Saturday, January 30, 2016

Food bank, cats & hats

This morning we got up and headed to Sawyer's to help with his eagle project. He's collecting food for a local food bank. Grace and I were partners, we drove to a neighborhood and then walked around putting bags and flyers on people's doors. Next week they will be collected. 
Today was Grace's last day of cats! They had two performances. I was super excited to see her in it and again I enjoyed it very much. She did great and had a lot of fun.
Between shows we went to a little restaurant called the lemon tree for dinner. It's right on the blvd so we just walked. It was a lot of fun.
We all went to see her perform :)
Also today I needed to make Grace a pioneer outfit. I have had many more occasions to make and to wear pioneer clothing than one would ever think. Especially if one were not Mormon. Tomorrow we are having our trek kick off fireside and a number of people are dressing in pioneer clothing and doing a special musical number. Our family was asked to participate and we all have clothes except for Grace. I made her a cute skirt out of some fabric she chose and also a cute bonnet. It came together fairly easily but still took several hours
By the time I was done both girls were asleep so I had to model the bonnet myself.
While I was sewing Rob cleaned out our big chest freezer and got it situated in the garage and plugged in and ready for food. I am so excited he did that! Thanks babe! 

Friday, January 29, 2016


Grace and I went to see cats and it was surprisingly amazing. I saw it years ago in a professional production and I thought it was weird. In fact it has been ranked my least favorite musical ever since BUT tonight I changed my mind. It was fun and touching and the music was great. It was full of surprises and I can't wait to see Grace perform tomorrow!
Now we are at a cast party at Vince's Pasta and Pizza. Better than Chuck E Cheese but just.
Of course G is thrilled she's got a handful of tokens, her friends and pizza! Good night!


I spent two days making tons of cookies and people ate them so = success!

Our meeting went well. It was fun to see some sisters that I knew before and to meet some of the young women leaders. We have our first ward council this Sunday and I am looking forward to that. It turned out that besides our ward members I only knew one person serving in the stake. It was a bit odd for me since in MD those meetings were really such a fun time to see friends from all around that've rarely got to see! It's all good though I'm happy to serve. 
I did get to see my sweet friend Gayle Matos. She was my neighbor at one time and she and her family were so nice and so fun! She brought me this cute gift ( a water bottle!) which was sooo thoughtful and just perfect for all the water drinking I do! Turns out she's a faithful blog reader, I didn't even know, and she's kept up with our shenanigans all these years. 
I had applied for several jobs as an instructional aide. Today I got a very nice email from the district say they had more qualified applicants but thank you for applying. Disappointing.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

How we spent the day

The high school had no school today. Hannah got in a little driving time. She also went to Shelby's for awhile and then to Sawyer's to help him with his eagle project.
I spent the day making cookies for the stake auxiliary training meeting tomorrow night.
This is one of my favorite memorials. It is haunting and poignant even not covered with snow. Several people posted this and other monument covered in snow pictures today. 
Rob is off doing ward visits tonight.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Tails and tales

Today was Grace's first performance. I haven't seen it yet but they look amazing and sound awesome. I can't wait to watch!
I stayed this morning for about an hour to help sew on tails and other odds and ends.
Grace has really enjoyed the whole thing.
Ethan and Hannah were both home sick today. Hannah also was on Monday. I hate when they miss school (unless it's to go to Disneyland of course). There's too much to make up after. 

We watched the Avengers, and made a fire. Lovely evenings.
I'm reading a new book series. The first book was called "State of the Onion", it's a White House chef mystery series. I loved it not because it's awesome literature but because it's set in DC and I can picture exactly how it looks and where the heroine is in my minds eye, I really miss it there. And I like a little special ops mystery. And I like food talk. Always, but particularly while I am dieting. 
Speaking of I reached my first baby goal, 20lbs gone. It took awhile because I have cheated more than once:( but I made it. Now if I can do that three more times that would be awesome. I don't know. I'm happier not dieting. Also although this plan works I don't know how well it lasts. There are lots of Facebook groups and message boards and it seems like a very common theme is "I am here again because I gained it back" or "I cheated once and the next morning the scale showed a 1lb gain". And it's $$$. But for now I'm staying the course.
And finally a robo update. 
A) they stink but not nearly as much as Peter did.
B) Grace loves them and plays with them often. Pipsqueak is much nicer than Pepsi. 
C) in fact Pepsi beat Pip up a couple of times and Nana had to buy a second cage so they could be separated. 
D) now Pip lives in a palace and Pep in a cottage. 
That's what you get when you don't play nice with others.
For some unknown reason scripture study lends itself to uncontrollable laughter and falling on the floor.

Saturday, January 23, 2016


This morning was the last all star game for our team. We lost. Ethan played really well. I feel like I am pretty objective when it comes to my kid's strengths. My friend Becky says that all parents are some degree of crazy when it comes to their kids, and I agree, and I own that. However I do know when they are bad at something, when they are annoying, when they are good, etc. and Ethan is a good soccer player. He's a great mid. It's super frustrating. But I digress...
There he is #19.
Grace had cats from 9-4. 
Both boys report having enjoyed the camp out. 
Sawyer came over and we all watched Goonies this afternoon.
Rob needed a wedding photo, we looked through our album and found this gem. 
Tonight we went on a date. We went out to eat, I had a yummy salad with shrimp on it.
Then we went to Walmart. I am very excited about my new veggetti. Will be taking it for a test drive tomorrow. 

Friday, January 22, 2016


Soccer try outs are this week. Ethan got cut. I don't know why. He is an excellent player. This was very shocking and sad news for all of us, mostly him though. Very very sad. The afternoon of the first practice he felt very confident and said he was very happy to have something to do in the afternoons.  It's been a hard adjustment (our fateful move) and while he's made "school friends" and "church friends" I was really looking forward to a real friend for him.  Sad.
Grace got her ballroom shirt. She is super busy with cats, which is great. 
These guys went home. They made it safely and I am so glad we had a good visit. I do love living "close". 
I applied for a few jobs today. I often do and I never get hired. I also don't know why. It's expensive here, which is super frustrating. 

The boys have a scout camp out tonight. Ethan has an all start game tomorrow. Grace has practice tonight, tomorrow and Sunday, then the performances start.

Last question of the day : do I even want to be thin?

Wednesday, January 20, 2016


Grace is 11! So exciting! Elementary school, primary, and all things little girl are coming to an end. We've seen the signs for a while now. The slow morph from stuffed animals and cartoons to more teenagery interests is happening under our noses. Today at sephora she wanted her color palate done, I don't know mine but now we know Grace's.
This morning we had birthday sprinkle pancakes with a candle and everything.
Nana, Abba, UB, the grands and I went to her school assembly where the principal had the whole 5th grade wish her a happy birthday. And where she got an award for 4.0 gpa and top science student. 
Coldstone cake!
We did a little shopping: at the pet store and the book store. Went to dinner.
Opened presents and had ice cream cake. 

I think it was a very good birthday!

And to conclude a little blast from birthdays past!!

Tuesday, January 19, 2016


Every day things are a delight when you do them with the ones you love. This morning I let Dani sleep in and made breakfast for and played with the little grands. It was a sweet time. I enjoyed my kids when they were little but I enjoy the grandkids more. It's just a sweet pleasure to spend time with them. 
When everyone was up we cleaned up and then did kid yoga. 
After school we went to the mall. Our purpose was to let the kids play on the super lame indoor play area, since it was raining and we couldn't go feed the ducks. They had fun. We also did a little shopping.
Nana bought treats at Sees candy and we enjoyed some samples:)
Dani made a delicious dinner. We filled up the big table, which is awesome.
After dinner there was homework to do. Legos to build. Walking to practice and a warm fire to sit by.
Grace had play practice again and wasn't home for more than a minute. 
Some more photos from yesterday:

Monday, January 18, 2016

Long Beach

We drove down to long beach to visit the Thacker relatives. It was very nice. They bought lunch for everyone and we enjoyed a fun tour of homes thru their 3 properties. Brother Jim was there from Minnesota as was Michael, the son of Jack. Their homes were beautiful but the nicest part was just how welcoming and hospitable  they are. 
We walked down the street to the beach and enjoyed a few minutes of play time. 
Then we went to the Queen Mary. None of us had ever been. It was okay. Run down and super expensive. The group took a "ghost tour" but I thought it would be too scary for Penny so we went to a 4D movie of Sponge Bob instead, then we talked like jelly fish. Dani had stayed in the car with a napping baby boy and when he woke up they strolled around looking at the ducks and the lighthouse and the water. 
After we drove home we stopped at Outback for dinner. Sierra and Tatum, who weren't feeling well and didn't come with us, met us there and we had a fun family dinner.

 It was a fun, long day.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Well who could believe this?

Last night, or actually this morning early, I heard Rob walking around in the living room with shoes on. I thought that was strange. Then I heard him talking and heard weird chicking noises. I was laying in bed wondering what was going on, finally I got up to look and was SO SURPRISED to see Dani and Sierra and the kids in the living room. What!?!?!?!!! How exciting! They decided to drive down and visit with us and with Nana and Abba and UB. Rob was in on the surprise and didn't breathe a word. So fun!
Grace had a dress rehearsal today. She looked cute. They rehearsed from 1-7. 
We went to sacrament. I also had a stake youth committee meeting in the evening.
We had a great day playing games, making a yummy dinner, and visiting together. 
Marshall was a hit!