Saturday, April 21, 2018

the good with the bad, every day

Rubes in blue and Cora in pink

Ruby with mom and Coco with dad
Best news of the day! The girls went home!! They are doing awesome and Jenna and Clayton are delighted with their progress!!
Now they are home and being normal babies.  Prayers have been answered and miracles recognized!

we will try anything
Grace has her new diagnosis.  Unfortunately it will be a lifelong struggle for her so now we are trying everything and anything we can to make her feel better.  Diet and exercise and supplements can only help.
She is now taking vitamin C, fish oil, joint juice and her prescription meds.  I am hoping she will feel good enough to go back to swim team soon.  That kind of strengthening exercise will only help.
when the boy has $
Ethan got some money for earning his eagle.  He knew exactly what he wanted to buy.  He rarely asks for anything so I didn't even know he had a list.  He bought a bag of soccer balls, because we didn't have enough.  He also got a basketball hoop and ball....who knew he wanted one? He got some sunglasses and a book.  He is unhappy with his hoop because it's not very stable.
not actually warm outside yet
In sadder news Hannah forgot a few things in her apartment before she left, she went back to get them and found out her roommates had taken the things to the D.I.  Including her instant pot.  She is very sad.  This reminded me of the time that Dani left her nice pink jacket, that UB had bought her before she went to college, and it got taken, or donated as well.  I think that is super super mean.
Grace, Kami and Grace
Grace is at a birthday party.  So fun!!

Ethan had friends over to play in the pool.

Friday, April 20, 2018


These girls are doing great! It looks like they may come home tomorrow! They are in regular little beds and wearing cute little outfits! I’m so glad and grateful. I am so proud of Clayna and the hard work they are doing to make sure their babies are well. Jenna’s been a hero! And Clayton a rock! I can hardly stand it to wait until July to see them again.

The honeymooners are back and they had a great time. We had dinner with them last night. It was fun to hear about their trip and to see them so happy together. 

I’m back to subbing. It’s been a 4th grade class this week and they have been really good (except one little boy named Michael. There is always one)

Wednesday, April 18, 2018


I’m 50. Which is kind of crazy. I remember when my mom was 50 and I thought that was old. Now it doesn’t seem old at all. Lol.
Grace and I spent the day at Disneyland. It was a perfect day there. Great weather, low crowds. We rode lots of ride and ate ice cream. 

Rob has been gone on business. When we got home he was back and we sat on the couch together and looked at our phones...I guess I am old:)

Greg and I are birthday twins. We wished each other happy birthday. I sure love him! He’s a good man, good father, good husband, hard worker, diligent scout master, and all around awesome guy!

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

post wedding

I came home on Monday afternoon from some errands and came across this terrifying scene.  If Tilly was any kind of hunter Dandy would have been a goner.  See that little yellow bird sitting by the fireplace?  

Moe and his Momma
On Sunday we went to church.  The Brandts hadn't gone home yet and we got one more fun day with them.  After church we ate wedding leftovers and hung out in the hot tub.  Bob and Luann came down to visit and came to the reception, then over after church for leftovers.  It was fun to visit with them.  They are serving a mission in Fresno, which isn't very far from here, so that worked out great.  Also the Crawley brother's brought Rob a wedding gift.  They brought him a smoker, he was so happy and surprised!

sparkler fun
In the evening we did sparklers!
and more

and more

I was really tired on Monday.  All the big events and excitement were over and I happily took a nap after getting the house back in order.  Thank goodness for Greg.  He spent so much time this weekend cleaning things and keeping order and taking care of the kids while we ran around doing wedding things.  He is an awesome dad and son and hubby.  Even though we don't live as close as I'd like I am glad we see each other enough that we can be family and not visiting strangers when we do get together.

Tonight the laurels and mia maids came over and we did some cooking together.  I taught them how to make chicken pillows, which were delicious and everyone loved them. Lynlee taught indoor smore bars (also delicious) and we used up the last of the Italian creme soda ingredients.
The beehives met with Sister Evans and at the end of the evening they surprised me with birthday cupcakes and a Happy Birthday serenade! So sweet!!

Emily had her baby last week.  A little boy they named Daniel.  Both she and the baby are doing poorly after the birth.  We are concerned and praying that everything will go well.
Cora, Jenna and Ruby

In some good news Cora and Ruby continue to improve! They are growing and getting stronger. I am so grateful and delighted.

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Wedding day!

It was so beautiful and Hannah was a beautiful bride. I didn’t take more than 3 pictures so I am super excited to see the pictures Rachel took. I did get some from Instagram and FB for an immediate post.

The whole day was perfect. The weather was great. The temple was peaceful and sacred. The bride was gorgeous and the groom was delighted. 

It was so fun to see family and friends. 

The reception was in the Crawley’s backyard and it was so pretty. The food was great. The cake amazing. The flowers were elegant and the music was great!

We danced and ate and visited and it went by too quickly. 
I am so happy to have a new son!


The kids love our pool and hot tub! I love that that they love it!

Me and Val lifegaurding Thursday night. It was freezing!

Friday morning we went for mani/pedi(s). Tami, Laynah and Bekah also came and we had a fun time getting beautiful:)

Then we had a swim party with all our family and Sawyer’s.

There were a lot of people there, some good food, and great company.

Crawley men love to grill.

Two of my favs. Ethan and Abba.

In that afternoon we did some wedding shopping. Hannah and Dani got two matching outfits. We mainly bought makeup and hair stuff.

We have a full house and I Love it!