Thursday, April 20, 2017

kick cancer's butt

Last night we had mutual with the Palmdale 5th ward.  Mariah, a laurel in their ward, called me a couple of months ago and asked about doing something for Paige.  We did some brain storming and came up with a plan.  It was multi faceted.  First each girl in both wards made a quilt square.  Then Nikki Abramson put it together into a beautiful quilt.  Next we collected stuff for the City of Hope.  The girls brought a lot of things: books, magazines, lip balm, lotion, treats, coloring books, crayons, nail polish, all kinds of stuff.  We gave it to Paige to take to take down with her when she has her next chemo so that the other kids there can also be cheered up.  Then we had a game night, and healthy snack night.  I think it went well.  Our actual presentation of the quilt was kind of lame and we just sort of gave it to her but maybe that was okay so she wouldn't feel weird.  Although I don't think she would have, she's had the best attitude the whole time. Two more rounds and hopefully she will done done!!

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