Sunday, April 16, 2017

Easter images

 mostly pictures: a few words.  Ethan's friends were here late and Hannah was out late so the Easter bunny had to hop on in while kids were still awake.  Ethan didn't notice though and Grace was in bed so that's fine I guess.  Holidays are different when the kids are big.
 Beautiful hydrangeas I got for our Easter table.
 Hannah helped me in the kitchen after church.  We invited the Sherwoods and the elders over for dinner and had a very nice meal together.
 My pinterest kind of fail of the holiday.  It was supposed to be more robin egg looking.
 Another cute little flower for the table.  I love the little speckled blue bunny.
Sister Tilden taught a very nice lesson on the last days of the Saviors life.  She brought traditional passover foods for the girls to try.  It was very sweet and touching.  
 I forgot a chocolate bar for the dessert recipe so one of the bunnies had to be sacrificed!
 Cute mom and dad.  I am grateful for all the Savior has done for me and one of those greatest blessings is eternal families.
Grace and I set the table last night.  We moved furniture around and I think it fit everyone nicely.

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