Friday, June 22, 2018


Today I got to come swap places with Rhianna. I enjoy coming to camp and I was happy to find everyone happy and having fun.
Mara had ward time today and she brought up her sewing machine. The girls made pillow cases. 

It is so beautiful up here.

When I got here the girls were working on their pillow cases so I helped them.
Then we went to golden hour. We sang our camp song and I felt the spirit rush over me in that beautiful, familiar, wonderful way. I am grateful.

Tonight we had skits and songs and a movie night. My girls had written in a part in their skit for me so I got to jump right in and do it. 

Me and Kelly before we went on stage. She’s our only laurel now that Rylie graduates. Our ward is shrinking. Our whole stake is actually. 

We dropped the price on our house and are getting some lookers now! Yay!

Tuesday, June 19, 2018


Brynn flew back to CA for camp.  Yesterday Grace and I went to pick her up from the airport and the girls got to have a slumber party.  They played some of the games they used to enjoy together, went swimming and talked all night.

This morning they're off.  Rhianna is new to our presidency and over the beehives so she went up for the first half of camp, I'll swap with her on Thursday.

In other news it's world cup time and Ethan's been getting up early to watch the games.

Our house is still for sale and it's going to be 95 degrees today.  Hot!

Rhianna sent me some pictures from Lake Gregory! She said the girls were having a good time:)

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Father day’s and twin pictures.

The sisters made a dessert bar for the men to celebrate father’s day. Bub brought me this cute cupcake that matched his tie! Fun.

And some baby photos!!!

Saturday, June 16, 2018

High adventure

Ethan came home today. He was tired and stinky and had lots of scratches and bug bites. 

They had a great time. So from what I gathered there was plenty of food. The nights were so cold and Ethan froze. They hiked a lot. 
There were a couple injuries: Preston burned his foot when he did the fire walk slowly. The trick is to walk fast. Brody got a fish hook caught deep in his finger, ouch! All boys have scrapes and cuts of various natures. 
They saw a beaver and foxes and a coyote but no bears. 
Brother Chronis told very funny stories around the camp fire. 
One day they hiked to the 7 teacups, which involved crossing a tributary of the Kern. Bro. Silva swam across first with a rope and tied it off.  Then everyone else followed by hanging on to the rope so as not to be swept into the rocks. E said he considered not doing it (but obviously his better judgement took over and he too took off his shoes and crossed). My question is always “who is the adult supervision?” With men in charge it is very iffy that there is any.

Then they free climbed one rock face after another. Stopping at the pools of water at the top of each that are filled by the cascading waterfall coming from the one above it. They jumped off rocks into the pools and had a great time. Also no one died. 
Some boys caught fish. Some hiked and messed around. A few played card games. 

I can’t wait to see the photos!! 


First off we have a new cousin!! Jessica and Isaiah welcomed little Makayla today! We are super excited. Also exciting we will live near them when we move and might actually get to see her!

 Next our house showing was today. It went well. We had several people come and they all made positive comments. So we shall see.
We had to be out of the house for about 3 hours, with the Zives. So dog friendly places: the car wash. Fed Ex to mail a package. Goodwill, to drop something off. Then we saw a friend of ours in the parking lot with his fancy car. There were other guys with fancy cars there too, admiring each other’s cars (that’s a thing). We stopped and admired. It turned out we knew two of the car guys so that was fun. 

Next we went to cafe rio, patio dining. Lastly we went to 5 Below. So super fun morning. 

Thursday, June 14, 2018


Grace is babysitting Finley today and tomorrow.  After that she will have earned enough money for her watch.  She is tenacious when she wants something.  Personally I don't see any value in her having an apple watch, and I think she won't enjoy it very much, but she has been working and saving and selling things to get it so she will and I think "good for her".  If you want to work for something that is awesome!

I hope Ethan is having a fun trip.  Our open house is Saturday, and he returns on Saturday.  Luckily our open house is in the morning.  I had visions of having to be out of the house when we picked him up.  He will be stinky.  Then we would have had to have him walk through a car wash or something to get clean enough to stand his smell while we were out.

We met yesterday with Jon.  For 2 hours.  House stuff is never ever fun.  Jon's a friend, so that was nice.  Rob and I rarely agree on finance stuff, which makes it a little tricky.  We came from very different fiscal backgrounds.  My parents are immigrants, and my dad, although one of the smartest guys I know, chose to be a teacher...which doesn't make one rich.  We lived in a modest home, and had a lot of kids.  Actually I didn't really know this at the time. I thought our house was great and it was bigger than a lot of my friends homes.  We always had what we needed and we went camping every year and went to SF several times a year.  It was a great childhood.  (which just goes to show you that $ doesn't mean much to kids, as long as their needs are being met).  Anyway, Rob is an only child, with two working parents, and he comes from a family who are not rich but who have had financial success for generations. I would say we were both squarely in the middle class range, but he comes from upper and I from lower.  When we got married we had some conversations about money and knew that we felt differently about it.  At that time we agreed that he would take the lead.  For a long time that meant he paid the bills too.  The last decade or so I have paid the bills but he still takes the lead.  There have been some losses, some gains, some choices that ended up great and others not so great.  I think this is typical.  I guess.  Fortunately he has a great job and we have been able to weather the losses just fine.  Usually this is not a big deal in day to day life.  When it comes to large item purchases, like homes and cars and boats and vacations, it comes up.  He almost always thinks we will make more on a sale, and can afford more than I do.  The exception is vacations/family fun, I am not the thrifty one there.  So we had 2 hours marriage counselling/price deciding. At the end of the day we went with his number, which I think is high.  I will be delighted to be wrong, if I am.  If I am not we will drop it quickly and hopefully still make our move time line  There is always a crunch when doing a summer move that is the worst. We want the kids to start school on time.

After that I met Marcy for a really long, really nice lunch where we chatted about all of life.

Today I am meeting Nellie for lunch.  Rob calls it my farewell tour:)

Tuesday, June 12, 2018


Ethan left for high adventure this morning. 
Grace is getting ready for camp next week.

The way they get ready is very funny to me. 
Yesterday I asked Ethan if he had everything he needed. He said yes but maybe we could go buy a flashlight. We went to Target and got one, as well as a purifying straw for water and some sunscreen and bug spray. Then he went home and shoved some jeans and a toothbrush in his backpack and called it good.
This morning we got up early, grabbed his gear and we went. The other boys looked similarly prepared. 

On the other hand the girls have been practicing their special song, made matching shirts, drew secret sisters and have been getting gifts together to give each other. They have been gathering and preparing and planning and when the day comes for them to leave there will be a lot of stuff going with them. 

Both groups will have, hopefully, a fun and safe time.

Grace and I cleaned today. Rob cleaned today. The more we clean the more things we see that need to be cleaned. What’s that all about ? Tonight the photographer came over and took pictures. Now we are ready. Sheesh. What a process.

I had also signed up to give blood today. My appointment was at 2:45. Grace and I arrived at the Red Cross office at 2:20. Every door was locked. We circled the entire building. Finally we found a sign saying sorry for the inconvenience but we’ll be back at 3pm. 
So I didn’t give blood. Which I was bummed about. I didn’t have time to wait with all the cleaning we needed to do.