Saturday, April 15, 2017


Last year during prom we were in Ireland.  Hannah doesn't regret going but was a little sad to miss going to prom with Sawyer.  This year she really wanted to go and Elias and she decided to go together.  They are good friends and I am sure they are having a fun time!
 Paige came over to get ready with Hannah.  Madi, Sarah and Holly came to help.  They are going to the school prom in a few weeks.  There were a lot of girls in our little bathroom but it went fine and both Hannah and Paige looked beautiful when they were done!
 Here's Hannah and her "ladies in waiting" waiting for Elias to pick her up.
Madi (who is going to be a roommate with Han at Idaho), Hannah, Holly and Sarah
Cinderella won't lose her slipper tonight!

 Beautiful girl!  She's all grown up.
 Elias arrived and looked very handsome.  They exchanged flowers and were off!
 Lucky for me I had to go to the stake center to help all girls as they were arriving so I headed over too.  I told Audrey she needed to help me :), so she came.  Lots of moms and dads were there actually.  We took lots of pictures and it was really fun to see everyone all dressed up!
 Breanna, ?, Harley, Paige, Hannah, Megan and Diana
 Paige and Hannah
 Elias and Hannah.  They are just friends but they were both really excited and happy to be going together.

 Sam and Hannah had dresses the same colors: navy and gold.  So we took pictures together.

 All the kids before they got on the bus.
 Our QH Ward laurels
Kelly, Emily, Hannah and Paige
 The prom is at the museum of natural history.  Cool venue! Stacy posted a couple of pictures so I grabbed them.  Can't wait to see the rest and to hear about the fun night!

 Hannah said of all the couples there on a date she thinks that Elias and her had the best time!  

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