Monday, August 22, 2016

AV Fair

Grace and I went to the fair after school. We had a fun time looking at the table settings, quilts, art, animals and other cool things they had.
We saw our friends and little Caroline was going to dance so we sat with them and watched her do the crocodile rock.
this sculpture was made out of plastic spoons!
The fair has tons of yummy food. Grace got a lemonade and a slice of pizza. I got a Navajo taco and a Diet Coke.
The animals were our favorite. These baby quails were so tiny and cute!
baby quails
Grace won a stuffed lobster.
here she is spending $8 to win a 50 cent stuffed lobster
We had a really fun time together.

Sunday, August 21, 2016


Hannah was awarded her young women's medallion today. She did a great job on all her experiences and projects.

Our sacrament meeting today was especially wonderful. Not only did Hannah get her recognition but we had a beautiful musical number by Aimoku and two really good talks. I especially enjoyed it.
The Mackeys are moving to St George and since he was in the bishopric we got a new counsellor today. Dan Chronis was called. I am excited for this new chapter. He is a wonderful man and a very good speaker and leader.
I subbed in primary today and Rob had a meeting tonight. 

Saturday, August 20, 2016


I woke up this morning to see that I had missed a text from Denise, Daniel's mom.  He had passed away in the night.  I am sad for her and for his family and friends, but so happy for him.  Can you imagine the joy he is having now? I am sure he is tall and strong and full of energy and with the Savior. Ethan and I went to visit him at his home on Thursday.  He was on hospice care and was not doing well at all.  He did open his eyes for a minute at the end of the hour(ish) that we spent there and Ethan was able to say hi.  I don't really think Daniel knew but who knows?  The visit was sad.  He was really suffering. I am glad we went though.

After that start to the day the rest was surprisingly nice.  Hannah and I went to Sara's shower (Sawyer's sister).  It was very beautiful.  The decorations and food and everything she got were really really darling.  It was in the backyard and it was kind of hot but I enjoyed visiting and seeing the cute little pink outfits that she got :)
Grace and Makayla
When we got home Hannah turned around and left right away.  She picked up Shelby and they went out to lunch and to the mall.  Even though Han can't drive any minors (except her siblings) until she has her license for a year to their great delight she can take Shelby because she is already 18. They had lots of a good time.

Meanwhile Grace had Makayla over for the afternoon and the two girls spent 3 hours in the pool.  Good thing I had a new book to read.  It's called Delicious by Ruth Reichl and it kept me occupied and entertained even in the afternoon heat as I "life guarded", ran inside for drinks and snacks and judged their diving contests.

Rob took Ethan to his first soccer game of the fall season.  They had a good game, tied.  I was sorry I couldnt't be there to watch.
soccer captain
After dinner Hannah went out again, this time with Madi and Sarah, they went to the tri stake priest laurel activity.  That girl is busy!

Rob and I took the new jeep on a date night.  We went to the movies and saw Florence Foster Jenkins, which I thought was a very sweet story.  Riding in the jeep was a little like driving in a monster truck on an Indiana Jones ride.  It was a bit wild.  Rob likes it though so that's great.

And that's it for us.  Busy day full of friends and fun.  

Friday, August 19, 2016


Hannah got a part in the school play!!! Helena from mid summer nights dream. I'm very happy for her and excited to see it performed.
Dad finally bought a jeep. He's been wanting one and Hans been wanting him to get anything so she can drive to school. Everyone is happy. Hopefully.
Tonight Hannah went to the fair with her friends. She has many friends now I am happy to report. It's been rough but we've turned the corner.

Nellie and I went out to lunch, always fun. 

Yesterday was Tatum's birthday! She is 7, so big. She is an awesome girl, helpful and funny and smart. I love her so much!, grandkids are the best❤️

Thursday, August 18, 2016

behind the hero

I love this picture of my friend Sandy (she's mom #3 in the orangey shirt) hugging her son Duncan as he honorably returns from serving a 2 year mission in Leeds England.  What a thrilling, happy day.  These young men, and young women go off to lands foreign to them (even if it's Tennessee, USA) and faithfully give all their time and energy and resources and talents to God.  Full time. 24 months.  They are heroes in the Lord's cause.  I can't help but think of the mom who just a short 18 years earlier held a tiny baby in her arms and loved him and cared for him and nurtured him and thought about the day when he would go off and be a missionary with hope in her heart and a little trepidation at the daunting task that was hers to teach and prepare and then to let go. 
Missionaries come back with great stories and tremendous personal growth and strong testimonies and it's wonderful.   The mom, she does something similar but it's more quiet.  She prays, and worries and sends care packages and prays some more.  She grows and changes but there are no heroic stories to share or inspiring lessons learned.  It's a behind the scenes kind of heroism.

Yesterday in my personal reading I was in Matthew, Chapter 8 and I read:

14¶And when Jesus was come into Peter’s house, he saw his wife’s mother laid, and sick of a fever.

15 And he touched her hand, and the fever left her: and she arose, and ministered unto them.

Of course Jesus is the hero in this and every story.  And Peter is his faithful disciple, his rock and a great, admirable, heroic man.  My thoughts though turned to his wife.  She's almost a footnote, we know her mother is sick, and then she gets well.  But what else? What about the young bride that met and married Peter, started a family with him? Worked by his side to raise a family...and then one day her hard working, fisherman husband comes home and says he's putting aside his nets and following Jesus.  This must be okay with her because later in the story they still share a home.  I like to think that she too loved Jesus.  That she too learned of His doctrine and listened at His knee.  Maybe she fixed dinner for her husband and for the Savior.  Maybe she had to work to support her family after Peter was off saving souls. Did she stand by Peter when he later lead the church? Did she lovingly comfort him after he betrayed the Savior, while secretly thinking that he was a big dumby?  I don't know but she has a story, and even though we don't know her name, or anything about her except what we can infer from the few sentences that we read I like to think that she was a woman with faith to match her husbands, equally yoked in the work, a worthy help meet.

Life is interesting.  Not too many people are the stars and in the spot light, there are lots of behind the scenes heroes and helpers.  I hope my small role will be played faithfully and well. I do know that each person, and each life is important to the Savior and that His grace and atonement are for us all.  For the bold leader, great orator, faithful missionary, stalwart home teacher, humble Bishop and for the lowly fixer of the hymnals, shy introvert, quiet supporter, worried doubter, the lonely, scared & depressed. It doesn't matter if we are a footnote or a main character He died for us.

Love that!

Wednesday, August 17, 2016


Yesterday was Sierra Wards YWIE, they are the first of the season. One of the laurels, Sam, planned the whole thing and it was really nice. 

Yesterday was also play try outs for the HS. They are doing mid summer nights dream this year. Hannah got a call back today and Friday we find out her part.

Ethan invited Sam (a different Sam) to go to ym with him, they played rugby.
Today I invited Sprice and her kiddos over to swim. Grace and I had a fun visit and swim with them.

I finally started the new HP book.
Percy is enjoying it a lot:)

Monday, August 15, 2016


Most likely next year this time Hannah will be off at college somewhere and I will be sad. This could be the last birthday she spends at home:( 
Being Monday it was a day spent at school. This evening however we went out for sushi, her pick, and target, her pick and Nadia's cupcakes, also her pick.  Then we went to sonic for a cherry limeade for Bub to have after practice and we came home.

Dad and I got her tickets to see two shows. One this month and one in the spring. Newsies and Finding Neverland. She was very excited!!

Happy birthday Hannakin. I 🐙 you!!