Saturday, April 8, 2017


 Friday we went to Laughlin NV for a soccer tournament.  It was a ton of fun.  First we had seminary.  Then I had to take Grace to the doc for her follow up appt.  Turns out she has something wrong with her knees and will be sitting out of PE for the next 12 weeks to let them heal.  She is thrilled!

Finally we were on the road and ready to go.  Our first stop was Barstow, for some very delicious burgers.
 Then we drove and drove and finally got there.  I had looked up fun things to do in Laughlin before we left and found several nice hikes.  We did one by some ancient petroglyphs.  It was very pretty.  Lots of boulders and a stream, little waterfalls and pretty flowers.
 We took shadowy pictures.
 and selfies,
 and found tadpoles.

 and caves!
 After hiking we went to our hotel, Harrah's, and enjoyed the beach and pool and sights and sounds of the casino, arcade, river and a million people.  Grace saw many of her friends and of course the boys team was all there.  We lost $150 on the buffet :) but Noah, Ethan and I ate our weight in crab legs so that's a better return than the slot machine.
 Boys wrestling.
 We were all in a good mood and excited for the games.

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