Thursday, April 6, 2017

and the week continues

Hannah, Sister Tilden, Emily and Madi
 Last night we had a fun mutual night.  The priest and laurels met together and had a service race. We met at the McD parking lot and divided into three teams.  Each team got a list of tasks to do and one hour to complete as many as they could.  Each task was assigned a point value.  The youth went to different members homes and performed service.  They could wash windows (5 pts a window), walk a dog (40 pts), read a story to a little kid (also 40) or any number of other chores.  They could only do 2 chores per house so they had to really hustle.  When they got back we added up the scores (Emily and Jerry won with 300 pts) and got dollar menu treats to eat while we sat around and shared stories of our day.  It was pretty fun.
One more seminary day to go!  Rob and I are tired.  This morning we studied Paul's second epistle to the Corinthians.  Lots of good advice in there about how to stand strong and faithful.  At the end of the lesson I had the kids write something they could do to be faithful on a slip of paper and then we taped them onto the shield.  I brought marshmallows and nerf shooters and the rest of the class shot them at Em.  She had to dodge all those items with just one shield.  Then we talked about how doing those things once, or some times was good...but not good enough.  We had to do them all the time.  We had to endure with patience and persistence.  Then we added lots of armour to Emily and she was safe from the fiery darts.

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