Sunday, February 17, 2019

Shabbat Shalom

Today was a very nice day. I got up early for 6:30am ward council. Waking up feels a little earlier on sundays even though I actually get up 10 minutes later than I do on a school day.  Still we had a productive meeting. 

Sacrament meeting was really good. Both of the talks were excellent and the musical number was beautiful. Ethan blessed the sacrament, I always love watching him serve the Lord. 
Lastly Sunday school was also good. We have a very talkative class with usually interesting insights.  I really love the new curriculum and have loved how prepared class members are for class each week. 
We discussed the woman at the well, Christ clearing out the money changers from the temple, and Nicodemus. 
When we got home Grace and I made lunch, pancakes and homemade strawberry syrup. Then we had our third hour, which I also love.

Grace and I took a little rest on the hammock in the warm sun. 

Ziva got a nice long walk.

Today is Ashton’s birthday so this evening Grace went over to celebrate with her family. Tomorrow they will go to the Disney water park.

Saturday, February 16, 2019

Long day

Early this morning Luka and I studied together while I ate my oatmeal and as everyone else still slept.
Ethan took a tennis lesson. Since he made the team we thought he should learn to play the game. I think the instructor was really good and gave specific and concise direction to him.

Next on the agenda was a ward picnic. The YW were in charge so we got there a little early. It turned out well. We had a good turn out and lots of people enjoyed the nice weather and visiting and playing together.

Rob saw this gator in the little pond at the park. Usually they are more shy but this guy was headed straight for shore to “say hi”; maybe he wanted a hot dog!

Then Grace and I went to the Magic Kingdom. It was quite crowded today. We did try a couple new desserts.  This fruit waffle was delicious! The Tinker Belle ice cream was very limey and yummy!

Playing with filters in line.

We ended the day at Buffalo Wild Wings with the boys.

Friday, February 15, 2019

Farmers market

I thought I had a meeting this morning but it turned out that I was a month off. It’s on Friday, March 15th not Friday, February 15th. Doh

Honest mistake.

While I was driving there I spotted a farmers market so when I suddenly found myself with two hours on my hands and nothing in mind to do, and out of the house, I decided to stop by. It was very quaint. The weather was perfect, sunny and warm. The goods were fun to look at, and the samples were yummy!

It was right in front of the library as well and before today I still hadn’t got a library card here in Florida. Of course I made a stop and got a card and a calendar and checked out a book.

I feel very content here. The climate suits me, the proximity to the temple is awesome, we are making some friends that I think will become dear to us, and it’s a happy place to live. I am grateful for that.

I came home and walked Ziva. Did laundry. Picked up Ethan. 

This afternoon and evening Grace has solo and ensemble competition for her clarinet so I will go to that and we will get something to eat between sets. 
Grace got superiors for both solo and ensemble. She is a talented girl.
Ethan is going to a dance; and I don’t know but I’d be willing to bet that Rob will go fishing once he finds himself home alone.

So that’s a good day:)

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Valentine’s Day

Cute little llama valentine box, and even cuter little granddaughter. Our days of making cute boxes are over. Grace and I did go to target last night and she bought candy boxes and valentines for some of her friends. 
I also had heart candy boxes and cards for Rob and Ethan and Grace for this morning. I sure do love them, and the rest of our family too!!
Our date plans took a last minute shift. The movie I wanted to see was sold out, and Robs drive home was long and slow,  so we decided to get a pizza and watch a movie at home.  We watched “we are Marshall” which like all true story  sports movies was inspirational and fun to watch. 

I sat by this cute little fountain while I waited for our pizza. The sunset was a brilliant pink tonight. 

I wanted this ring and Rob got it for me for Valentine’s Day. I think it’s fun and sparkly:) 

This morning I went to the temple with Ivanna, Suzanne, Jennifer and Terry.  Then we went to chipotle. 

Grace had rehearsal until 6 and then went babysitting. Luckily she has no homework most nights.
Ethan had tennis practice, which he likes. Most of the boys on the team are Argentinian so he’s improving his Spanish. They also like soccer so they have a lot in common and even play soccer at tennis practice when it’s not their turn on the court. Two pluses in his mind.

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Birthday Boy!

Marshall is four!! He is the most adorable, funny, smart kid! 

I love him to the moon and back!!! More than a grandma Trex loves her little Dino!!! So so so so much!

Last night the priests and laurels were asked to attend an interfaith summit on religious freedom. I didn’t want to go, Rob was excited about it and volunteered to come with us. Well I was right. It was awful. For the record I wanted to be wrong. 
We took the laurels and also Taylor (one of the priests with us) and met 2 other boys there. 

Parts were okay. There are these 3 guys with a radio show called the 3 wise guys, they are a rabbi, an imam, and a minister. They were up first and made some comments. I think their show it probably interesting as they discuss their different view points. Then a Sikh leader gave the invocation. Honestly I didn’t realize he was praying until he was almost done but that was fine. 
Up next was a discussion between a senior pastor of the baptist church that was hosting the event and an atheist. Here is where it really went down hill. The atheist was intelligent, articulate and sure of himself. The pastor was afraid to offend, kowtowing and vague. It was very upsetting.
 One question that they were asked was if we have similar values where do those come from? The atheist talked about how all species benefit from good behavior and reward it so it propagates that in its culture and offspring. He said it more eloquently and scientifically than that but that was the gist. Then the pastor was up and he said some bologna about how we can’t really call it Christian values because all good people share them but his “human values” come from his faith, blah, blah, blah. He spoke a long time and didn’t say anything. 
He should have said all people are born with the light of Christ. If they choose to call it that or not doesn’t matter, they are still His children and as such have that in them. He is our creator. Our values, come from Him and the Devine, eternal truths that He teaches. 
I was very upset that in a conversation about how people have religious differences and the freedom to have those differences is important no one was speaking from the perspective of a follower of Christ. It’s okay to say what you believe; you can still allow others to believe what they do, respectfully and sincerely. 

Last up was Rabbi David Saperstein, who truthfully is as much a politician as a religious figure but he was interesting, well spoken, verbose and sincere. I liked his comments but they were long and following the other guys it was too much for me. 

Then we bolted. It was a long night. The best part was probably our conversation on the way home about what it means to be a disciple in a fallen world. 

Is there value in a discussion of different belief systems, learning what others feel and think? Yes. 
Should we work for a world that demands tolerance for different faiths, or even no faith? Absolutely. 
Was this that?? I don’t think so.

Monday, February 11, 2019

sometimes I make a list

  • I subbed at the high school today.  It was an easy day. Pre-Aice Bio.
  • Yesterday we had Becca and Spencer over for lunch. I had planned to make taco soup and brownies for dinner, then when we were at church I knew I needed to invite them to join us so we moved it to lunch time and had a fun visit.  Some of the young marrieds (w/o kids) get together on Sunday nights to do Come Follow Me together and I didn't want them to miss that.
  • Ethan taught our Come Follow Me and did a great job.
  • Last night Ethan and I went to a priest/laurel fireside at Pres. Shill's home.  His house is SUPER fancy and HUGE.  The fireside was fine, not excellent, but good.  
  • Saturday night Grace babysat for the Lyon's kids.
  • Ethan went to the Roddy's house.
  • During the day the priests met at the park and played football.
  • We had BYC yesterday.
  • I had the chance to have lunch with a couple of friends last week.  Ivanna and I had lunch on Tuesday.  They just moved in and we are going to be good friends.  Then on Thrusday I had lunch with Jacque from MD.  It was really fun to visit with each of them.
  • Hannah's been sick :(
  • I sent a little Valentine package to Tatum and Penny and Marshall.  They got it today.  Tomorrow is Marshall's bday.  He won't get his present until later in the week though.  We subscribed to a kiwi crate for him so he'll get a little science project in the mail once a month for 6 months.  I think he'll like it.  We also sent him a Hulk, a hulk book and a pair of Vans.  I can't believe he is 4.  He's such a handsome, cute, smart boy!
  • Andrea is recovering still. Mom and Dad are in AZ and yesterday they got to go hear the prophet speak in person.  
  • Saturday I was opening the mail and I got a little envelope that said lovepop on it.  I was so surprised.  Ethan was standing by me and I said outloud "someone sent me a love pop! I love them!".  We wondered who it was.  Then I opened it and it was from Rob! That was such a fun surprise.
  • The weather has been in the 80's.  It's my perfect temperature.

Saturday, February 9, 2019

Hontoon Island State Park

The girls really wanted to go camping. They begged, so being the awesome YW leaders that we are we made it happen. It turned out that the girl who really, really wanted to go was Lindsey and she moved in December so there is that but they were still excited when we finally got it all arranged. 
We drove about an hour to Delund to the state park and then put all our stuff ( and there was a lot) onto a boat and the Park Ranger ferried us over to the island. 
Here’s all our Beehives: Lilly, Paige and Isabella and Sage.

Unfortunately Rob forgot to pack our tent. Yesterday was his day off and we went to the dmv (for the 3rd time) to get our cars registered and new plates.. When we were done with that we had a couple hours left before we were leaving and I still needed to go to the store. I asked him to pack the tent and the cookstove and his gear. When I got home from the store we made foil dinners, packed our stuff and went to pick up the kids.
 I didn’t check to see that we had everything. 
The last minutes before a trip are always busy. We were dropping off and picking up kids, meeting with everyone, rearranging gear in the various cars and took off for camping. When we got to the campsite he told me he forgot the tent. I guess it’s better that he forgot the tent instead of the cooking stuff but I wasn’t very happy about it. 

All the girls were going to sleep in our giant tent. We were going to sleep in a small one and the other leaders in another small one so now we only had two small tents. 

After we got them set up Lilly said she couldn’t deal with it. I told her, nicely, that the last ferry was gone and we were on the island until morning so there was no other choice but to deal with it. 

We put that aside and had a fun night. We made foil dinners and s’mores. The girls talked and giggled. We sat around the fire. It was beautiful on the island and the company was fun and lively.

Me and my two counselors Shannen and Heather 

We had a devotional and then the girls went to bed around 10.
Nick Zent (our other priesthood holder) had a hammock and he shared the rain fly with us. Rob rigged it up and put our cot and air mattress under it. 

So we all went to bed. 

Here’s what 8 girls squished into a 4 man tent looks like.

The weather was nice. The bugs were not. It was awful. I had to sleep completely covered from head to toe. It was so stifling and hot under my blanket. After a couple hours I went and got our reclining camp chair. I tucked it by the mattress so my legs were on the mattress and my body was in the chair. This let a lot more air flow around me and then when the blanket was over my head it was okay. Sleep was sporadic. To be honest the first night of camping is usually that way though, this was worse.

Off and on through the night I dozed and woke up, dozed and woke up. It got cold, the bugs were fierce, we saw no gators or bears although we saw scat and tracks on our hike the next day. When the sun came up I rejoiced! Yay! The night was done.

We made pancakes and sausage for breakfast. Shannen gave a devotional that was super nice.
Then we hiked. It was muddy and slippery and beautiful and fun. The girls felt very adventurous and everyone got along great both days.

After hiking we broke camp and were home by 3.

Do you see the lizard biting into Danika’s ear?!

The girls had a blast. We all got to know each other even better and it was a great outing.

I will never again sleep under the stars though. Next time someone forgets our tent I’m going to take an emergency helovac ride to the other side and sleep in my car!