Thursday, April 13, 2017

spa fun

 some photos from last night's photo scavenger hunt.  The kids had to do different tasks and take pictures of it.  the top picture is "stand on one foot", the bottom left is "let's get cookin'" and the right is "take a picture with a stranger." the kids had fun racing around and doing funny things.
 Zivers went to the spa today.  She looks so pretty.
 Hannah also went to the spa, for prom.  A BIG day.  She's never done the mani/pedi, pro hair and make-up etc for a dance but we've always talked about doing it for senior prom and here we are!  Crazy.
 of course it's no fun going alone so I got my toes done too.
 dishwasher still broken...luckily we have minions.
these gosh, happy memories.  They were so cute.

Funny story.  Julie and I went out to lunch today to celebrate our birthday.  She's 7 days older than me:)  We bought each other the same present!  It cracked me up.  

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