Tuesday, May 31, 2016


Hannah woke up with a weird eye yesterday. Today it was way worse so I took her to the doctor and she has a staph infection in her eye. So that's a new one. Weird. She's on a strong medication for the next two weeks and hopefully it will clear up!
We waited awhile and took silly pictures. This is my purse that I bought in St Kitts last summer. I love it!
After we got back Sawyer came over and  got Hannah, Kenz and Jo and they went to the mall and painted mugs.

Dani and I went to Ethans awards ceremony and dad met us there. He was awarded the NASA top science/ math student award.  The presidential honor roll award and valedictorian. It was a good day!
In the afternoon we swam and then the kids had mutual. 
Rob and I went to visit a friend who has been having some struggles. Hopefully we lifted their spirits a bit. 
It's been so fun having the girls here. They are so cute and helpful. Big silver lining, living "close" to family.

Also Grace got her letter saying she was accepted to the 6th grade honor program so this is our last week of elementary school ever. 6 kids done. She will be at the middle school with a small group of honor academy students. 

Monday, May 30, 2016

Memorial Day

Dani and the girls went out early this morning in search of a donut house. They were successful and brought home 2 dozen!
Yummy start to the day.
We went to Target for floaties and BBQ stuff after breakfast.
After lunch, while Grandpa held down the fort, Dani, Jo, Kenz, Han and I went to the movies to see Love and Friendship, which I thought was very funny.
The rest of the afternoon was dedicated to swimming and eating.
Ethan had a friend, Sam, over and they swam and played soccer. He was a nice kid and we enjoyed having him spend the day with us.
Good times!

Sunday, May 29, 2016


After church, when we came home, our newest guests arrived! Dani came to get Tatum, and to stay and visit awhile, and she brought Jordyn and Mackenzie.
I'm happy to have a house full of happy cousins this week. In sure it'll be kind of crazy! And we have a few more days of school to finish up but I think we'll squeeze some fun in too!
After a tasty dinner we went for an evening walk. Everyone was outfitted with left over 2015 girls camp stuff and we went on a Sunday Safari to find things we have been blessed with.

Tatum was serious about jotting down her ideas.

The boys played some soccer.
The girls enjoyed the swings and playing with the babies!

Now we are home and settled in for an evening of not sleeping:)

Saturday, May 28, 2016


Our Ward had a sealing assignment so Rob and I had a little date. We went to the temple and stopped for burgers on the way home. It was nice to talk and spend time together. 
When we got home the children were all happy and we all had chores to do. I've been wanting a towel rack for the backyard and R built one today! Yay! T always wants to help with everything:) She's a great helper!
Then we hit the hot tub! Nice!

Friday, May 27, 2016


We went to the exotic feline conservation center this morning. Tatum started out with such cute hair... But she took it out before we got there and was then scrappyzilla. 
We saw some cats and some peacocks. 
Tatum was our official photog!
When we got home she wanted to sew. It took all afternoon but she made a cute little doll. Then I remembered a fun book I have called "Fanny" about a little girl who sewed her own doll too. So we read it.
This evening we are going to see Alice in Wonderland, except Ethan who was invited and wanted to go to a party...at a girls house, ....with both boys and girls at it. 
I don't know how I feel about this but I do know I would rather he doesn't even start dating until after his mission. Really.
He's so handsome and smart and nice that I am sure girls will continue to like him and someday he will like them back. Yikes

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Day 4

Tate and I met Grandma Joyce for lunch at McDonalds. I forgot to take a picture of them but did get this important angry bird mask photo. 
All week T has wanted to swim. Unfortunately it has not been very warm, and our pool heater is currently under repair. Today I finally acquiesced and sat outside in the sun watching the polar bears swim.
They swam for maybe 40 minutes, the whole time insisting that they were not cold.
While they were swimming I had a cute little visitor, he was very busy gathering nectar from flowers next to my chair.
After swimming we came inside and made strawberry freezer jam.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016


We definitely got our monies worth from our passes. It's been so much fun to go very month.
Tatum and Grace were both super excited to go today. Grace said it was her favorite trip ever because we rode so many rides and didn't look at stuff.
Tate loved the rides and was brave enough for all of them. She also loved meeting the characters.
I have loved every trip. Today is was so fun to have just the two little girl. They got along great and were cheerful and easy going all day.

The weather was very nice.
I am content with our Disney year. Our passes were a great adventure. We probably won't renew them but it was super great and fun this year!!!!'

She was cold at the end of the night, silly girl kept saying no to a sweatshirt (that I had been carrying around all day) until finally I insisted.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

day 2

We went to Michael's this morning.  I saw a cute idea of using shrinky dinks to make a summer bucket list remembrance kind of necklace and thought that would be fun.  When I told Tatum she was super excited about it too.  We spent some time looking around and getting just what we needed.  After we wanted to go to Menchi's.  Unfortunately it was not open yet and T was cold, the weather is windy and cool, which is okay except we'd like to swim and are anxious for summer, so we popped into Carters and had fun trying things on.
Tatum is a good shopper, she loves cute clothes and is willing to try on lots of things.  We ended up getting a couple cute things.  Fun fun!
little fashion plate
After shopping we went home and had some lunch and then went to Ramona's for a camp meeting.  Tatum brought a coloring book and markers and worked at the table while we were meeting.  I thought she'd like to play with Caroline, who is so cute and just turned 5 years old, but she told me she's shy when she meets people so...

After we picked everyone up from school we finally made it to menchies. It was a fun and yummy treat.  T wanted to bring Grace and Hannah too, she loves hanging out with her aunts and uncle, so she was happy we had to wait.
lemon flavored menchies

Sawyer came over this afternoon.  Tatum loves him, his fan club is growing over here :)  She followed him and was a baby sloth hanging on him.  He was super sweet.  It was very reminiscent of poor Greg and Dani's little siblings & cousins. It's the circle of life!
He had to play pie face, and help T and H make cookies, and there was a lot of running around and giggling.
another Sawyer fan
We ate dinner together and then the teens went to mutual.

While G did homework T worked on her workbook pages.

The girls both showered and jammied up pretty quickly, and had prayers and stories, and were excited to go to bed and have magical dreams because tomorrow is DISNEY day!!

sweet dreams