Sunday, October 23, 2016

sabbath day

Fall, Fall, Fall. It's everywhere.  We had a yummy warm chicken curry for dinner.  Fall meals area always a little more cozy.  Which is yumm-o.

I love this chickita and her lovely fall walk.
Penny Jane in the beautiful fall leaves
We had a really good sacrament meeting today.  The Evans spoke and they both did a really good job.  Something Rachel said really caught my attention and is going to be a point of ponderization for me for quite a while I am sure.
She was talking about the use of the word holy.  We use it a lot.  Our temple has the words "holiness to the Lord" inscribed above the doors, we have the Holy Ghost, the Lord is know as the Holy One.  We think of "holy" as being sacred and certainly it is but the Hebrew word means:
become consecrated (2), become defiled (1), become holy (1), consecrate (43), consecrated (35), consecrates (7), consecration (2), declare holy.  
It gives a different connotation to our understanding.  A  house consecrated to God, where people who consecrate their lives to Him go to worship is full of meaning.  A member of the godhead who is consecrated to our aid, witness and guidance, WoW! A God who's efforts are consecrated to His children's welfare.  Again WoW.  We talk about keeping the Sabbath day holy.  Do we concecrate our day and the time and energy in it to serving and worshipping God?  I loved that idea and look forward to thinking about it in the days ahead.

Hannah and President Crawley
It was a long meeting day today.  First meeting was the Christmas party committee, of which I am chair.  We got a lot done and I'm excited for the big night.  Then ward council. Then the block of meetings.  Then a quick run home and eat and over to the stake center for stake choir practice (Dad), YW special number choir practice (Hannah) and Stake Standards Night (all). Hannah spoke and a YM in our stake.  She did an excellent job. Then there was the musical number by the girls, so beautiful.  Finally Pres. Crawley.  He was funny, and on point and did a good job too (although dad says Hannah did better:) )

We are blessed with some good stuff in our lives.
cats and pumpkins
And in conclusion Steve found a huge pumpkin and look at that cute boy and his little tiger kitten!! <3

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Priest Laurel Activity

Hannah came up with the idea of having all the girls dress like m&m's for the party. Which turned out to mean she and I made almost all the outfits today.
They turned out super cute!

The activity was a lot of fun. They had dinner and played games and carved pumpkins.
Emily, Shelby, Paige and Hannah

Nathan, Jerry and Braydon.

Paige, Katie, Rylie, Hannah and Shelby.

Friday, October 21, 2016

Stake Temple Day

Rob worked on the jeep all day. When he finished we went to the temple. It's fun to see friends there.
Hannah did all the picking up and feeding of children. Teen driver perk:)
Everyone likes to see what's in my purse.

Thursday, October 20, 2016


Last night Grace was sick.  Sort of randomly.  She got to stay home today although she felt fine.  There is a no school for "24" after throwing up policy which you have to interpret with a grain of salt but as I didn't know the cause I had her stay.

We went out to lunch and did some shopping.  She carved pumpkins and played with the cat.

Hannah started working on college applications today.  There is lots of stuff to read when you are doing that.

Ethan ran after school, showered, played games and did homework.

Cat likes to be where the "action" is. No matter how actually interesting it is.  A pumpkin autopsy... pretty interesting. 

Screen time?...not so much.

Seriously who knew cats were so social.  I thought Percy was a fluke but Steve...Leo...undetermined name is just as friendly.  Their personalalities are otherwise different but they both love(d) to hang with the family.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Studio C

For our activity this week we watched the face to face with Studio C.  We had all the girls over and had dinner first.  I made Italian meatball soup and Audrey made butternut squash soup.  We had bread and desserts.
getting ready
Dinner was fun and yummy.  Kelly came home from school with Hannah and she helped her clean her room so everything was sparkly and nice.  Unfortunately Hannah had to leave right before the activity started because she was giving blood.  Rob took her and he also gave blood.   She came back before the end and we were all happy to see her!
dessert table
The face to face was really really good.  I was surprised actually at how funny and also how powerful their message was.  I really felt the spirit and I hope the girls did too. I was a little nervous all day that the technology wouldn't work or I wouldn't be able to figure it out and we'd have nothing to watch but it worked! yay!

When it was over they hung out for awhile and that was fun too.

Grace, Shelby, Heather, Riley
Emily, Kelly, Brinn and Paige
(this was before Hannah got back)
I applied for several jobs with the school district recently and have had four interviews.  I wonder if anything will come of it? They've all been for part time aides, which would be nice.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

10 things I love about Sierra at almost 26

from our Disney day in May

  1. Sierra is an awesome aunt.  She adores those kids and they her.  
  2. She is self reliant.
  3. She has the most beautiful smile.
  4. She is independent and doesn't just do stuff because it's expected or the norm, she's true to herself.
  5. She likes to read.
  6. She's so fun to hang out with!
  7. She is a good cook, TV watcher, music listener, adventure taker, hair styler.
  8. That last one is particularly impressive because she has the same crazy hair a lot of our family has and she learned to tame it herself!
  9. She is logical.
  10. She is no nonsense yet super fun and a great great friend/daughter.

My day

the long walk home
I had no car today so that meant, among other things, that Grace had to walk to school and back. Z and I walked with her. Or rather we walked ahead 10 paces and waited while she cried and then caught up.  Apparently suddenly her backpack was too heavy.