Monday, December 17, 2018


Grace had her last concert of the Christmas season. It was really fun. The band is good and the music is awesome so win win!

Today I went out to lunch with Suzanne and Michelle and Kayleen. 

I am almost done Christmas shopping!

Our house feels empty. Hannah and Sawyer packed up and they are off to Christmas and then school. Our semester together went too fast!

Saturday, December 15, 2018

DS and Spiderverse

This morning  I took Grace to meet up with her friends for a Disney day. Lindsey is moving so they had a farewell park tour. They went to Magic Kingdom, Epcot and Hollywood Studios. There were six girls in their group: Grace, Hannah and Paige Z, Berenice, Lindsey and Sage. 

She got home around 10 pm and hopped in bed with us so we got to hear about her fun day! 
Meanwhile the rest of us did some cleaning.
Then we went to the dragon Chinese buffet for lunch. They had the most giant Santa stuffie ever! ( well actually I think Rouches in Ohio had a bigger one but this one was very big! )

Then we went to Disney Springs and saw the new Spider-Man movie which we all really liked, walked around a bit and bought cupcakes for dinner.

It’s been so fun having H & S here for their off track. We are really going to miss them when they go back to school:(

Friday, December 14, 2018

Bladder stones

Ziva has been having issues. The other day she passed another stone so we took her to the vet today.

It was not good news. First she has an UTI and second she had a bladder full of stones:(
I cried when I saw them. Poor girl.

So she’s on a special diet and on meds and we go back in 45 days to see how she’s doing. If there is improvement then great we keep doing the same thing.
If not she needs surgery. But the stones could come back even if we do it and pet surgeries are $$. 
This is not the best outcome ever.


It is the season of holiday concerts. 
Last night we went to her choir concert and it was awesome! The kids sounded so good and the music was so pretty. Christmas music is my favorite!

Today I chaperoned the middle school band field trip. They went to 3 elementary schools and played a Christmas concert for them. They were really good and I enjoyed it all 3 times!

We stopped at subway for lunch in between school 2 and school 3. I hate going to subway because it takes so long for my family to order. Imagine my delight at being there with 67 students and 9 adults. 

Grace is very musical and it’s fun to listen to her.


This beautiful lady has a birthday today!! She’s 26 years old and is more amazing than ever!
There are so many thing I love about Jenna!
She and Clayton are a great team. They are generous and faithful.
They are amazing parents and Jenna is selfless and devoted in her care of her baby daughters.
Jenna is smart, thoughtful, deliberate, funny, adventurous and kind. 
She keeps a clean and neat home, does her callings faithfully, and cooks healthy foods and takes daily runs. She reads a lot and has lots of friends. 
I am so proud of her and so happy that she’s my daughter and my friend! I love the times we can spend together in person and on FaceTime. 
Happy Happy Birthday Jenna!!

Wednesday, December 12, 2018


The other night Hannah and I went to Target. She wanted these fabulous earmuffs for her stocking (sneak peek of Christmas morning) and then we found these ridiculous hats for the animals (Luka’s was only $1.49). A special hat wearing photo shot was in order after those golden finds!
Grace spoils the cat. 

So our lemon house has a huge hole in the dining room from where the pipe was fixed and which we are planning on fixing soon but things get in the way. Every day Ethan comes home and throws his lanyard on the buffet. Yesterday he missed and it went into the hole. That required some fancy extraction work. Eventually the BBQ tongs and the phone flashlight is what did the trick.

Cute Rosie got a turn in the Mickey ears.

For mutual tonight we went to the high school for an under the stars outdoor jazz concert. Two of the young men in the ward were playing in it. We brought lawn chairs to sit on, there were food trucks there, Santa made a surprise appearance and it turned out to be a fun night.

Monday, December 10, 2018

Candlelight Processional

There was a series of random events that took place yesterday, starting with a conversation in BYC and ending with a plan to go to Epcot tonight. Unexpected, welcome, and fun!

We met up with the Palfreyman’s, and by happenstance Doug S.  and spent a very fun evening together. 

The music was beautiful! 
The night air was chilly (therefore Christmasy).
The company was super fun!
The funnel cake for dinner not so nutritious but oh so delicious.
And the fireworks at the end. They were Ah-MaZe-iNg!!! And we got VIP seating thanks to Doug!

So it’s way too late for a school night but worth it!