Tuesday, December 12, 2017


The number of hours we’ve been up so far and the end of the day isn’t quite in sight.

What were you doing all day you might ask?
art lesson for 3rd graders
5am wake up.  Get Bub up and then make lunches, do some reading.
6:20 get Grace up.  Shower, eat, take her to school.  Go to work. 

Had a 3rd grade class, they were really good.  We didn't have enough work for the whole day so I taught them a little shading art lesson.

2pm.  Done.  Drove to LPAC to get tickets for Grace's Pat Boone concert.

Came home and did some laundry.
Santa baby
3:30 pick up Grace from Vex.  Go by the post office.  Took Grace to choir practice

Came home and cleaned the kitchen and swapped the laundry.

5:00 picked up Ethan from soccer.
Paige, Rylie and Kelly
6pm pick up Grace from choir.  Swing by home and got  E who was showering.  Go to mutual.

We had a special elf bowling night.
Lilly, Grace, Grace, Brynn, David and Ty
It was lots of fun..but we didn't get out of there until 9:15.

Drove kids home.
Curtis, Brody, Ethan and Preston
Got home at 9:45.  Made bed.  Folded clothes.  Started NCIS.  Learned from Ethan that while I washed his uniform for the game tomorrow he didn't put all the parts into the washing machine so started another load of laundry.

10:30 waiting for the ding of the washer so I can move the uniform to the dryer.
showing the lucky socks
The kids had busy, busy days too.  We all did.

This week is finals for Ethan.  Tomorrow Grace has a merit field trip to see Coco.  I am back in 3rd grade.  And I'll be yawning.

Update: Ethan stayed up until 11:30 doing chemistry. I got the uniform clean. 
5am came and he needed more homework time so I drove Collin and Noah to seminary, then later Ethan and Grace to school. 
Honest, I’m grateful for our full and busy lives. I am sure I will miss this when the kids are all grown. Much like I miss sweet baby snuggles, cute toddler playtime and elementary school Christmas cheer now. Every season has its joys. The trick is to find the joy in the moment and not  just in retrospect.

Monday, December 11, 2017


This boy got his PSAT score back. He did awesome. He scored in the top 1% in the nation. So yay!
That made up for the rotten kids I had to sub today. SDC 8th grade math. It was a tough one.

Sunday, December 10, 2017

feeling blessed

cute roommates
We had a good day at church.  During ward council we talked about the new "come follow me" curriculum for the adults.  The youth have been using it for 2 years now and it is awesome.  I think it will really be good in RS and Priesthood too.

Brittany sang in Sacrament meeting.  She has a beautiful voice and it was very sweet.  She sang "Silent Night", a favorite. 

Our talks were good.

guinea pigs like Shakespear
I taught the laurels because Laurie is visiting her grandbabies.  We had the lesson on gifts of the spirit and I think it went well.  I love those girls a lot.  We have 4 laurels and 3 are graduating, and one moving up.  We need to pray in some more girls!
Rexburg Temple
The afternoon was spent in "Sunday pants" (jammies to the uninitiated) watching Christmas movies.  Facetimeing the fam.  We even got to have a short facetime with Joneaux.  We are missing his baptism next weekend :(  So one not so blessed thing is we always have multiple great events on the same day that we want to/need to go to.  This Sunday Grace has her choir concert the exact same time as his baptism.
This friday Hannah comes home and lands at the airport the exact same time as a soccer game.
Worst of all the wedding and the twins are the same time.
Always always I am having to pick between things.  Choosing between bad and good is easy.  Choosing between great and great is hard.
11 years!
This is the last week of school before Christmas break.  I am almost done shopping.  Ethan has 4 games this week.  Grace has 2 choir concerts.  And Hannah comes home from college!!
18 weeks!
Grace loves her animals.  Gwen is a cute little eater.  Ocean is a friendly bird.  She is always lobbying for more.  I hope she lives on a farm, or in a zoo, when she is grown.
almost 13
our fav of the flock, Ocean

Sunday chef

Saturday, December 9, 2017

ward party

MaKayla, Grace and Brynn see Santa
 Grace and I slept in and when we woke up remembered that we could go to the ward Christmas breakfast.  We weren't going to be able to go but since we didn't go to soccer we could. It turned out to be really fun.
silly girls
We had breakfast, which was delicious.  Then we sang songs and had a conga line and a pajama contest.

Grace cried when I told her Brynn was moving
Santa was super late, we don't know why, so we had to do a lot of filling time.  Larry and Delyn planned the party and they did such a good job, and paid attention to every little detail and lead lots of fun impromptu activities while we waited.
Larry and DeLyn did the best job planning the party!
Serbian men's shoes from ebay if you need a pair!
look at those snowflakes!!
I loved the beautiful snowflakes. Many of them were in theme and were amazing.
Shannon is super cute!
telling jokes
Grace and Brynn found some Christmas jokes on my phone and got up and told them.  They were funny, as was their elf helper.

After the party we grocery shopped then walked Ziva and then Grace went to baby sit Finn.  

Tonight is date night.


Friday afternoon we had a soccer game to watch.  Ethan played really well.  He didn't get a lot of time in the game but when he played he played really well and it was super fun to watch.  Our team won 1-0.

Today he is at his first high school tournament.  We were all going to go but Grace had a baby-sitting job and needed a ride to it, and we didn't want to leave her all day.  So Rob got to go to soccer and I stayed home.  Next week we will swap.  We both love to watch him play so it's tough to stay home.

I did hear from Rob that he got to start both games today and got a lot more game playing time. They lost their first game and won the second.

Pictures from Saturday's game:
Hart Tournament

Friday, December 8, 2017

Scouting memories

We have had some great scouting experiences. I was looking through pictures and found lots of Jenna venturing, Grace girl scouting and Ethan being a cub and a Boy Scout. Scouting has been a special part of our family life.