Monday, May 1, 2017


 Since I worked all week last week, and then we were run run running all weekend our house was a wreck and our family was stressed.  Sunday night had some quick tempers and grouchy family members.  Honestly I don't know how moms work full time.  They are more capable than I.  So long story short I didn't work today.  It worked out wonderfully.  I was able to get the kids to school and Rob was able to sleep in, he's got a huge cold and only worked a half day.
Then to my surprise Hannah had a small group of friends over to study for the AP test that was this afternoon.  They gathered in the not so spotless family room and quizzed each other, and stressed together and studied and took breaks.  I made them muffins and then later Hannah and Sam made french toast.  So we sent them off with full stomachs and a nice morning behind them. 

Then I met R for lunch and went grocery shopping.  I also did 7 loads of laundry and talked with Grace and helped Hannah address her graduation cards.  It was a good day.
Hannah cut my hair.  She did a good job.  Also while I was getting Ethan from soccer R and H went down the street and bought tacos.  $1 each and so tasty!

Also Rob got a new job, still at Lockheed of course, he's going to be working at least half time on the new airship (pictured above.). Eventually I guess it will be full time.

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