Sunday, April 30, 2017


Friday night Hannah and I went to LPAC to watch "Fiddler on the Roof".  It was really good.  The singers and sets and dancing and costumes were all amazing.  Hannah's friends: Madi, Holly and Sarah were in it but I think I enjoyed it more than she did. It was a fun night.
 Saturday our ward had a service assignment at Camp Hinckley.  Actually our whole stake did. Ethan has to pay for his high adventure this year with service hours instead of dollars so Rob and Hannah and Ethan volunteered to go.  They are preparing the camp for the summer season.  It was a lot of work but they did just fine!
Garrett and Ethan contemplate the huge pile of debris they need to move

Rob and Mark and Jerry busy working
blondie and me
Meanwhile Grace and I were at a choir competition.  It was the 6 Flags Music in the Park competition.  We went up early and the kids sang.  I got to hear quite a few of the choirs and I was so impressed.  Ours definitely did really well.  It was a real treat.
Grace and Ellie on a baby ride
After we all went to 6 Flags where we got to play and then they had the awards ceremony there.  

she loves when I take pictures of her

 Our choirs did really well.  Grace's treble choir took 1st and received a superior rating so that was very exciting.
It was a very busy weekend.  

Thursday, April 27, 2017


 Last night we had stake YWIE.  Two of the girls in our stake put it together for a project and they did a great job.  Our ward was asked to sing a song.  Each ward was given a table to decorate with a value.  We had "faith" so we had to decorate in white and also make a white treat.  It was really fun to see the tables and the girls projects.  It was a nice evening.
I've been working all week so when we all finally got home last night we had to do some chores, even though it was late.  The animals did not enjoy the vacuum.

I've been at Valley View all week roving.  Today was a good day.  4th grade in the morning and 5th is the afternoon. I really lucked out because each group had PE while I had them so I had no kids and lots of time to read for those blocks of time! I'm reading "Into Thin Air", which is one of Ethan's summer reading books.  It's the true story of a failed Everest expedition, told by one of the survivors.  It's interesting and well written but climbing Everest sounds like an awful endeavor!  Tomorrow I have K, which I fully expect to be a nightmare and it will make up for the good day today:)

We've been enjoying 55+ mph winds in the valley this week.  It's been awful and everyone is sneezy.

Today was Ethan's last tennis day.  It's been a good season for him.  He didn't enjoy it very much in the beginning but stuck with it and really improved and started liking it.  His coach is hoping he will play again next year.  If he does he better have his eagle done so he can have a phone.  Today I went to pick him up at the normal practice time (4:30) and when I pulled up there were lots of kids playing tennis so I pulled out my book and read awhile.  Then I fell asleep in the warm car.  Then I woke up and kids were leaving and there was no Bub and it was almost 6pm.  So I went out and talked to the players only to find out that it wasn't his team.  (PANIC).  I went around to the office to see if anyone knew where he was, of course it was closed.  Then I looked on the website to see if there was any tennis info.  It turned out they had an away game, Ethan hasn't played an away game before so I hoped he was there.  It wasn't too long before the bus came with the team and he was there so phew.  I was relieved and scolded him for not telling me he was leaving campus.  Even though he told me he had tennis more details were required.    All's well the ends well though and tomorrow we are meeting with the Painted Turtle about a project so with some work and some luck he'll be done soon.

Monday, April 24, 2017

a little throw back to when Ethan was starting nursery.  18 months old.  He was always very dapper.

Yesterday he passed the sacrament.  In 3 years he'll be serving a mission.  Crazy!!

After church we invited a new member of our ward over for dinner.  He moved here from TX and works where Rob works.  His kids are grown and he's almost ready to retire.  His wife and he came out here to finish the last 4 years of work and build a house in St. George. ...and she died unexpectedly.  So he's been a widower for about a month. He's lonely, of course.  We were little comfort but hopefully a home cooked meal and some lively company was a nice distraction.  Super nice guy.

Today Hannah took a "senior ditch day".  She really wanted to go to the beach.  And she wanted me to go with her.  I thought about it but a) the beach was cold and windy today.  b) it's not that close. and c) I had the other kids to pick up from school. So even though I actually was very sorry to disappoint her I said no.  We did go shopping and bought some flip flops and groceries and ate sushi.  It was a nice day, just not the one she wanted.

Ethan taught FHE tonight.  He's a funny guy so his lessons are always fun.  Grace learned how to cook a dish at beehives and wanted to make it for dinner.  I ended up making it because she was "doing homework" so I am counting it as new recipe #1.  It was easy and tasty.  All you do is take frozen tortellini and pour marinara sauce on it, then stir in pepperoni, olives, mushrooms and mozzarella.  Bake it at 400 for 45 min.  Serve with fresh basil.  Yummy!!

I also am on book #2.
First I read The Thing About Jellyfish.  A YA book that was good.  Interesting jellyfish facts interwoven with a growing up story.  I got it because I thought Grace might like it as the main character is 12.
Now I am reading "A Man Called Ove".  Which I am liking a lot.  It's about a grouchy guy, a mangy cat and a dead wife.

I also sent off 3 letters (postcards).

Pretty good progress for week one.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Santa Clarita Tournament

 We went down to Santa Clarita for a soccer tournament today.  We had to leave early (6:45) but we had a good time.  The boys played really well.  The first game was on turf and even though it was early in the day it was hot.  The second was on grass.  The first game was a tie 0-0.  They played hard and both teams were really good.  No one could score though.  The other team had an awesome keeper.  The ball was down by his goal most of the game and he blocked every shot.  The second game was 2-0 our favor.  Ethan played really well.  It was an exciting day!

FYI It was 91 degrees outside.  It was hot!  Also this is a picture of Noah.  He was on the opposite side of the field from us this game so I didn't get any good pictures.

Friday, April 21, 2017

off Friday

We went to the temple today.  It was very nice.  It's so pretty and peaceful, even on the grounds.  On the way home we stopped for a fatburger.

Hannah picked up the kids from school and tennis.  Soon we will not have that luxury any more.

Tonight we watched "A Dog's Purpose".  It was kind of sad but with a happy ending.  Then I gave Z a little extra kiss goodnight.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

kick cancer's butt

Last night we had mutual with the Palmdale 5th ward.  Mariah, a laurel in their ward, called me a couple of months ago and asked about doing something for Paige.  We did some brain storming and came up with a plan.  It was multi faceted.  First each girl in both wards made a quilt square.  Then Nikki Abramson put it together into a beautiful quilt.  Next we collected stuff for the City of Hope.  The girls brought a lot of things: books, magazines, lip balm, lotion, treats, coloring books, crayons, nail polish, all kinds of stuff.  We gave it to Paige to take to take down with her when she has her next chemo so that the other kids there can also be cheered up.  Then we had a game night, and healthy snack night.  I think it went well.  Our actual presentation of the quilt was kind of lame and we just sort of gave it to her but maybe that was okay so she wouldn't feel weird.  Although I don't think she would have, she's had the best attitude the whole time. Two more rounds and hopefully she will done done!!

Tuesday, April 18, 2017


Today I am 49 years old.  When my mom was not even as old as I am now I thought she was old. I usually don't feel that old though so that perspective for you.
I also thought I'd be different when I was "old".  I thought I'd be wise and kind and knowledgeable.  That I'd be joyful and generous and fun.  Those are all intangible milestones.  Tangible ones are different.  Life has been good so far though, mostly.  I have six delightful, joyful, wonderful, bright children.  Two handsome sons in law and three precious grandchildren.  That right there would have been enough.  However my blessings don't stop there.  I have many good friends, in many different states.  People who have walked with me in life and made my life better and happier.  I live in a beautiful home with a hard-working husband.  I have a dog that I really like, and a cat that I don't:)  I have parents, both biological and those I inherited through marriage, that are supportive and wonderful and tremendous examples to me.  I have traveled to many neat place..many more that I would have imagined. I have been blessed to serve in many callings and places.  I get to enjoy so many things and lack very little.  It's been a blessed life so far.

But now it's time to look ahead.  Half a century is coming up! I'm excited about that.  So I have some goals for the next year to help me reach those intangibles a little bit more.

1. I want to memorize 50 scriptures.  That's less than 1 a week.  That should be do-able.
2. I want to cook 50 new dishes.
3. Read 50 books.
4. Lose 50 lbs.
5. Write 50 letters to loved ones.
6. Complete 50 projects.
7. Do 50 good deeds.

Monday, April 17, 2017

nieces and nephews

Half of my siblings have young families with little kids.  The other half have grown/teenage kids.  The little kid days are sweet ones that I miss.  I am really glad that I get to see these little chickens sometimes . Silver lining to the whole moving to CA thing. (although I don't hate it here anymore.  I am happy with where we live and the adventures here)
 Andrea and Yoho, Reggie and Noah.  They live in AZ and are the cutest family.  Yoho's health is good and the Reggie goes to school.  Andrea is a fashionista and has lots of friends and scores fun outings to blog about!
Emily, Jose, Natalia, Jakob and Malachi.  They live in Utah about an hour from mom and dad.  Jose is a hard worker and Emily is a skilled family manager.  I love how awesome she is with $.  Tal is in school and Jakob is home-schooling.  They are very active in their church and have lots of friends. Lots of adventures for this busy family.

 Michael, JaNee, Scarlett and River.  River is turning 1 in a few weeks.  I love his little bald head.  Scarlett is 3 and so cute.  They are headed to CA to work/live for a short time.  So fun!
Anna, Amadeo, Joneaux, Deo.  Doing great!  Amadeo just graduated from BYU-I!!! Whoo Hooo! The boys are in school, J plays baseball and is getting baptized this year.  D is a wild man with the most handsome blue eyes.  Anna's career is doing great.  And this adventuresome crew is headed to Australia in November!

Of course I wish I saw them all more but I am grateful for eternal families and the times we do get to spend together.

And the other half:

Alec and Kelly are empty nesters.  Katy got married last month and moved to Orlando.  She and Taylor both work for Disney.  Today Alec is running the Boston Marathon.  Good luck!

Val and Ryan are doing great.  They just got back from a Caribbean cruise with mom and dad.  Tanner is serving in Arcadia and is an awesome missionary.  He gets a new mission president in June and I am hoping this one will let Anna and I sneak over and take T and his comp out for lunch!  Kenz is graduating and rooming with Hannah at BYU-I this fall! and Jo and Spencer are in high school.  They are super busy with sports and school and teenagery stuff!
Jo (almost 15) on the cruise.  My favotire picture from their recent adventure.

Crazy Good!!

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Easter images

 mostly pictures: a few words.  Ethan's friends were here late and Hannah was out late so the Easter bunny had to hop on in while kids were still awake.  Ethan didn't notice though and Grace was in bed so that's fine I guess.  Holidays are different when the kids are big.
 Beautiful hydrangeas I got for our Easter table.
 Hannah helped me in the kitchen after church.  We invited the Sherwoods and the elders over for dinner and had a very nice meal together.
 My pinterest kind of fail of the holiday.  It was supposed to be more robin egg looking.
 Another cute little flower for the table.  I love the little speckled blue bunny.
Sister Tilden taught a very nice lesson on the last days of the Saviors life.  She brought traditional passover foods for the girls to try.  It was very sweet and touching.  
 I forgot a chocolate bar for the dessert recipe so one of the bunnies had to be sacrificed!
 Cute mom and dad.  I am grateful for all the Savior has done for me and one of those greatest blessings is eternal families.
Grace and I set the table last night.  We moved furniture around and I think it fit everyone nicely.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

blast from proms past

 Dani and Spencer went to prom twice together.  Ft Worth has a beautiful botanical garden and Dani's senior year we went and took pictures there before.  

 Sierra going to school prom.  Gorgeous girl!

 Jenna went to prom with Jordan Gravelle
 and then with her senior year boyfriend Brian.
Sierra, Sam, Anthony, Garrett
Mariah, Denise and Megan
Sierra also went to a "mormon prom" that was held at the airline museum in Dallas! So fun!


Last year during prom we were in Ireland.  Hannah doesn't regret going but was a little sad to miss going to prom with Sawyer.  This year she really wanted to go and Elias and she decided to go together.  They are good friends and I am sure they are having a fun time!
 Paige came over to get ready with Hannah.  Madi, Sarah and Holly came to help.  They are going to the school prom in a few weeks.  There were a lot of girls in our little bathroom but it went fine and both Hannah and Paige looked beautiful when they were done!
 Here's Hannah and her "ladies in waiting" waiting for Elias to pick her up.
Madi (who is going to be a roommate with Han at Idaho), Hannah, Holly and Sarah
Cinderella won't lose her slipper tonight!

 Beautiful girl!  She's all grown up.
 Elias arrived and looked very handsome.  They exchanged flowers and were off!
 Lucky for me I had to go to the stake center to help all girls as they were arriving so I headed over too.  I told Audrey she needed to help me :), so she came.  Lots of moms and dads were there actually.  We took lots of pictures and it was really fun to see everyone all dressed up!
 Breanna, ?, Harley, Paige, Hannah, Megan and Diana
 Paige and Hannah
 Elias and Hannah.  They are just friends but they were both really excited and happy to be going together.

 Sam and Hannah had dresses the same colors: navy and gold.  So we took pictures together.

 All the kids before they got on the bus.
 Our QH Ward laurels
Kelly, Emily, Hannah and Paige
 The prom is at the museum of natural history.  Cool venue! Stacy posted a couple of pictures so I grabbed them.  Can't wait to see the rest and to hear about the fun night!

 Hannah said of all the couples there on a date she thinks that Elias and her had the best time!