Sunday, January 22, 2017


so cute! I love seeing pictures from years ago.  Ethan and Grace were so little and so cute.  They were best friends for a long time and played together all the time.  Now they don't get along as well but hopefully some day it will swing back to the sweet big brother/ little sister friendship that they had.

Ethan gave a talk in church today.   I helped him write it but he gave it and he did a good job.

My good friend Diann has been going thru breast cancer treatment.  She finished chemo before Christmas and had her mastectomy on Friday.  Today she came home and I brought over dinner.  She's been so brave.  Hopefully now that the surgery is over and she's home resting she can recover and just go on with the rest of her life.  There are a lot of challenges in life and I am always grateful when I can help in a little way to make it easier.

Saturday, January 21, 2017


Noah, Travis, Ethan and Zach
 For our combined youth activity we planned to go sledding.  We have had a ton of rain and as luck would have it today was the only sunny one! Yay!  It's supposed to rain again tomorrow and the following days.
We packed 4 cars up with kids and drove up the mountain.  Unfortunately there was a chains required sign pretty soon after we spotted even a little snow so we had to make due with less than a lot.

Audrey and I
It worked out okay though.  There was a little snow, the kids sledded on it or sledded on icy patches of dirt:)  They had snow ball fights, hiked around, goofed off and were cheerful.

We brought a cooler with hot water and hot chocolate packets and cups so we were able to make a treat at the end and I think everyone enjoyed some outside, snowy(ish) play time.

 Brynn and Grace
 Madi and Hannah

Friday, January 20, 2017

12 Years Old!

 Grace is 12! Such an exciting birthday, she gets to be in young women now and she's been looking forward to that for awhile now!  We planned a fun party and invited all the beehives. We ended up with 8 girls, which is a perfect party number.
Grace wanted pizza and an ice cream bar.  She wanted to play games and watch a movie, so that's what we did. 

We played balloon blast, silly smash, "right, left, eat", dicecapades and wink assassin.

The girls hung out in Grace's room. Watched "9 Lives" and ate and played a lot. 

Happy Birthday Gracie!!

 Camille, Brynn, Mia (hiding behind B), Lilly, Grace, Ofelia, Makayla and Charlotte.
balloon blast: the girls put candy in a balloon (laffy taffy) and then blew it up and tied it to their ankles.  When everyone was ready they popped each other's balloons and took the candy.  The one with the last intact balloon was the "winner.

silly smash: we got ice cream cones and put them on the counter upside down.  Hiding in each one was either a piece of candy or a slip of paper with a silly task on it.  The girls took turns smashing one cone and either got to eat the candy or do the task. It was stuff like sing the abc's backwards or win three thumb wars.

right left eat: a game where each girl has 3 pieces of candy.  They roll a dice and if the dice says 1 they pass a piece to the rt, if it says 2 a piece to the left, 3 they eat a piece, 4-6 they put a piece in "save pile". The person with the last piece available for play is the winner, and they ate the candy so win win:)

wink assassin is like "mafia" and dicecapades is a favorite board game.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

long day

I subbed 6th grade today.  I was looking forward to it because days in the older grades are usually pretty good days. but this one wasn't.  The kids were pretty chatty and disrespectful.  This is a huge issue I see in pre teens and teens, sometimes even younger; they value "diss-ing" and "roasting" and incompetence.  They think it's funny to not know things and to be mean and bully.  Not all to an extreme degree but many kids.  It's super frustrating and annoying.  This class was replete with little miscreants that were busy impressing each other with their posturing and stupidity.  What was even worse was the blatant racism I ran into, primarily between African American kids calling each other names.  When I told them it would not be tolerated one little girl said it was okay because it was her race.  I said that it was never okay, to which she indignantly replied that she was going to tell her teacher on me the next day for not letting her be herself.  I told her to go ahead, that I would also be telling her teacher. Sheesh!  Honestly it was a long day and I was surprised at the language they used and the what they thought was okay, I haven't run into that quite this bad before.

After school I had to stop by the HS and fill out forms so E can be on the tennis team. Then I picked up Lu from robotics and took her to audition for the Antelope Valley Children's Choir, which she made!  Then back to the HS to pick up E from tennis try-outs.  Then back to the choir for the parent meeting. Then finally home where Hannah was making a delicious dinner.  Thai basil chicken.  It was so yummy!!

Grace finished her project.  It looks great. Dinner was great and it's my favorite night of TV (NCIS is on and it's a new one) so even a bad day can end well :)

Monday, January 16, 2017


 Yesterday after church Rob and I took Z on a walk on the aquaduct.  The weather was beautiful.  The kids didn't want to come so we had a nice long walk and talk alone.

Hannah picked these pretty flowers and put them in her hair. One nice thing about a moderate climate is the abundance of things that can grow year round.

The elders came over for dinner.  Ethan wanted us to make trash nachos and they were really good.  We also had enchiladas and smore brownies.

We got to talk to Clayton and Jenna for a long time.  He is healing really well.  This morning a cute picture of Jenna and Hannah popped up on my fb.  I sent it to J and she sent one back that she found this weekend too.  Grace has grown a lot.  Wow! J looks the same :)
 Today we had no school.  Yay!  We slept in.  Cleaned up.  Then the girls and I went shopping.
We left with the goal of getting some new church pants for Ethan as we noticed that his were way too short.  I thought we might try goodwill because he's growing so fast. Anyway they didn't have any but Hannah found several pairs of pants and Grace found a cute skirt and some mickey mouse pajamas.  I had to hem them and shorten the sleeves but now they are super cute!

Then Hannah remembered that she had a gift card to macy's so we went there and she got a pan and a pie keep on sale!! So fun. 

These are here dream pots.  And this is her pie keep :)

We did a lot of laundry and Grace worked on her project some more and we had FHE and apple pie.  Tomorrow it's back to school.


Saturday, January 14, 2017

Friday the 13th

Friday it rained all day, it's rained for two weeks which is awesome.  I was supposed to sub at Grace's school but I got a call before school started saying that I was being switched to Joe Walker, PE.  It was a pretty easy day.  They played war ball which is a kid favorite apparently.  The only bad part was we were outside for part of every the rain.  I also was not prepared and had my cute suede moccs on, that now are water stained, and I was cold and wet.

When I got home I learned that Einstein had died.  He was under "warranty" so we took his little carcass back and got a new blue bird...who I am calling Galileo.  Idk what Grace is going to call him. The pet store told us the other one probably got too cold so Grace also a little space heater to put on her desk next to the cage.

Today we went to a stake clean up day.  Our ward was assigned an illegal dumping site to pick up trash in, (a patch of desert in the middle of nowhere-ish). It wasn't raining and we picked up a lot of trash.

Then we came home and had family cleaning hour.

This afternoon Rob and I went to the temple.  It was really nice out.  The temple is always nice.  After we went to the Souplantation, which was yummy and in a nice neighborhood.

Hannah and Sam hung out.  Grace worked on her school project, something to do with the Coriolis effect and wind or something.  Ethan played video games.

Now we are watching Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit. Pretty good day.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Einstein, Idaho and Inclimate weather

 I like to call these two Albert Einstein and Sir Issac Newton.   Grace calls them Kiwi and Winter.  (lame)...just kidding. We think they might be one of each gender as they are going in the little shelter and trying to lay eggs.
The most exciting news of the week is Kenz got into BYU-I!!! Now the girls can be roommates!! They will be so cute! and have so much fun together.  

I've been subbing a lot this week.  My favorite day was 8th grade history.  We learned about the election of Thomas Jefferson (8 times).  

At YW this week we decided on a camp theme: Super Heros!! Can't wait! I think that's a super fun idea.  

It's been raining every day.

Ethan went to soccer practice for his new team last night and that went well.  Today he and Sam went to the park to practice tennis, they are trying out for the school team next week. Neither of them know how to play tennis but it's worth a shot :)