Sunday, October 21, 2018


Rob and Ethan are still off working. They had a good, tiring weekend. 
This morning Elder Bednar and Elder Oaks were at their sacrament meeting. So that was pretty special.

I spoke today in sacrament meeting. It went well enough. The YW were asked to sing and that always goes just okay but we did it.

The missionaries and Becca and Spencer came over for dinner. We made a spooky dinner, which was fun.

I wanted to practice making a turkey and a ham ( both smallish ) for thanksgiving when we have everyone here. We tried the ham in the instant pot but it made a big mess. Maybe user error but I’m not convinced we’ve soloved our problem yet.

It was fun having everyone cook together.

It’s also fun to have a full table!

Saturday, October 20, 2018

Helping Hands

There have been so many natural disasters lately. (Not to mention wars, rumors of wars, rampant wickedness, good being called evil and evil being called good and general godlessness). The world is in upheaval for sure. It’s scary and hard. There is something we can do though. We can find peace in our own lives and hearts by serving others, doing what is right, keeping our covenants and trusting in the Lord.

Our stake, as well as many others in this part of the country, have been called upon to help. This weekend Ethan and Rob joined with many others in Alabama to clean land and remove trees from houses and to do what they can. They worked all day today and will work tomorrow before heading home.
This is not the first or the last of many weekends that members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints will be reaching out and working along side of other good people helping those in need. Ethan was looking forward to going. He actually enjoys working with others a lot and is always willing to help.

In the middle of the afternoon E had some problems with heat exhaustion. He was throwing up and feeling pretty bad. Thankfully he was able to rest and get a blessing and take it easy a while and then join back in later in the day. I am sure he felt bad that he was sick. It happens though and he stuck with it and helped all he could. I’m proud of those guys of mine!

The bottom picture is of members of our ward who went up to clean. 

Grace had all state auditions. She said she didn’t sing well and doesn’t expect to be chosen. We will see. 
We did our grocery shopping.
Hannah and Sawyer went to work all day. 

Tonight we are babysitting little Mac while her mom and dad are at a Halloween party on our side of town. 

Mickeys Not So Scary Halloween Party

We have been dying to go to Disney World. It’s hard being so so close and not going. I haven’t bought passes yet but clearly we need to because we had so much fun. If you have a pass it doesn’t get you into the holiday parties so I did get tickets for Grace and Hannah and I to go and we’ve been counting down for a month. 
We dressed up as some of the feelings from In Side Out. I was Joy, Grace Disgust and Hannah Sadness.  Sadly with my big head I couldn’t keep the wig on all night. I brought a back up blue headband, which was fine but we definitely got more compliments when we had the wig!

It was pouring rain when the party started. Luckily we are now seasoned Floridians so we waited in the car for 20 minutes and then headed out. Post rain= humid hot air. FYI.

I didn’t really know what to except from the party. You only get 9hrs in the park and not everything is open. I am happy to report that it is fabulous!! The crowds are low so we didn’t wait too long for anything. We got to ride a lot of rides!

They had trick or treating throughout the park and we got a ton of good candy (to be distributed at the ward trunk or treat Tuesday so really we made money) and that was really fun!

They had lots of special characters out and about. We didn’t meet and greet but that was popular and fun to walk by.

They also had special Halloween treats. We were actually too busy to get any although that was in our plan. We did get a churro and a Mickey pretzel and had dinner.

The fireworks were Amazing!! Grace and Hannah were on the Astro Blasters in the air during the finale and they said that was so beautiful and crazy amazing!

The Halloween parade that only goes during the party was outstanding. The headless horseman was the grand master and he rode eerily down the parade route in front of the parade to alert the audience that something was coming. It was spooky and cool!

They also had a Sanderson Sisters Villians Stage Show that was top notch. These events really made the party special!

We didn’t have time to look at shops, which I would have enjoyed, and we had to drag Gracie around because she was having a lot of joint painšŸ˜žšŸ˜¢. Other than that and the hot night air, which made for some sweaty standing in line, it was a really fun evening. I’d give it a 9/10. 

We fell into our beds at close to 2am which is a lot of hours after our usual 5:20 am wake up and not that many hours until our Saturday morning wake up for Grace’s all state auditions part 3. The price of Disney Magic I guess.

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Biology, berries and babies

I subbed 9th grade biology today. High School is super easy. You bring a book and keep an eye on things while the kids work independently. Teachers don’t trust subs to teach anything at that level.  

When I came home I made a berry fruit pizza. It’s Ethan’s favorite and he requested it after we made two yesterday and he didn’t get any.

These two babies looked so cute in their all black work uniforms. They both had good days and were lively and silly tonight. 

Wednesday, October 17, 2018


Tonight was Young Women in Excellence. It was super nice. The girls planned it and each shared something they had been working on. 

Grace and Sage sang a really pretty duet. I’m very excited to start working with them!

Other than that I took Luka to the vet for some shots and went and bought a chainsaw for Rob to take with him to hurricane clean up this weekend. 

Hannah and Bub and I went for sushi after school. Those two were cracking me up. We had a very laughter filled lunch!

Oh and Grace and I took dinner to the Clark’s. 

So it was a good day!

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

You know you live in Florida when...

Today I subbed a 3rd grade class. They were designated “gifted” and it was a delightful day. They were quiet and interactive and attentive. 
One assignment they had was to read an article about autumn and then to write a paragraph about it. We brainstormed first so I asked them what they liked to do in autumn. 
The first kid raised her hand and said “fall is nice because you can take a walk at night and it’s not too hot”.
The next child raised his hand and said “fall is the best time to go to Animal Kingdom because it’s not too hot for the animals”.
I laughed. Only in Orlando!

Tonight Rob and I went to the temple and chipotle with our friends Jon and Jennifer. 

Monday, October 15, 2018

And in the end

Lol! In the end it all went fine. Prep day was icky. The actual procedure went smoothly. Hannah drove me there and back. I woke up easily. We stopped at the Waffle House on the way home and then I napped. 
I felt kind of meh all day but  was able to rest and that was that.
Hopefully a non-event.