Monday, May 29, 2017

Side walk chalk, swimming, BBQ, games, Mimi club, races, splashes, sun burns and fun


doing flips

ice cream cones

 Anna and Amadeo were camping in Santa Cruz but they left early and drove until late in the night to park in our driveway and spend the day with us!
We got up and had pancakes and then spent then next hours and hours poolside. 

It was sooo sooo fun!  Love spending time with my wonderful family!

ACL :(

 We went to church all together today, which I loved of course :)
 These two could not resist at least putting their toes in the pool! They got a little wet but it was all very reverent.

We walked to the little park near our house to play and then PJ had to go to the bathroom so S and I walked back with her.  Just then R drove up in the jeep from a meeting so Penn, Z and I jumped in the jeep and drove around the corner with him.  No sooner had we pulled into the garage when Z took a leap out and landed with a yelp!  Oh No!

We ended up going to the vet who thinks she tore her ACL (the doggie equivalent although I can't remember what it's called).  She's on some meds for a week to see what happens then we go back for x-rays and maybe surgery:(  Poor baby puppy princess.  I am very upset for her.

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Sierra's here!

 This morning Hannah and I went to Burbank and picked up Sierra!!  Love when the chickies come home!!
We got home and everyone was ready to swim, and swim and swim.

 Dad and Papa went on a jeep ride, they came home and we had a late lunch then they told us that the cheery orchards were open!

 So we hopped in the car and went.  Dani and Moe stayed home to nap (Dani has an upset stomach today) and Mom's friend Sister Ferrari came to visit her so those three didn't come and the rest of us did.

When we got home we did some crafting and now we are going to make cherry pies while Papa and Grandma go to a graduation party for Charlie Bennett.

Friday, May 26, 2017

They're here!!

 We've been waiting for the family to arrive for graduation next week.  The Utah contingent is mostly here!

I spent the day getting ready.  After school the kids helped and then around dinner time they arrived.
Hannah and I made a delicious dinner.  

 Then people hot tubbed, blew bubbles, went to Ulta (Hannah and Dani) and hung out together.

 We end the night with a four generation scripture reading time.  Which was lovely.  It's going to be a busy but wonderful next few days.

Thursday, May 25, 2017


The boys were at our house swimming.  Except Ethan and Noah, they were at soccer practice.  (the tournament team not the travel team or the AYSO never ends)
 This is Tyler Higa and I love working with him.  He is an awesome YM president.  Sadly they are moving to Simi Valley next month.  His will leave big shoes to fill.  The boys love him a lot and really relate to him.
So back to soccer.  Last weekend was the big game(s) with the club team.  Super fun to watch and to play in.  Then we were so excited because they wanted Ethan to join.  This has never happened because we honor the Sabbath and give that day to the Lord.  We believe this means the whole day...not just an hour for services.  The coaches were so impressed with Ethan and said they really wanted him to play.

Fast forward to Monday night practice.  I take him out to the field and wait to talk to the coach and say "hey you want him here right?  Knowing we will not play on Sundays?" and he's like yes, yes we want him.

Then after practice Rob picks him up and the coach says, "Ethan's great! we love how he plays, we want him on the team...BUT we need you to compromise a little and play on Sundays sometimes and we need you to sign the contract that says you will put soccer first, above family activities, other sports, church activities or he can't play".   So Rob called me and we were heartbroken for our good boy who has so many talents.  Rob doesn't want to tell him about it alone and when they get home we talk to him together and tell him the bad news.  Which he takes really well. He says "I can't chose soccer over Sunday" and we move on.

The next day he tells me he is sad about it..of course.  This is really hard.  It has been hard for many years.  I feel like I run around wearing an "honor the Sabbath day cape" and keep running into obstacles over it.  I did not intend to be that cape wearer, it just happened as I am a raising and athlete and a man of God, those two things clash from time to time.

That said, I know this is what God wants.  I know that my boy will be blessed, I don't know how or when but I know it'll come.  Worshipping at the church of soccer is akin to worshipping false idols.  We can not do it and stand blameless before God at the last day.  So is it hard? Yes.  Is it right? Yes.  What other people choose to do is their business and I have no judgment about that but to quote Joshua "as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord".   The thing that is sad for me is the great joy that they are missing out on.  "They" being people who chose the "world" over God.  They may have more fun from time to time, and in the short run, but they do not have peace and joy that comes with living the gospel. I'm so grateful that Ethan is not bitter or mad, that he obeys and does what is asked of him.  I worry about him, and all the children~ are we teaching them well?, do our short comings and mistakes blind them to the truth?, are they gaining a strong and firm testimony? but I also have great hope that they are doing what is right and are being blessed and will continue on in the paths of righteousness.
Amen.....stepping off the soapbox :)