Tuesday, March 31, 2015


Philadelphia could not be a more delightful city. I wish we had 4 or 5 days to spend here, there is so much to see and do. 
We saw the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall. We saw a 360 degree movie on the symbols of liberty, walked around and enjoyed the architecture, spent some time in Reading Market (Hannah's favorite), walked to the book store, chatted with some very friendly and helpful police officers and had tons of fun.

Monday, March 30, 2015


First off I have to say that Jodie is the best friend ever. Not only is she babysitting our spoiled puppy but she took professional photos of her! I love it!!
Today we left Buffalo and traveled to Philadelphia. I am super excited, I've been wanting to come here for quite a while now. We actually don't have a lot of time so we will have to pick and choose what we'll see but that's okay.
All of our traveling has taken longer than we anticipated. The kids have been real troopers and have traveled very nicely. We stopped at a Friendly's for lunch and Grace got a very cool drink called shark attack.

After we got here we checked into our hotel, cleaned up and walked around a bit. We saw some interesting sites in Chinatown, then talked to a very nice Philadelphia police officer who recommended a restaurant. He was spot on! Dinner was very delicious!
Now daddy of the year took the kiddos to the swimming pool while I am laying in bed with the TV remote and a quiet moment. It's been a great mini vacation so far.

pool fun

happy walkers

Sunday, March 29, 2015


11pm and we are reluctantly going to bed. It's been such a great visit. I sure love these two. We went to church together and it was awesome meeting some of their friends. We drove to Palmyra in the afternoon which was very special. We made cookies, watched movies, played wii, and talked and ate yummy food Jenna made. 

Their cute church turned apartment building.


Saturday, March 28, 2015

The rest of the day

After a late lunch we went to play laser qwest. Mr. Johnson won first place, and Otter Pop (Jenna) was second. It was super fun. All the family have played before but it was my first time and it was a lot more fun than I thought it would be.
Rob went fishing all day. 
Tonight we made cookies, watched a movie and ate pizza and wings.

Maple Farm

We decided to go to a maple farm. It was freezing! Really really freezing! Ethan discovered that he actually could see through his hat so he pulled it over his head. 
The farm was also a living history museum and it was so interesting. We learned so much about maple syrup and maple trees and life back then:)
It's so fun to be here with Clayna.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Climbing walls and field trips

Last night the scouts went to the Hendersons to work on their repelling merit badge. Ethan says it's been really fun. It was their second night and he even asked if he could invite John to come. I'm glad when they get to do neat things.
Grace worked on the cute invitation for recognition night and Hannah had a camp clinic.
Grace had a rainy day field trip to historic  St. Mary's City. I got to go as a paid chaperone since I am finishing up my training. I love to drive into the little city, it's different every time. A few weeks ago I would drive there and the water was frozen over and everything was very cold and muddy. This morning when I drove in the mist was so thick that you could barely see the water. Soon I imagine the sunlight will be dancing and reflecting on the water and it will look so peaceful beautiful! 

Tuesday, March 24, 2015


The kids had a 7/10th's day, as Grace likes to call early release days.  We had been looking forward to seeing the new Cinderella movie and decided to take advantage of the extra time.  Unfortunately for us a trip to the movie is a journey.  We left at 3, got there in time to buy popcorn and go to the bathroom before the show and took our seats.  I loved the movie,  it was well done and entertaining.  After we stopped by noodles for dinner and then got home by 8:30.  Everything is far away in So. MD.
waiting for the movie to start

Darlaina and her kiddos came with us.  We have a great time being neighbors and spending time together.

noodles & co
Ashby, Arden, Grace, Hannah, Alva, Asa, Ethan, Ainsley and Ellie.

Sunday, March 22, 2015


Last night Hannah and I went up to Anacostia.  I was visiting there for New Beginnings and she came to be my partner.  They asked me to speak and H said I did fine.  It's always fun to visit the wards and be with the girls and leaders.  On the way home we stopped for some sushi, yumm!  
Today we went to church and then this afternoon we went to our neighborhood Easter egg hunt.  
Tonight we are going to Chris Trujillo's Eagle Scout court of honor. 
The court of honor was so so nice. I was real proud of Chris, and he's not even my boy! I'm happy for good examples and older boys to mentor my boy. 

Friday, March 20, 2015

First day of spring

Brrrr. Today was a rainy and cold day. Not quite freezing but a chilly 36 degrees. I came home from the museum frozen through. Our tour is outside, rain or shine. It was still fun.
Hannah had been working on personal progress. For one of her projects she decided to plan a dance. She did all of the planning and executing, with the help of many people in the ward. I think it turned out really well. It was held in conjunction with a special fireside by the SVU baseball team. The fireside was really nice. The dance was fun as well. I'm happy for her success! 

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

science team

Daniel, John and Ethan
When I picked the boys up today they said they had a science project for Earth Day and needed to get a team snack on the way home.  Who can say no to that logic?  So we made a quick trip to CVS and then came home.  These boys are funny.  They said they divided the jobs of the team. Ethan is the "team corresponder" since he wrote the letter asking for the seeds to plant. John is the marketer, he is making the posters, and Dan is the horticulturist.  He has to water the plants.  They are growing 4 different kinds of flowers and then giving them away at the Earth Day celebration.
Getting soil for planting.
Me and Hannah banana
Mom is still sorting through pictures.  This is beginning of 2001 sometime.  

Tonight Grace has A days, Ethan is earning his repelling badge, well starting it anyway and Hannah has a theater meeting.  3 different places, 1 time.  Of course.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Working backwards~ a St Patty Day celebration

Finally it's 8'pm and the family sits down to dinner. Corned beef and mashed potatoes and pistachio cake in a lovely Emerald Isle green.
After play practice Alyssa came over. We haven't seen her in a while and we missed her face:)
Rob was out guest speaker at Girl Scouts. We are earning our geocaching patch and here he is explaining to the girls how the satellites work.
I worked today. So far I like it a lot. It's beautiful outside and the city is so interesting.  The Maryland Dove
This morning Z and I walked on the wharf and we spotted our first osprey of the season! Spring is here!!!

Practice is back on

Mom and Dad are on a little vaca. They spent a week in Az with Andrea and now they are in Ca with Anna. Anna has all the family photos and they must have been looking through them because mom was sending out images. It was fun to see. This is me and baby Dani in the spring of 88. I actually didn't remember the picture at all so that was a fun surprise.
Ethan's back to outdoor soccer. The first practice was last night. 

We also went to Prince Frederick for an appointment for Rob to look at his hip. It's been hurting since November. We're not spring chicks any more. Now we are summer chickens...maybe August:)

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Sabbath day

I taught Relief Society today, I think it went well.  The topic was the atonement of Jesus Christ and I had a wonderful experience preparing this past week and thinking about Him.  I prayed a lot that I would be able to share something that would be of benefit to the sisters.  It's a sacred, personal topic and needs to be discussed with reverence.  I love the Savior and all He has done for me and my family.  I believe Him when He says he paid for my sins and that all I have to do is obey His commandments and keep my covenants. I am grateful He accepts my feeble offering.  I didn't get to half the stuff I prepared, but that's better than running out of material before running out of time.
Ethan is holding a giant horse shoe crab shell
After church we changed our clothes and headed to a local park for an afternoon walk.  We had a fun time enjoying the sights and sounds.  The surf was loud, the sand was crunchy.  We saw eagles and jellies (darn!) and skipped rocks, looked at shells, scrambled over driftwood and rocks and were so happy to be out in the sun.  It was awesome!

Grace's pretty hair do

silly girl
When we got home Ethan went to play basketball until dinner and after dinner the boys played together:)  It was a good day.

evening time

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Long day

We got up at 6:30. Which is just wrong on a Saturday. Why? Because we had a stake young women volleyball tournament. It was a lot of fun and well attended. We had 8 teams and played double elimination. WP2 were the champions!
Hannah played well. She said she didn't have fun but I don't believe her:)
After the tournament we had a youth conference meeting. Things are coming together nicely.
After that we drove up the temple and adjacent stake center for a multi stake activity. It started at the temple visitors center with an awesome speaker, Scott Anderson, who I actually remember hearing as a teenager. I liked him then and now. The youth all said it was wonderful!

After that there was a pizza party then a dance. Colleen and I snuck over to Chipotle during the pizza party and ate yummy food instead. We were soon joined by Carol, Anne, Denise and Sarah from the Calvert and Bayside wards. It was nice.
When we got back to the dance I spent some time preparing my lesson for tomorrow and the rest of the time visiting and listening to the loud music in the dark and hot gym. ( clearly I am old )
Here's me and Jodie and Colleen so excited that it's time to drive home!

We got home before midnight! Yay! Everyone had a good day.

Meanwhile Ethan had a camp out. It rained. He reported that it went well and the tent was pretty dry. 
Grace and dad went fishing. 

Thursday, March 12, 2015


I've been training for my new job as museum teacher. It's been pretty fun. The people are really nice. Quirky in an I-love-history-reenactments kind of way.
Today I learned about the cows and pigs and plantation and indentured servants and how much draw the ark and dove have and so on.
These cows are named Trouble and Ramona Bob.  We also have two pigs names Scarlett and some thing I forgot.  I remembered Scarlett's name because it's the same as my darling niece.  And lots of chickens and a cat.
Meanwhile: look how sweet these two are.

I talked with all the big girls today. Sierra is taking the GRE practice test on Saturday and looking at grad programs. 
Jenna and Clayton flew to Georgia for Jenny's pi-day wedding. We are going to visit them in 2 weeks and stop in Philadelphia on the way back. I'm really excited for both.  
Dani took Tate to get her kindergarten shots :( and tonight they are going to the library movie premier of the new Tinkerbelle movie.
Hannah had play practice ....again. And she made chocolate chip cookies.
Ethan is preparing for a camp out tomorrow night.
Grace is enjoying hours of homework.
Rob's been having hip pain.
Z needs a bath.