Monday, July 8, 2019

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Saturday, June 29, 2019

A million miles

We drove back to Utah this morning. We’ve done a lot of driving.
Hannah is a way better photographer than I. She sent me some of her photos❤️
Tatum, almost 10 years old. Walking to the river. She is brave, and smart and helpful.

This morning I woke up with her standing by my bed, she was hot and couldn’t sleep. We opened the window and stood side by side enjoying the 2am air. It was cool and crisp. After a few minutes she felt better so she climbed back in bed and was soon fast asleep. I lay there for a short time feeling grateful. 

Papa. 79 years old. We had lots of time to talk, and for me to hear stories I hadn’t heard before. What a delightful travel companion. What an amazing dad. We have been immensely blessed by his goodness, his example, his keen mind and hard working hands. I love him.

Sawyer. I like this picture. He and Hannah were so welcoming and fun. He played games, had chats, was funny and kind. He makes Hannah happy and I’m glad.

This boy. The countdown is on...upcoming: last first day of school, last holidays home, last year with soccer balls all around the house, video games being played in the wee hours, long talks and soda runs. Next year he will be preparing to leave on his mission and I will miss him. 

Looking to the future, and it’s going to be wonderful!

I call this one “holding on a moment longer”. No longer my little boy who needs to hold my hand to cross the street. Now I need to hold his, to capture each moment and lock them in.

Tatum took this, we loved this funny print in the museum store.

Shenanigans in the back seat!
This afternoon is was birthday dinner time. We have 6 birthdays in 2 weeks and the plan was to celebrate them all. Sadly Andrea wasn’t feeling well so they got a late start to their day and travel is long:(

Anyway, Mom, Kelly and Ethan are in June 25. Noah the 24th. Kenz and Reggie are on July 8th.  So we had cake cake cake and sang happy birthday!

Then we played games, sat around and talked, and laughed.

Scarlett is a monkey!

T and G are BFF.

Love my family!

Friday, June 28, 2019

Idaho last day

We went to Yellowstone and it was amazing! It’s so beautiful it takes your breathe away. 
We did a lot of driving but everyone did great. Tatum is a trooper and was a perfect traveler all week. I’m so happy she got to come!

It was also so fun to have dad with us. He keeps up with all the crazies even at 79 years old:)

The weather was so nice and  we loved it.

From the many many bison roaming around, the huckleberry ice cream, the many sights and old faithful it was all

We NEED to go back, we only saw a tiny bit of the park, I think you’d need a month to see it all!

Thursday, June 27, 2019

Idaho day 2

We got up and had breakfast then headed out to bear world.
It was so so fun!
First you drive thru and see the bison, elk, groundhogs, moose, grizzleys and black bears. There are tons of them there and it’s so fun to spot them swimming, climbing trees, ambling down the road and sleeping in shady spots. 

Then you can go to the petting zoo. We watched baby bears being fed bottles, which was the cutest thing ever!

We also got to pet 1 month old fawns, feed ducks and the fawns mother, and pet goats and pigs, chickens and ducks, and geese and peacocks.  We also watched huge rainbow trout in the streams.

They had a few rides that you could go on as many times as you wanted. They also had a nice gift shop (surprise;))

After we saw and did everything once we went back thru and did it all again! Everyone loved it and it was the perfect activity for us.

After Bear World we had lunch and took a quiet rest. Tatum did her school work and then she and I played uno flip.

After a rest we were ready to go again! The park near Hannah’s house has a cute merry go round! 

We went to Rigby beach...which was freezing!

Then we ended the day with a yummy dinner and some family time!
And to add a little something to the excitement of the day Tatum pulled out her tooth! 


Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Idaho day 1

We drove to Idaho and it was so pretty. Open skies, furtile lands. Papa and I chatted the whole way and the miles rushed by. 
These two played games, watched videos and voted for Cafe Rio for lunch. They are fun travel buddies.

We got to Hannah and Sawyers and explores their cute apartment and complex. Then we took a quick trip to Walmart to get some necessities.

We left the kids to watch a movie and went to the temple. It’s right up the road and is so beautiful. We had a sacred and instructive time. The spirit was strong and the love of family and the importance of the husband and wife relationship was taught clearly and memorably to me. I am grateful to see Hannah and her sweetheart working together for a strong marriage and good foundation for their family. 

When we got home we played games and ate dinner then headed out for an after dinner walk. 

This picture was taken at 9:30 pm. The sun is almost set.

This one an hour later, when we had successfully found a place to buy neosporin for Ethan’s leg that he cut jumping onto a trash can, and a Soda Vine!

We finally made it home, had scriptures and prayers and everyone found a place to sleep! 

Good night❤️