Monday, April 17, 2017

nieces and nephews

Half of my siblings have young families with little kids.  The other half have grown/teenage kids.  The little kid days are sweet ones that I miss.  I am really glad that I get to see these little chickens sometimes . Silver lining to the whole moving to CA thing. (although I don't hate it here anymore.  I am happy with where we live and the adventures here)
 Andrea and Yoho, Reggie and Noah.  They live in AZ and are the cutest family.  Yoho's health is good and the Reggie goes to school.  Andrea is a fashionista and has lots of friends and scores fun outings to blog about!
Emily, Jose, Natalia, Jakob and Malachi.  They live in Utah about an hour from mom and dad.  Jose is a hard worker and Emily is a skilled family manager.  I love how awesome she is with $.  Tal is in school and Jakob is home-schooling.  They are very active in their church and have lots of friends. Lots of adventures for this busy family.

 Michael, JaNee, Scarlett and River.  River is turning 1 in a few weeks.  I love his little bald head.  Scarlett is 3 and so cute.  They are headed to CA to work/live for a short time.  So fun!
Anna, Amadeo, Joneaux, Deo.  Doing great!  Amadeo just graduated from BYU-I!!! Whoo Hooo! The boys are in school, J plays baseball and is getting baptized this year.  D is a wild man with the most handsome blue eyes.  Anna's career is doing great.  And this adventuresome crew is headed to Australia in November!

Of course I wish I saw them all more but I am grateful for eternal families and the times we do get to spend together.

And the other half:

Alec and Kelly are empty nesters.  Katy got married last month and moved to Orlando.  She and Taylor both work for Disney.  Today Alec is running the Boston Marathon.  Good luck!

Val and Ryan are doing great.  They just got back from a Caribbean cruise with mom and dad.  Tanner is serving in Arcadia and is an awesome missionary.  He gets a new mission president in June and I am hoping this one will let Anna and I sneak over and take T and his comp out for lunch!  Kenz is graduating and rooming with Hannah at BYU-I this fall! and Jo and Spencer are in high school.  They are super busy with sports and school and teenagery stuff!
Jo (almost 15) on the cruise.  My favotire picture from their recent adventure.

Crazy Good!!

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