Monday, February 27, 2012


Lu is getting ready to play this song in primary, it's coming right along.

I am subbing the rest of the week but today didn't have a job.  I went to the dentist, spent some time at the MVA and did some DIing. The competition is this Saturday and the kids are working hard.

FHE tonight went well.  Ethan made the treat, fruit pizza.  Lu did the lesson and everyone enjoyed it.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

kind of a long day

6:45 am Beloved and I are snuggling under the covers reading facebook together.  We learned that Sierra loves MMA and went to a tournament :), she's been taking a few classes and loves it and is pretty good at it too I hear.  She's having a great semester, learning so much and having such a fun time.  We also learned about Romanian Lovers Day and Jenna's "soul mate".  Love the Internet.

7:00  time to get up

7:30  Lucy loses her first top tooth, it's been wiggly for a while so we were happy it came out!

8:10 warming up for Ethan's soccer game.  They won 5-1.  It was lots of fun!

 9:00  Take Hannah and Chelsea to day two of the model UN.  They both had a great time.  Hannah represented Germany.  They discussed three issues: Palestinian Statehood, nuclear proliferation and Somalia. 
10:00 Blue and Gold Banquet.  It was a brunch and had an Olympic theme.  Well done.  Ethan got several awards and it was fun to see all the boys skits and funny antics.
 noon: soccer clinic.  E's love.  It was cold and windy but he didn't care.
 1:40  Lu has her soccer game.
2:30  Daisy Scout field trip to Dr Jen's vet clinic.  So interesting.  The girls learned a lot and got to try on a vet coat, check out x-ray, surgery and the grooming suite and play with a bunny.

4:30 pm got the kids settled with pizza and movies and went with Pete and Katherine for some delicious dinner at Bone Fish, then on to stake conference.  Loved it.

10:50 pm.  Home

Friday, February 24, 2012

fun things Ive done this week

went to the passport office 5 times to get the children's passports applied for    spent 2 hours at jiffy lube    started a new diet    did some laundry    assorted meetings    cleaned a couple of toilets      and next week I "get" to go to the dentist.   I'm a lucky lucky lady

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Heidi and her little brother Fritz

Anna sent me some old photos last night.  So fun! There were some I didn't even remember taking.  I don't know why Alec  and I were dressed like alpine sheep herders but whatever :)  Funny bit of family trivia, we had pets with both those names, Heidi was a cat and Fritz one of our dogs.  

Monday, February 20, 2012

GW bday

pinterest success
Capt. Underpants does chores
No school today made for a busy day.  This morning I finished a craft, we did some chores and then the fun began.  Hannah had spent the night at Alyssa's and I went over to pick both girls up and take them to DI practice.  Then we dropped Lu over at Maggie's to play with Mags and Izzy.  And then we came home so John and Ethan C. could come over to play at our house.  The boys played in the snow, then played RISK.  It was funny to listen to their game.  Ethan C kept rooting his guys on "Fight strong my men."  The boys required some sustenance to keep up their game so I was enlisted to make chocolate chip cookies.  Perfect battle food :)
By mid afternoon everyone was back and we headed out to the movies to see Star Wars Episode 1 in 3D.  We had a good time, although we have seen the movie many many times it was still fun and theater popcorn is always good :)

After we put the children to bed R and I went out to deliver the last of the cookies.  We had a nice visit with Amy and Mark.  We need to get out and visit more.  Rob and Tori used to come over when we lived in TX, just to visit, and we loved it.  I miss that, guess it's time to make more of an effort.

cloud 9

Tonight we skyped with Tatum and she told us the fabulously exciting news that she is going to be a big sister!!!  Whoo Hooo! 

Sunday, February 19, 2012


While we were in church today it started to snow.  It's our first snow of the year and is so pretty.  We had a tremendous sacrament meeting today.  Every talk was awesome and the musical number was beautiful.

Jenna visited this monestary the other day.  I love reading her blog and seeing all the wonderful and sometimes not wonderful adventures she is having.  This picture is particualry pleasing to me.  I love the lights of the little village below and little pickle's silhouette looking out into the world ready to do good works.


Friday night I drove some of the Laurels (a couple boys too) to the Stake Priest/Laurel dinner dance.  It was so lovely.  I was lucky enough to get to stay and sat in the corner with the other wives who had a husband serving or playing in the band or whatever.  The decorations were stunning.  I have truly never seen such lovely flower arrangements, I wished I had my camera and not just my cell phone.  The theme was an evening in Paris.  The youth dressed up like it was for prom, had a delicious meal accompanied by a string quartet, then danced the night away to a live jazz band that were wonderful. 

While I was doing that Hannah was at a birthday party for Alyssa and Ethan and Lu were playing at the McCombs and Rob had a work shindig. 
Saturday morning, too bright and early, found us a the soccer court.  First E had a game.  They won 15-0 in an embarrassing victory.  I don't like matches that are so uneven because I feel bad for the losers.  Then we went and grabbed a quick breakfast and headed back for Lu's game where they had their first win of the season!  Yeah!!
this picture is pre shopping trip

Rob went shopping for motorcycle armour and the girls and I went shopping for a new dress for miss Maggie Moo (H).  Then R and I enjoyed a quick date to Red Robin...yumm :)

Friday, February 17, 2012


Wednesday I  subbed third grade, then for YW we played human foosball.  It was busy and good.
Yesterday was a STEM family challenge night.  Lu and I went and it was a lot of fun.  The kids had  math Olympiad questions that they were working on when we got there, they love it and we watched them figure stuff out.  Then the challenge started, they had some plastic spoons, 5 paper clips, a piece of aluminum foil, a couple band aids, a couple straws, some spaghetti, cupcake wrappers, a paper cup, package labels and a piece of string and they had 30 minutes to design and construct the tallest tower possible.  It was super fun to watch.  There are some real alpha males in that class and they are serious about their competition. 
When we first got there the teacher had a picture of some famous bridge that suffered some terrible resonance disaster (I don't know what but some of the alpha dads did :) ) on the picture was a quote Failure is an option, expect it, learn from it....or something like that.  It was met by the hugest shocked "what" from the   You mean like when so and so got a "C???"
In other class news, Dana (one of the smartest girls) missed her first spelling word all year this week.  There is general sadness at this development.  They were rooting for her to have a perfect record. 
It's a different class, different in the best way, at least for E. He loves it and gets to do lots of cool things with lots of great kids that think a lot like he does.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentines Day

It was a good one.  This morning as soon as the kids got on the bus Johnna and I headed up to the temple.  We had fun visiting and serving together.
This morning I was cracking up at the differences between boys and girls, at least my boy and girl.  So several weeks ago I bought a couple packages of valentines and brought them home for the kids.  Lu immediately got her box out and started looking at them and choosing which friend would get which one.  She has had her box sitting on the table ready to go for a week.  She hand made extras for her daisy troop and thought of all the people who would like one. 
On the other hand this morning at 7:40 Ethan said oh no! I forgot to do my valentines.  Lu and I jumped to the rescue, formed an assembly line, and signed his name, tucked in a laffy taffy and threw them in the bag.  No special consideration he would just randomly hand them out at school.  The end :)
In other news R got a new he needs to get a license.  Hope he's a happy boy.

Monday, February 13, 2012

cue music by ABBA "slipping through my fingers"

Sierra and her friend Alex
 From time to time it occurs to me how fast time is going.  My girls are all grown up and doing great.  They are happy and productive lovely women.  Seriously it seems like just yesterday that they were cute little girls running around.
the Brandts

Of course I wish they were right next door to me :) but I am so proud of them and happy with the lives they are living and the experiences they are having. 
J in her Romanian pants
I am glad I have three more, some more chances to do a good job, more chances to see them grow, to tuck them in, to hug them tight. 
I hope I am accomplishing enough with my life.  I kind of thought that when I was 40 something I would have done more.  Cured some dread disease, written a life changing book, helped a small village, memorized the scriptures, ran a marathon.  I better get on the ball, I've probably got a good 40 years left in me and at the end of that I want to have something to show for it.  Something in addition to the greatest accomplishment of all, raising 6 lovely children.  If I don't though 6 great kids would be awesome enough.

Saturday, February 11, 2012


some of our silly YW after the dinner was over
Last night was our fund raiser dinner.  The decorations turned out so nice and we had dancing and olive garden yummy food.  The girls did an awesome job baby-sitting and serving.  We also had a dessert auction.

This morning R had to work and H baby sat our kiddos while I went the general leadership broadcast.  It was really really good. 

Thursday, February 9, 2012


The YW are having a fund raising dinner tomorrow night.  Tonight we went to decorate.  It looks great!  Cant wait for tomorrow.   Ethan was sick all day.  Poor boy.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

leather seats

Cleaning up throw up is one of my least favorite activities.  Tonight I had a new experience with it.  We were driving home from cubs/young womens and he said he didn't feel well.  I said, "well you can go to bed when you get home".  Then I heard the tell tale "brap" and quickly rolled down the window and told him to throw up outside.  Too late.  Then he did scoot over and throw up out the window..and it blew back in.  Great.

We got home, got him showered and cleaned up and in bed then headed out to survey the damage.  Glad I have leather seats.  Still gross.

Taught 5th grade again today.  I really like the big kids, they are fun to talk to.  Unfortunately their math stumps me every time.  Today I "taught" how to measure cubic volume.  I love teaching writing and literature to them and discussing stories.  I was supposed to go back tomorrow, now I'll be home with bub.  Maybe playing RISK. 

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


This morning Ethan gathered a milk bottle, some stuffing and duck tape to take to school with him.  This weeks project is designing a crash helmet and testing it.  Yesterday John and Ethan were telling each other their respective team's "secret" plans and wondering which team would win.  Today they started assembly of the helmet.  Tomorrow is the test day.  John's team is focusing on slowing the speed at impact, while E's is thinking more about buffering the subject.  We will see who wins.

Lu had her piano lesson, she loves lessons.

I subbed in 5th grade, which is always fun, until it comes time for math and I always can't do it.

Han had DI practice.  They are spending hours and hours and hours and she is really enjoying it.  Can't wait to see the final production.

Monday, February 6, 2012

every day stuff

spent the day driving to Annapolis with a friend, we had a great chat, stopped at the new sonic (yea!) and I wandered the mall while she was at an appointment.  I remember why I don't spend a lot of time recreationally shopping, I wanted everything :)

Hannah started swim team today.  She'll be going 3 days a week and she is excited.

Tomorrow is the 100th day of school, Lu has to bring in 100 somethings in a paper bag.  She chose to bring 100 glow sticks.

We had to buy Brother some new shoes and jeans.  He somehow manages to rip holes in both every other month...or faster.  What is he doing?

Saturday, February 4, 2012

ski school

The kids loved skiing.  After 8 hours of school they both wanted to hit the slopes.  Unfortunately Lu couldn't quite keep up and after some time on the belly flop R and E were ready to try the mountain so she had to come home with me.  There was a kicking and screaming temper tantrum getting her off the hill but when we got in the car she settled down and had a pleasant drive home. 

I am glad they had fun.  Both children want to go back, tomorrow :)

Wisp Fun

This weekend we had a fun wintery trip planned.  It wasn't really a YW activity but we did take all the young women who wanted to go.  We left after school and drove to our hotel.  We stayed at a really nice comfort inn.  Everyone had a good time.  Sharon brought games for us to play and then we had a devotional.  In the morning there was a nice breakfast and the girls really enjoyed hanging out in their rooms and watching TV, dancing and talking until late in the night.  Just what I wanted for them. 
Lu and Lydia
in the hotel room
Victoria, Anna, Cristianna, Katie, Han, Katelyn and Ashleigh

Rob left with Lu and Ethan early in the morning.  We had signed them up for ski school and they needed to be there much earlier than the rest of us.

When we arrived we split into groups. The Bishop took his 3 girls and Susanna (we never got the Reeds in any of our photos :( ) and they hit the slopes. 

R and Calvin also went out.

Sharon and I took the rest of the girls to the tubing hill, to ice skate and to ride the mountain coaster.  All three activities were very very fun.

   We had such a  fun two days.  Those girls cracked me up the whole time.  I know the girls had a great time too, in fact while we were driving to the resort this morning they said they had already had such a good time traveling together and staying at the hotel that the trip was completely satisfactory right then and the snow stuff was just icing.

Our drive home was fine as well.  It took a little longer due to some bad traffic, a couple of accidents and slushy roads but we made it so yea!

Thursday, February 2, 2012


 I spent most of the last two days getting ready for new beginnings.  It was last night and I felt like it went well.  Our theme this year is "Arise and Shine Forth that thy light may be a standard for the nations".  We got the incoming beehives pillow cases with that embroidered on it so every morning when they arise they can remember to shine forth :)  I also wanted to make these cute cupcakes in a jar...which I did spend many hours trying to make.  Mine didn't turn out like this at all.  I hate pinterest.  Well anyway they were all eaten and luckily Rachel and Sharon made lovely lemon bars so there was something pretty to eat too.  The girls sang a beautiful musical number and we had some talks and I think the girls had a nice evening.
In better pinterest news I also made these delicious waffles and served them with ice cream for dessert on Sunday night and they were yummy!

We've had the usual daisy scouts, cub scouts, piano practicing, D.I. and laundry to do and the most lovely weather.