Thursday, December 31, 2015

Good bye 2015

Our year went out with a bang! Sort of, well it was a good day anyway:)

Hannah and I went to the Getty museum which was so beautiful and the art was lovely.

Rob took the other two to see Star Wars.
While we were there the elders called to see if we were still on for dinner. ....of course (totally forgot). Stopped at the store in the way home and now we are ready!

Also Tori's in town and she and Rob are coming over for dinner on Sunday!!! happiest news, can't wait to see them!

After the elders leave we will watch HP 4 and then go to bed:)

Diet update: I took a Christmas break, and mostly regretted it the whole time. Tried to not be too crazy, gained back a few lbs, as of this morning I am back down to my beginning of Christmas break weight. So good. Now forward we go. Truthfully every day, more than once, I ask myself would you rather be thin or eat ______? And the answer is never a resounding "be thin!" But a) I already spent $ on this. B) I do want to feel great and be energetic and alert and 3) there is the whole overcome the natural man thing so I am determined. 

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

2nd Christmas

This morning we went to the shooting range. It was pretty fun. Grace did well. Rob did well. I started out pretty bad but got better.

Then we went to the pet store and brought home to robo hamsters. Names tbd.

Lastly we got a box! It was second Christmas with little BB8 being everyone's favorite gift.

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Back at home

Today I am sick. ;( 
Looks like the rest of the family went shopping and bought and stacked wood. 

Also I hear HP in the living room.
I have to say high 30's low 40"s is awesome winter weather. Ethan told me he fell in the pool. He survived. 

Utah 3 degrees. Brrrr

Monday, December 28, 2015


Yesterday was our last day in Utah. Poor Greg was sick again, which was a bummer.
We went to church. It was so lovely to go to RS with my daughters. It was a nice day. My favorite part of the whole trip was just talking with the kids. 
H,E and G spent the night with their cousins Saturday night. I wish they were besties. They like each other a lot but are kind of shy together. A few more visits should fix that.
We left this morning before dawn. The drive went well with some traffic between Vegas and Prim but not bad. 
When we got home we stopped at in n out, then unpacked and showered and finally began night 1 of our Harry Potter movie marathon! 

It was an awesome trip, and now we are glad to be home.

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Day after Christmas

We got up early and went to the Payson temple. It was so beautiful! I love to go to the house of the Lord.
In the afternoon we went to Funland. We played glow in the dark mini golf and climbed the rock wall.

After dinner we finally got our wagon ride! It was chilly and beautiful! Everyone but Alec and his family was there. It was a full , crazy wagon!

Anna and Deo
We said hi to Doc and Daisy before the ride started!

Friday, December 25, 2015

Sierra's birthday

Tonight we celebrated Sierra's golden birthday! She's 25 on the 25th!!!
We wrapped presents in gold, gave her golden gifts and had cupcakes in gold wrappers.
Then we went to the movies, which turned out to be a dissappointment.  Still a great day!

Christmas Day

Santa's elves stayed up late getting everything ready!
Everyone slept poorly due to the excitement of the next day; not the cozy quarters I'm sure:)
Opening presents was lots of fun! We were spoiled!!
Marshall's first present opening ever!
Breakfast and clean up was followed by
Being cold

And more games!!!  Happy family day!!

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Christmas Eve

Our whole family was together!!!
Our big celebration was at grandmas house. We had tons of food, lots of drinks, lots of people and fun Christmas music and games!
We played reindeer games and shared "talents".
Indy (not my dog for the record) peed on the Christmas tree. Ziva peed on Dani's bed when we got home though:(
Here's the whole crew!
only Alec and family and Andrea and family are missing
After we got home Greg and Grandpa got to assemble a 1425 piece kitchen that I so thoughtfully got for the little girls.

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Christmas Adam

The boys went hunting this morning and the big girls went to the movies and Mimi got to hang with the littles! 

We had lunch, bathed the boy, watched a movie and worked on some games for our Christmas Eve party.

The menfolk had a great time, got lots of exercise, went through a lot of ammo and hit one rabbit.

When everyone got home we rode the trax up to SLC and saw the lights at temple square. 

It was very beautiful!

We had dinner at city creek after and then rode home. 
Moms and their boys! It wasn't so long ago that Bub was so small and I could toss him in the air!