Thursday, May 30, 2013

 I have done a stellar job of completely ignoring our house since we left for Ohio.  Today I will have to remedy that :(  In the meantime we've been having some fun.  Yesterday was H.O.T.  Kindergarten had it's Elm's beach field trip, this is my favorite outdoorclass room.  So fun!    We learned about shells and went on a scavenger hunt and learned about birds, and looked for shells and built sandcastles and had a turtle race.  We saw a bald eagle and an osprey fighting over the water! Saw lots of critters and heard lots of birds and got our toes wet (against the rules ;) )All very fun.  We came home hot and sweaty and tired.
 Despite being hot, sweaty and tired this was the day we had chosen to take our canoe on it's maiden voyage.  Ethan and Hannah both didn't want to go and both had other commitments so that was okay.  Monique took them to church with her kiddos and it worked out great.
 So we packed up all our gear, of which there was much.
Hefted the canoe on top of the car.
Grabbed some gatorades and put on our water shoes and hats.
Drove down to the wharf.
Unloaded the canoe and the gear and the gatorade.
Drove back up the hill to Big Larry's because someone forgot to pee.
Bought single scoops to thank Big Larry for the use of his facility.
Drove back down to the wharf.
Got in the canoes.
Breathed a sigh.
Paddled around.
Caught a fish (Rob)
freaked out a little (Lu)
relaxed (me)
saw some osprey
saw some turtles
saw a river mammal (otter maybe?)
watched the sun begin to set
nice 2 hours on the water
hauled the boat out of the water
put gear away
threw away empty gatorade bottles
drove home

Went to Salsas at 8pm
Came home
put Lu to bed (R mowed the lawn, in the dark)
put Lu to bed again ( I assume he put the other two to bed )
flopped in bed

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

getting home

As idyllic as our Sunday was our Monday drive home was the flip side of the coin.  The children were good mostly but it was long and everyone got grouchy.  Actually R was the least grouchy and even laughed at our complaining, which was quite nice really.  Still traffic was bad and we rerouted to a longer course.  The day was long and longer than we planned, both hard things.

The weather was kind of dreary but we made the most of our rest stops and made it home in one piece.

Tuesday everyone was pretty tired.  We got up sluggish and lateish out the door.  Hannah got locked out and had to sit on the porch and wait for the rest of us to get home, a longish wait.  Lu didn't practice the paino since we were gone and we rescheduled her lesson.  We had some more grouchyness.  On the bright side R and I did practice putting the canoe on the top of the car and were successful which I was happy about.  The first time I couldn't' lift it over my head.  Last night R came home and he had studied out how to do it and it worked just fine.  Yay!  Also last night I rearranged the patches on Lu's Brownie vest to fit better and leave room for next year's patches, the picking out took awhile but I was happy with the result and thanx to Abba my iphone now controls the apple tv and we finally got it to work (since the children lost the teeny tiny remote weeks ago) so I choose a show and picked away and Lu was tucked in her bed sleeping sweetly and it was a nice last hour of the day.

Sunday, May 26, 2013


 Today was our last day here.  This morning we went to visit the Centerville ward, it's the ward we always go to when we come to Ohio.  It was very nice.  I especially liked one of the talks on Faith.  Also 2 young women's mission calls were announced.  Ever since last falls announcement lowering the mission age so many young people have been going on missions.  Each time I hear an announcement I am just flooded with a joyful feeling.  I am so excited for them!  I wish I had served as a young woman, can't wait to go as an old one :)

After church we picked up UB and headed over to see Grandpa Thacker's house.  He and Abba and Nana have done a lot of work over there getting it ready it sell.  It looks wonderful. Then we headed home to spend the afternoon playing together.  The kids swam and played baseball in the yard.  They lit off lots of fireworks and we had a delicious BBQ on the porch.  Nana dyed Hannah's hair and we had pie.  It was a good day :)

batting practice

Z supervising the firebombs

Saturday, May 25, 2013

how much fun can we fit into one day?

lunch is ready

A lot!  This morning I woke up and walked Z.  She was very excited to be in a new neighborhood.  When we got back Bub was waiting to tell me that he and Nana were heading off to Dunkin Donuts for breakfast.  

While we ate we made our plans for the day.  Stop one was Dorothy Lane for Lobstermania.  We met Brenden the lobsterman from Maine who flew down a boat load of those yummy crustaceans.  They cooked them in the parking lot and we brought them home for lunch.  Yum.

After lunch Abba, Ethan, Dad and Lu went lazer tagging.  Nana and Hannah and I went to the shoe store.  
Then Abba and Ethan went to meet Dylan and his dad for some golfing and UB and Lu and R met us for some more shopping fun.  We ate delicious frozen yogurts, went to the book store and went to dinner.

Then we came home and some of us swam, while others of us found our jackets to life guard in.

Then Abba, R and I went to see Star Trek and Nana kept the kids.

Busy busy fun fun
one of these things is not like the other

Ethan on the course

Friday, May 24, 2013


For weeks the children (and the father) have been begging to come to Ohio for Memorial Day.  I didn't want to, not because I don't love to come but because it was going to be a quick trip, really quick. Finally I relented and we added a day by taking today off from school/work.
Normally I like to leave the house pretty much spotless before I leave on a trip.  Hannah says I want to die under false pretenses because when she asked me why and I told her if we died on the trip I would want to leave the house clean.  I don't care if it's false or not I still want to.  I would want it to be that clean every day but....
Anyway, this time we did not.  It's tidy(ish), if you count leaving rinsed out dishes in the sink from breakfast this morning, a soccer ball on the living room floor, camping gear from last weeks father and sons outing in the dinning room and piano books sitting out in the living room (to name a few) and the basement, I won't even mention what that looks like.  But we still left, and no disaster befell us and Michelle, who is watching Millie and Fluffy has seen my messes before. I guess I do need to ask one more favor...Michelle, if we die before we get home can you tidy up a bit and pretend that's how it always is? :)
The drive was pleasant and we made good time.  I drove half and R drove half.  I got to chat with Mom and  Val and Dani and Jenna so that was fun.  R did some work.  The kids watched some movies.  We played "what's my carb" and argued over if fractions could be even or odd.  Good times.
Then we made it and Nana had an awesome taco bar ready for dinner and the girls swam in the pool that Abba so nicely heated up for them.
After dinner most of the gang headed out to the movies to see Iron Man 3.  UB, Lu and I stayed home and had a nice chat while Lu looked at cuff links and assorted things from Grandpa Thacker and I made cookies.  I asked Lu if she wanted to help because she normally does and she said "mom I can make cookies any time, how often do I get to talk to Uncle Brian?"
So I am very happy I came.  It's always such a treat to be with family, it makes my heart happy.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Middle School Art Show

True story: three years ago at the end of 6th grade we went to the art show and saw all Hannah's fabulousness displayed.  On the stage the 8th graders had "ugly jugs".  They were so cool and ugly.  I wished Hannah had made one.  Only 8th graders get to.  Then the next year, 7th grade we went and saw the wonderful art and again the jugs.  Then finally this year Hannah made a jug and seriously hers was the best one!  It is ugly and amazing!!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

life with an almost 11 year old boy

Ethan cracks me up, regularly.  Yesterday he had some funny things to say.  First we were eating dinner and he said "so I think if you really really like someone you shouldn't date them first.  You should date them third or fourth because no one ever marries the first person they date."

We were shopping for dance stuff and walking by the pajamas in walmart where Ethan spots some "little nothings" as mom used to call them, for married ladies to wear.  He lifts it up and stares at it a minute then says "what kind of dumb bra is this??"  Hannah said "Ethan that's not a bra it's... (pause)...looks at me....(pause)...a bra, let go of it!" and she pulled him off to the much safer baking aisle.

the other day Ethan said to me, I really want to go to a bar mitzvah, good thing I am friends with Liam, he might invite me.  I thought this was so funny because I too have always wanted a Jewish friend to invite me to a celebration!

after our 6th grade orientation at the school we stopped at Chipotle.  I asked Ethan when his school's "growing up night" was.  He said, oh we already had it.  Why didn't you give me the form?  He didn't want to go, which is fine but funny.  So I said, okay well since you are so grown up you need to start wearing some deodorant  Code for he is now a stinky boy.   He agreed and R and E headed to Wal mart to buy some on the way home.

Last night, walking into the middle school I suddenly felt very sad.  My little boy is not so little.  I dread the day when he doesn't hop into his "spot" in bed and hang out with dad and I.  When he doesn't tell us everything.  ....When he grows up and belongs to some other woman :(

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

STEM and Strawberries

Today Kindergarten went on a field trip to the strawberry patch.  It was pretty fun.  It was humid but the kids loved it.  They loved the pig, they loved the chickens, they loved the goats and picking the strawberries and running around the sandbox.  Pretty fun.

This evening was 6th grade open house and STEM introduction.  R and I went with Bub.  It was pretty neat.  Rigorous.   It will be good for the boy and in Jan. they get to go to Huntsville to Space Camp.  Pretty darn awesome.

little things

It's not the big stuff that gets to you and wears you down.  It's the little things.  I have had kids crash cars, well no one is happy but you kind of expect that it might happen and you are pretty happy no one was hurt.  You get a phone call from the school, someone is misbehaving.  Again not happy but you deal with it and the child improves and it's part of being a mom.  Someone throws up in the car, breaks a dish, tells a lie.  All these and many other things happen and I have to say Rob and I are good at patiently dealing with them.  It's a speed bump, usually unpleasant, but can be dealt with.

Then there are the little things, the fact that when anyone opens a cupboard or drawer they leave it open or that they squeeze toothpaste all over the sink everyday and expect a magical clean up to happen.  It's that when they take a towel out of the cupboard and 5 other towels fall down that they do.not.pick.up, or that they take their shoes off in the car and can't find them the next morning and that they leave a pile of debris behind them regularly.  These kind of things make me want to scream.  Seriously.  If you have a chore and then I have to go sweep up, put away the windex, or close the cupboards behind you then you have not done a good job.  You have not helped.  If you run out of TP put a new roll on the spinner, if you watch TV put the remote back, if you take off socks put them IN the hamper.  If you make a sandwich put the bread away and the knife into the sink.These are not hard things.  If you break the rules and eat on the carpet for goodness sake clean up the evidence.

Be respectful and responsible.  We teach that in kindergarten...why don't we do  it at home?

Monday, May 20, 2013

weekend recap

I covered the big events in their own posts however I didn't want to forget the rest of the weekend awesomeness.

Friday Grace slept over at Arden's house.  She was super thrilled to go and had a great time.  Maggie also slept over.  They all went to Maggie's to watch movies and then back to Arden's to "sleep".

Also Friday night Rob and Ethan went to the father/sons camp out.  They both reported that it was okay.  Ethan enjoyed running around with the other small boys.  Rob stood by the edge of the water with his fishing poles.  They slept in a tent, ate breakfast and headed home.  Not a glowing success but it was okay.

Also on Friday right after school Ethan went to the Ray's a Chris helped him get some skilz in the batting cage.  Ethan had a most excellent time and thought that Chris was a hero.

Saturday Ethan had a soccer game.  His team lost.  He also went to a birthday party for Eric on the beach that had a treasure hunt and pizza and a bonfire and he thought that was LOTS of fun :)

Hannah had friends stay over after the dance and then went to baby sit the Ray's little girls.  She said they were very cute and easy to watch.

R and Lu went fishing.  R worked in the yard.  I cleaned the house.  The kids did some chores. We walked the dogs.

Sunday was church day.  Love the church days.  It was high council Sunday and the talks were great.

Sunday night was our Palmyra kick off fireside and it went well.  We had donuts and root beer after, lots of excited youth attended, the talks were good, the singing was good, we are excited!

On the drive home I chatted with Tate and Dani and Sierra.  It was a good drive.

We also taught Z a new trick, smart little puppy :) and talked to Abba on the phone and ate dinner around the table and had some nice family sitting around the living room talking time.

and then all too soon it was over and a new week has begun.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

more brownie fun

 With their cookie money the girls wanted to go horseback riding and ice skating.  Today was horseback riding day! And it was awesome!!
 Grace got assigned Chester to ride on and they got a long very well.  We thought we'd get rained out but it turned out wonderful, overcast and cool but no rain!
She was one happy girl!

Friday, May 17, 2013

8th grade dance

Shannon, Hannah, Julia and Gabby
 It's the winding up time of the school year, although we still have three weeks to go.  Tonight was the 8th grade dance.  Hannah was super excited.  We haven't let her go to any evening dances yet.  She's only 13 but she is super close and in 6th grade I made a deal with her that if she didn't bug me about dances then I would let her go to this last one of her middle school years.

When I got home I found the girls getting ready.  They had been at it for hours and seemed to be enjoying themselves if not making a lot of progress when I got here.  The last 5 minutes of getting ready though were a blur of activity!
 The first thing we did was go to dinner.  We went to Cafe de Artist which was yummy.  There were 4 moms and 6 girls and I enjoyed getting to know the other moms better.
Gabby, Hannah, Melissa, Shannon, Hannah, Julia
 Then we went down to the wharf to take some pictures.  This was not an original idea and the girls saw lots of friends there.
 They posed, and practiced their moves, then we went over to the school.
 The moms went in to check things out and see the beautiful decorations and the beautiful young people.  They didn't need any help chaperoning so I ran home to "do the dishes" read: blog.  But I will go back soon and see the end of the dance and then deliver the girls safely to their homes.
Chelsea and Hannah

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

piano recital

Last night Lu had her end of the year recital.  Hannah helped her get ready and she looked so pretty.  More importantly she played well and was pleased with her effort.

After the recital Dad took her out for a treat.  I would have gone but I had a presidency meeting.  We often meet late and by conference call  because that's when we can get together.  I am grateful for the technology we have at our finger tips.  It has changed our lives in many good ways. I am grateful for the best counselors in the world and their hard work and wonderful ideas and always cheerful attitudes.  I am looking forward to camp and youth conference so we can spend a whole week together and with the young women.  We have fun plans!!

Monday, May 13, 2013


they lit the fire without matches
 After school today Arden came over and she and Grace hung out by the pond all afternoon.  Hannah, who is the Beehive Class President went with Sister Marsh to visit Ellie, who is turning 12 this week and will be the newest beehive!  Bub and I worked on dinner.  When dad got home Lu and Bub walked Arden home then everyone headed out to the fire pit to start the fire for FHE treat.

We ate our dinner outside and read some stories from the New Era and made Smores.  It was chilly so we had to huddle together a bit for warmth but dinner was good and a roasted marshmallow is always good.
Hannah wearing the best jacket ever.  

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy 43rd Birthday!!!

The children love stories about R and I.  They are always asking for stories from when we were kids.  So here are 43, hopefully, stories/fun facts staring R.

1. When R was a little guy he was at the pool with his Uncle Tom and he was trying to do a back flip that resulted in a scar on his nose.  

2.Once when Rob was a teenager he was driving down the road and saw a fire in an apartment building.  He stopped the car and ran in to help the people living there.

3. Bill and Rob liked to play after school, they would wrestle and play in the woods behind his house. 

4. In High School Rob won the Top Science Student Award

5. Rob had a job at Arby's in high school.

6. Rob played the trumpet for years.  One time they were having a show and his trumpet part flopped off.  He broke formation and marched over, picked it up, and marched back.  It was a seamless.

7. When Rob was a cub scout he and the whole family were at a cake decorating contest and they came home and found they had been robbed.  This was scary and traumatic.

8.  As a boy scout Rob and Abba went camping.  One trip was really cold and they like to tell the story of freezing in the cave.

9. As a little guy he played baseball and then again as an adult played on a softball team.

10.  Rob and Hannah took karate.  They got up to purple belt before we moved to MD.

11.  He rode a century ride with his dad last year.  They had a lot of fun.

12. His favorite calling has been Ward Mission Leader.

13. His favorite dessert is Angel Food Cake.  I just learned a new recipe with pineapple and he likes it better than the original.

14. He likes to play video games.

15. He likes fruity desserts.

16. Every Tuesday night we go to Salsas for a date.

17. Rob is a great swimmer.

18. On our honeymoon he saw a sea turtle while we were snorkeling.

19. He likes to garden and  has the nicest yard, objectively speaking :)  Every  morning I walk the dogs and look at the yards.  Our neighborhood is new, only a few years old, most of the yards are still like the builder planted it.  A couple have done a lot of work and they look great.  A few have done considerable work, including Rob's and his is the nicest.

20. His favorite show is NCIS.  (or maybe that's mine)

21. He loves water sports.

22. When we were dating we had these good friends, Al and Ellen, who introduced us.  Al called Ellen "Slim".  Rob thought that was a nice cowboy nickname.  One night, after open house, the four of us were in Ellen's classroom and Rob tried out his new cowboy nickname for me "bubba".  Al was like psst, Rob, shaking head vigorously and saying no no! It was funny.

23. We went to the Opera a few times, he had some good naps. 

24. Rob likes science fiction movies and adventure movies and chick flicks.  The first movie we saw together was Titanic.

25.  He likes jazz music and lots of other music too.

26. He doesn't love camping, but has begun to acquire camping skills because he does love his kids and they need him to camp.

27.  Every night he wishes we were having dessert.

28.  Rob has coached soccer for the last 7 years, ever since Ethan was 3 years old.

29.  He is a brilliant guy and a good leader.

30.  Fishing is his new hobby.

31. His motorcycle season is over and now we are trying to sell it.

32. When Hannah was a baby my family called him the baby hog because he never wanted anyone to hold her but him.

33.  When she was learning to walk up and down the stairs he had her wear a bike helmet because he was worried she would get hurt.

34. Conversely  child #2 crashed his first car when he was the same age because Dad let him play in the truck while he (Rob) was working on a tree and he(Ethan) released the brake, smashing Rob into said tree.  He has relaxed a lot over the years.

35.  He is thrifty (read lovingly: cheap) about most things.

36. People are always surprised to learn that he is an only child.

37.  He has a good memory.

38. At 43 he already has two granddaughters, 2 (almost) sons-in-law, 5 daughters and 1 son.  He is a loving patriarch to a growing brood.

39.  He has good balance.

40.  His hair line is receding a bit.

41. He is very supportive in times of crisis and calm, cool and collected.  And he is the throw up cleaner in our house, except 2 nights ago he was gone and I had to do it :(

42. He is a good BBQer.

43. He is funny.

Happy Birthday Honey!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

pre-camp clinic

 The young women in our ward had their pre camp clinic tonight at Dennis Point Marina.  Rob went along to help Lars protect the women folk.  This afternoon I thought it would be a good idea for the two little ones and I to drive over as well and spend the evening.  They are camping pretty close to home and I didn't want to just sit around watching TV.  We had a really fun time.  The girls had lots of certifying to do.  They had foil dinners and played man hunt.  Rob taught knife sharpening and fire starting.  He brought his fishing poles and Grace caught two fish.  Several of the girls also gave it a try as did Ethan and R.  Grace was the only catcher.
We left around 10.  I intended to give the children showers before bed but when we got home I took the dogs out to the yard and when I came inside they were both conked out on their beds, in their clothes.  They were tired:)  I guess I will wash sheets tomorrow instead.  Good thing I did all the laundry today.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Grace's story from school, in her spelling

Grace and the Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

This is my horrible, no good, very bad day.  My bad day all started with a bad dream that was not a dream.
In the morning my mom was about to make peas for breakfast and brussels sprouts for a side dish.  Ewwww. I held the peas in hostage.  My mom made my dog bite me so she could make the peas.  I did the same with the brussels sprouts.  That was just the beginning. 
I asked if Arden could play but she had soccer.  So did Keean, Abi, Mattew and Teddy.  Madison and Ethan had lacrosse.  Of course I hated not having a friend.  For a snack my mom just happened to make broccoli, pancake,  pea, bruised apple soup.  It was a bad soup.  My mom is a bad cook.  Was she trying to annoy me?
I went to the park and Arden came home with me but I fell down and broke my leg.  It really hurt.  But that meant I could not have Arden.  I hated that.
When I got home, I made a soda gyser and I splattered on me.  It was diet coke! I had to take a bath with my dog and puppy.  It is very hard to wash a puppy and a dog.  It is hard for just one of them. 
Now that was a bad day.

some fish tales

 Grace loves to fish with her dad.  Every day she asks to go.  Yesterday she lucked out and the weather was nice and the evening was free so off they went.  Lu had the only catch of the night.  After they went to subway and caught some dinner:)

Meanwhile where was I?  I was at R. S. Sister Woodward, from the Calvert ward, came to speak about relationships and she did an excellent job.  I emailed her this morning for a copy of her slides so I will put some more notes down in a day or two.  It was a profound and uplifting night.  I am glad I went, normally I don't carve the time out for the extra meetings and I really need to.

Wednesday night at Activity Days the girls had a cookie swap and made mothers day cards.  Grace brought home a cute bag with treats for me.  It was very sweet, literally and figuratively.  R was fishing:)  H and E were home, H wasn't feeling well and E had no cubs because they have an activity this weekend.

After school yesterday kind of out of the blue Hannah said her side was really hurting and she felt nauseous.  I gave her some Tylenol and tums and sent her to bed.
In the morning she said she slept well but still felt really badly and it hurt when she was up and walking around.  I let her stay home to rest and she slept most of the day.  When I got home from Kindergarten she was up watching TV and ate so I figured she was on the mend but when we all got home for the night R was concerned because she was feeling much worse.  Mainly we were worried about the pain in her side, was it a kidney infection?  After consulting "webmd" and my brother we decided to go ahead and go to the ER.  She and I were there until 1am.  She has a virus.  Once there she reported feeling just fine (shakes head with a sigh)  It is a scary thing taking a kid to the doctor, you never know what will come out of their mouths.  Just last week I took Lu to the doc for pink eye and she made us sound like lunatics.  No one ever died of embarrassment right?
"Do you wear a seat belt in the car?" asks the nurse.
"well, not always", answers a sweet little blonde girl turning to me "remember that time mom when ....."
"Do you like school?"
"Do you ever get in trouble at home"
"Yes, all the parents lock me in my room"
"Do you watch TV alot?"
"Oh yes, my mom makes us watch hours and hours of it so she doesn't have to play with us"
Meanwhile I am trying to smile and look normal. Finally after the interrogation is over I am allowed to take my darling home with me with instructions to wear sunscreen and bug spray, try a cut out sugary treats and reckless behavior, limit TV and a sad shake of the nurses head.

Which reminds me of a cute kindergarten story.  Yesterday we were making mothers day cards and the children were to write two sentences about something they like to do with their mothers and to draw a picture of them and their mother doing the activity.  Jack, who is cute as a button, write:s my mom and I like to dress in chain mail and go to the arena and have battles.  Sometimes there is blood.  Sometimes she sits in the stadium and watches me fight.  Then he drew a fabulous picture complete with the chain mail linked helmet and swords. I have met his mom and I am pretty sure that she does not dress up like a medieval era warrior on a regular basis...I could be wrong and Jack was very convincing, he made the other boys jealous as  they were writing about planting flowers and baking cakes and playing at the park. Just saying.

Kindergarten is extremely entertaining.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Cole Brothers Circus

Cotton Candy, Funnel Cakes, a man shot from a canon, high wire acts, clowns, tigers and elephants, trained dogs, a big voiced ring master, light up souvenirs, crowds of kids, skimpy costumes, brave performers, seedy folks...yes, we went to the circus today!

This morning as I was dropping off the boys to catch their STEM bus we saw the big top being raised on the fair grounds.  Can we go to the circus Grace immediately chimed.  The circus is cool said Ethan.  And a seed was planted.
When I got to work I sent Rob a text "the circus is in town, should we go?"

He got off work early, we rushed home from school and braved the rain and went to the big top.  It was exciting and fun.  Grace took an elephant ride, the first of her life.  We cheered and gasped and wished that we had such exotic pets and exciting lives.

Then we came home and were covered with puppy kisses, sat around our table eating left over enchiladas, did some homework and felt grateful for our family and our home and the lives we have.

weekend recap

 Friday night Chelsea came over and helped Han babysit while we went to OG with P/K.  When we got home from dinner we watched My Big Fat Greek Wedding with the girls.  "you don't eat no meat?"

Saturday R worked then he and Pete took the boat out to try and catch some fish.  They did not.  Amber and Grace went too and Lu had a good time.  It got pretty rough out there so they abandoned ship and went to the lake where Grace hooked one but didn't land it.  End of daily fishing saga.  They got home late and she was one tired little girl:)

Meanwhile E went to John's bday party.  We all did chores aplenty then picked up Alyssa and we went to the mall.  We like to wander and eat mall food.  We were on a Hannah event mission, she has graduation and the 8th grade dance coming up.  Made some progress.
Sunday really is my favorite day of the week.  Our testimony meeting was really wonderful, I love going to church and feeling the spirit and being with friends and learning the truths of the gospel.  Sunday School was good.  We have a new gospel doctrine teacher, he did a good job.  Then was RS and Kitty taught an excellent lesson.

Since it was Cinco de Mayo we invited the Martines over for dinner.  Chelsea and Eric came after church and Han and Chels made dinner. They made enchiladas, salsa, Spanish rice and apple pie enchiladas for dessert. Everything turned out delicious.  After dinner we had a pinata which the kids enjoyed:)

When everyone left we took a family doggy walk and enjoyed the warmish evening.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

first fillet

 Tonight R got home earlyish to show his motorcycle.  He's had it on the market for a while and we are hoping it will sell soon.  Anyway when he was done he went fishing and brought one home.  It was slimy :)  We all gathered around the counter to watch him fillet it.  Kind of gross really.  I like faceless food.  It will be nice when we have a dinner caught by him though.
 Here Ethan is explaining some fishy fact to Hannah.
This evening Dani and Tate got on skype and helped Hannah and I shop on line for a dance dress.  We looked at a lot and finally found one to order.  Yay! Hope it fits (fingers crossed)