little, but little should be required; and to him that had not should be given.
 28 And thus they should impart of their asubstance of their own free will and good desires towards God, and to those priests that stood in need, yea, and to every needy, naked soul.
 29 And this he said unto them, having been commanded of God; and they did awalk uprightly before God, imparting to one another both temporally and spiritually according to their needs and their wants.

After our temple work time it was time for "Grandparents night".  Hannah, Ethan and Grace stayed with Papa and Grandma.  The were planning on dinner and a movie, don't know how that went but I'm assuming they stuck to their plans.

Grandpa and I got to take Penny and Tate out.  We went first to Chuck E Cheese, which was fun.  The pizza was fine, the girls loved the rides and games and we loved watching them!
Then we went to the mall.  Since both girls have birthdays coming up we went to a toy store to pick a special present and then went to JCP to buy an outfit each.  We tried out lots of toys and tried on lots of princess shoes!
This little Penny has grandpa wrapped around her little finger! She sure is sweet and cute and happy.

And this Tatum girl is almost 5 and she's a wonderful, bright, funny, great kid.  We are very blessed grands indeed!! 

We had a super wonderful time with our little ones!!