Monday, November 30, 2015

finding happy

This morning after I got everyone out the door and off to school I hopped back into bed and got ready to catch up on some TV that we had DVRed while we were gone.  Instead I got to thinking and realized that I was happy.  I wasn't wishing that we were somewhere else, or that we still lived in Maryland.  I felt happy to be home.  It's taken awhile but things are going well and we are all settling in.  We are so so blessed. Counting those blessings and deciding to be happy has helped us all make the transition to a new home and a new life.

We have really been fortunate to have the opportunity to live in different places and to have friends around the country that we love and that have made our lives so much richer, so much better.

After that it turned out to be a really good day.  I went Christmas shopping.  I am almost done, the list is being whittled down, I hope I am choosing gifts that the recipients will love. It's fun and stressful ;)


This evening Grace had ballet.  She loves it and it's so fun to peek in and see the girls dancing.   They are preparing for their Christmas recital. 
While she was dancing Hannah and I ran to Target.  Han needed to buy some gifts for a couple of her friends.

After dance we came home and I fixed dinner while the kids did homework.  For FHE we decorated the tree, watched some videos on and ate yummy cheesecake.

Our tree is much taller than the decorators are so we had to improvise to place the star!
decorating the tree
It looked so beautiful when we were done.  Yesterday we went up in the loft and got down a bunch of Christmas boxes.  We obviously missed some because there are all kinds of things that are M.I.A.  For example all our nativities, and the girls stockings, and our owl tree topper. I'll have to go back up tomorrow and do a more careful check.

In the meantime I am happy for this last day of Novemeber.  I am so grateful that the kids are all healthy and doing well.  Learning and making firneds and trying new things. I am grateful for Rob and how hard he works for our family, both at his job and at home. I am grateful for a nice home. I am so very grateful that we live "close" to family.  I am most grateful for the Savior Jesus Christ.  For the blessings that are in my life because he is my God. That he has paved the way and paid the debt. I am graateful for my kids and grandkids, health, and hobbies and all the that the Lord has given me.

Sunday, November 29, 2015

She's home!!

And I love this picture of Jenna and Hannah.


Yesterday we drove home. It was snowing in the morning when we woke up, it was fall in St George where we stopped to see the temple and crunch through the leaves. And it was sunny SoCal when we got home.
The drive home went smoothly. It was a little long through Vegas but everyone travelled well and we found all well at home. It was an awesome visit and we get to go back in 3 weeks so yay!
UB found some cousins a few years back that live in Long Beach. He's been wanting us to go and say hi. Since we are picking Hannah up from the airport tonight we figured this was a good time. 

After church we went home and ate lunch then hit the road. We met JP Thacker (age 102), his son Jack and wife Sharon. They were so nice and welcoming. We had a very pleasant little visit. Their home is right on the canal and it is gorgeous. 
JP was darling, smart and articulate, hears well and is fun to talk to. Until one year ago he rode his bike to the Queen Mary every day (6 miles one way), now he only rides shorter distances. Sharon and Jack were also so very nice. We talked family and football, hiking and moving and about living on the water.

We took a picture of the "Thacker " men before we left. JP (102), Ethan (13), Rob (45) and Jack (76).

Now we are at the airport waiting for Han. I sure missed her this week!

Friday, November 27, 2015

One more day

We had one more day before driving home. We went to the movies to see Peanuts. Rob and E went to see Spectre. Grace and Tate both got to spend the night at Sierra's the night before.  So that was the morning.

In the late afternoon we headed to Grandma's house. We wanted to decorate for Christmas so she could come home to a festive home. It was a lot of chaotic fun! At the end it looked really nice. Grandma has a lot of holiday stuff and we didn't use it all but she can add to it later if she wants:)
Marshall and Sacrlett thought they should unwrap gifts right away. They will be pros come Christmas!
Ziva met her cousin Indy. They played and scampered. Indy taught Z how to hide from Miss Scarlett, useful information.
Then we went home and decorated Dani's tree!
Also soooo fun! Another good day:)

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Thanksgiving Time

Thanksgiving day.  We had thought about hiking the Y in the morning, but we really just slept in.  Dani made a most delicious turkey.  It took hours and days but I think it was worth it.

from Dani's instagram

We had a lot of cooking to do, we made pies and yams and veggie tray and rolls.  We made little crafts in the morning and the boys took the kids to the park.  It was cold and the trip was short but they loved it anyway.
ready for the cold

park fun
At 1:00ish we all went to Val's and feasted.  There was soooooooo much food.  It is awesome being close to everyone.  I love spending the holidays, and really any time, with the familia.
Utah gear

dessert table
After we ate and cleaned up Val, Dani and I went over to visit with mom. She is doing so well.  I'm really happy for her.

some of the gang
It was a good good day.  We have so many things to be thankful for. I am grateful for my many blessings and the many kindnesses the Lord has shown to me.
Papa and Marshall and Dad

Dani and Marshall

me, Papa and Val

the kids table

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Day before thanksgiving

We woke up early and Dani and Grace dressed the turkey.  Dani and Greg are in charge of the bird and they are going to smoke it.
Dani and Tom
After breakfast Rob and Greg headed out fishing.  Ethan baby sat and Dani and I met Val at the store for some thanksgiving grocery shopping fun.

We went to visit mom at the hospital.  She is looking really good and said this surgery has been far better than the first.  I am really glad.  We stayed until she needed to go to the gym and then headed over to the aquarium.

Grace dancing with the orca
tree frog fun
Moe soaking it in!
hanging out with the otters
lots of fish to look at

We all went to Zupas for dinner.  Sierra and Ethan went to the movies between the hospital and dinner.  They saw Goosebumps.

Then it was back to Dani's for hanging out, sharing "talents" and playing catch phrase.  It's been so fun to be together!

Tuesday, November 24, 2015


We drove to Utah today. The drive went smoothly and we were excited to pass a couple of beautiful temples along the way.

It's so fun to be together!!

Monday, November 23, 2015

Season passes

We spent the day at Disney. It was pretty fun. The weather was perfect, we rode  some rides, heard some carols, ate some Disney food and got home early enough to pack the car for our Utah drive tomorrow.
Can't wait to go back!

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Sunday walk

After a very nice morning at church we came home, ate lunch, changed our clothes and went out for a Sunday stroll.
Rob hadn't been to Devils punch bowl and it was beautiful out so off we went. Note the shorts at the end of November. A plus to living in SoCal.
We walked on the trail and the dry river bed. Ethan threw rocks, Grace cried a little, we enjoyed the beautiful things that God made. Then we came home and made a spaghetti dinner. 

Good day

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Travel woes

Last game of the regular season. We ended up in second place, which is great! It was a good season, the boys were all nice. 
In two weeks we go to play-offs.

Grace had a good day. She went to tap and to cats. She's also been reading the Harry Potter books for the first time and is loving them. 

Poor Hannah had a miserable day. We got up before the sun to take her to the airport. Her flight was delayed 3 hours, after she was on board. No fun! Then she had a layover. I was worried about it, however at the last minute I thought to call Robin and see if she was working. She was and she was able to meet Hannah and hand deliver her to her gate. I am really grateful. Even though she is a seasoned traveller at 16 it would have been tough and I am sure she was tired and frustrated so having an angel to look after her was such a blessing.

Finally, 16 hours, after leaving the house this morning she was safely in the arms of Nana and Abba and UB. Unfortunately her luggage is in Texas.

Friday, November 20, 2015

Friday yay!!

This boy got selected for all stars. They called us last night with the good news. The first practice is Sunday:(.  Rob talked to them and told them that while Ethan would love to play we don't do sports on Sunday, some discussion later and it was agreed that the coach wants him anyway and they will practice different days and he will only play  the games that are not on Sunday. I was happy with that outcome. I'd rather everyone honored the Sabbath but really everyone gets to chose for themselves and in that case I am glad there is still a choice for Ethan.
Today was an awesome day. We got the garage cleaned out!!! It is ready for a car to park in it and it looks so awesome I LOVE it. Poor Sawyer was over and he got to help with the tail end. He always ends up being put to work! That clean garage might be the highlight of the week:)

After we went on a double date to the Habit and to see Mockingjay 2. It was really good, as were the burgers and the company. 

These are animals that live in Alaska, that I am looking forward to seeing.