Saturday, January 20, 2018


Grace’s Birthday is today!!! Our last baby is now a teenager! What?! So it’s exciting and unbelievable at the same time. 13 years went fast! Grace is spunky and headstrong and opinionated. She is very very smart. We think she might have a photographic memory. She is very musical and great at math. She loves animals and to be silly. She loves technology, is an awesome swimmer, but hates to hike or play sports. She makes a lot of slime, sings in the choir, is on the robotics team and the science Olympiad team and student council and in honors band. Grace has a weekly babysitting job and is quite responsible. She likes to play games, do puzzles and watch Netflix. We love our little caboose and are so grateful she is in our family.
Last month Grace really really really wanted/needed/longed for a kitten. She missed Steve soooooo much and her life was incomplete. She didn’t want a birthday present or party or anything if she could just get a Christmas kitten while she was going to be home for 3 weeks to “train” it. So we got Matilda. 

This morning we surprised her with a birthday bag. It was filled with little gifts. A couple new tee shirts, some Swedish fish, some hand sanitizers and a cute pair of ear rings. She also got to invite some friends over to hang out. Not a party but something fun to make the day special. We went to michaels and she chose some slime supplies, then we went to coldstone and got an ice cream cake. 
In the afternoon Truc-mai, Rylynn and Aubrey came over. 
The girls played with the birds, played games and I heard a lot of laughing so I think it was a nice day for her. 

The rest of the week

72 degrees
Wednesday soccer: warm and sunny. Sister Alius, Ethan’s seminary teacher, came to watch. We had a nice time visiting together and watching the boys.
45 and raining
On Friday we watched in the rain and wind and it was cold out.  The boys didn't have a great week.  Game one was a tie, game two a loss. Lest you think we are light weights, sometimes 45 degrees out is quite nice.  Sweatshirt weather but fine.  When the wind is howling and the rain is falling it's a different story.
In other weekly happenings on Thursday I subbed Dan's class and he left fun stuff for us to do.  We made circuits with light bulbs and switches and the kids had to build different kinds.  Then we got to play with a vandegraaff generator.  Super fun.

Yesterday I subbed for seminary and then for 4th grade.  I also subbed on Tuesday, PE.

We had a nice activity on Tuesday night for YW.  We watched the press conference from our new prophet and the girls wrote down their inspirations and feelings.  Then we made stuff for the Valentines dance for the ward that we are in charge of planning.

Here's a little story about how much Ethan likes soccer.  Every day they have practice for 2 hours.  Tuesday he came home from practice and Bro Pincock called him and asked him to bring a soccer ball to church.  The boys also watched the press conference and then they played an hour and a half of soccer.  Ethan said it was the best activity in a long time and he was delighted to play.

Rob's been sick this week.  He seems on the mend now.


Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Keep on the covenant path

President Thomas S Monson passed away last week. He was very old and frail so it was no surprise. He was beloved to all the members of the church so we are sad to lose him.

Today the church announced the new first presidency. The new prophet is Russell M Nelson. Dallin Oakes and Henry B Eyring are his counselors. I was surprised that Elder Uchtdorf was not in the first presidency any more. He is greatly loved by all. However the Lord has a plan and I have full confidence in Him. I am sure Elder Uchtdorf is delighted to serve where ever and how ever he is needed. 

What a wonderful blessing we have to be led by the hand of the Lord. How grateful I am for a living prophet. I am anxious to stay on the covenant path. 

Yesterday I got back Ethan’s quilt. I have saved his shirts since he was 3 and on his first soccer team. Mom and I sewed them together. I didn’t want to tie it though. I really wanted to have it quilted so I took it to Nikki and she did a beautiful job.

I gave it to Ethan and he really liked it. I was so excited that he thought it was neat. He even instagrammed it.❤️

Yesterday we didn’t have school. Grace had a friend over. She also worked with her birds. Ethan had soccer practice. Sierra went home. She had a long visit and I really enjoyed having her here. I was quite sad that she had to leave.

We’ve been making some wedding progress. We ordered the girl’s bridesmaid dresses yesterday. I am gathering addresses for invites. I’m looking forward to the big day!

Grace’s dress below. I think it’s so pretty.

Jenna had a sonogram yesterday. I thought this was the funniest picture with baby A kicking baby B’s face. I am very excited for the little girls arrival! I did feel bad though because I put it on fb thinking the whole world already knew and then J said she had it announced it there yet.

Last night we had Joe (a new convert) join us for dinner and FHE. It was a pretty nice evening. 

Today I am subbing PE and tonight is mutual. Also tonight choir starts back up. Lots of good stuff:)

Saturday, January 13, 2018

88 degrees

We had plans to go to San Deigo today to meet Arrow. When Sierra ended up having surgery yesterday I figured we’d put them off but when I got up this morning she was showered and ready to go. 

Sitting in a car and healing isn’t much harder than sitting on the couch so we kept our plans. 
Is this the most adorable boy or what? Photo from Sierra’s instagram. He is the sweetest little guy!

Anna looks great and said she felt good. Mom and Dad are there helping so we got a bonus visit with them too. 

We sat around and admired the littlest boy. I also played killer bunnies with Joneaux:) We has lunch together and time to chat.

Grandma and her 21st grandchild:). So cute!

We had a smooth drive down and back. A fun visit there and found all was well when we returned home. 
And it was warm and sunny!

Friday, January 12, 2018


Sierra and I drove down to Oxnard today for her appointment. We had planned to drive down, find a place to have lunch, eat, and then go to the doctor. As we got closer and closer to the office we realized we were just a couple miles from the ocean. Without any hesitation we drove right by all the restaurants and headed to the beach. 

We spent a lovely half hour enjoying the sunshine and the not even that cold water. It was a very frolicking fun time. Then we went to the appointment.
It turned out to be very fortunate that we did that because the doctor said Sierra needed surgery. Today. 

Her ovary was twisted and had the huge cyst. If it didn’t come out immediately it would kill the ovary...and possibly the whole uterus.

So we walked across the hall to the hospital and she just got finished. The doctor came out and said everything went well. 

After recovery time we will go home. And she will have to change her flight (again).

Poor Si.

Wednesday, January 10, 2018


We went to Ethan’s soccer game this afternoon. It got colder and colder as we watched. JV tied.  E played well. Then he stayed to 
shag balls for Varsity which also tied in a very exciting last minute evening up of the score. 

Now we are home defrosting.

Monday, January 8, 2018

Last day

Just kidding. We thought yesterday would be Sierra’s last day here. We invited Grandma Joyce over for dinner and watched a movie after the house had quieted down.  It was a nice Sunday.
Today I was to drive her to the airport but she felt sick in the night and it got worse throughout the day. By the time we should be going to the airport we were instead planning a trip to the ER. The worlds slowest ER. 

8 hours later we are still waiting. Luckily she got some pain meds and is feeling much better, not good but not dying. She has another cyst. 😥 What ever ends up happening with that will be especially unpleasant since she is no longer on our insurance and doesn’t have her own. So super sad and bummer day. 

I am very grateful for prayers and priesthood blessings and opioids so that at least she’s not writhing in pain while we wait.

Rob went home to the kids but first he brought us dinner to eat while we wait with every other flu infected person in the valley.

Update: made it home a little after 3, pain meds in hand and an appointment with the gynecologist set up for the morning.