Wednesday, May 17, 2017

fast forward

 We are living life on fast forward. Everyone is busy.  Lots of fun stuff.  Lots of not so fun stuff.  So basically regular life :)

It's been chilly.  For May.  Silly weather.  I liked this picture of Hannah at the eagle project last weekend.  We have never had a horse of our own...but we love them.

Mother's day was Sunday.  It was a nice day.  We didn't have ward council so we all got to go to church together.  Hannah made a very delicious dinner and a beautiful raspberry lemonade cheesecake.
 We talked to our moms, and the girls talked to me.  Mom's are special people.  I wonder what life would be like if I wasn't a mom.  It would be Rob and I, a dog and a cat, living in a little house in the desert.  We'd go out to dinner, travel, watch TV.  We'd never fight or disagree because the only things we every disagree on is kid stuff: parenting, $ spent on kids stuff, kids misbehaving, chores, activities, curfews BUT we'd miss all the great times and the interesting times and the busy times and even the hard times.  The thing about having multiple children is you get all those time at once!
 Steve loves this chair.
fun Mother's day surprise that came in the mail.
 For example: a snapshot into right now,

Grace went to the mathletes yesterday.  She tied for first place, won $50 and a huge trophy for her individual efforts.  Her team also won first in the team division.  So happy day!! Yay!! Last year Ethan came in 2nd in individual and 1st in team so that made it all the sweeter for her.  They are a little competitive in the intellectual prowess dept.

Ethan: invited to play on an elite soccer team for a tournament this weekend.  They are short players and he's an invited ringer.  Yay!!  on the flip side he said something mean to a girl the other day.  Not really meaning to hurt her feelings but it did.  Part of growing up but still mortifying (to me) and a not so awesome moment for him.

Hannah: sheesh.  So much drama right now.  Some of it awful and hard. So two thumbs way down.  Leaving for college soon! Yay and exciting.  We're all over the place with this one.  We'll see.  17 is always tough.  They are on their way, the very edge of adulthood and it's a stretching process that is usually, always?, painful.

Jenna: going on a backpacking trip, she is excited and that is super fun! Having some health issues.  Not so fun.

Sierra: thinking about moving.  Where will she go?  What will she do? The whole world is open to her, and she's smart and capable.  But that's hard.  Too many choices is hard. 

Dani: well, she's a mom :)  She's a great one, and a good wife and good primary worker and lovely, fun person and she's got her own little set of ups and downs and crazy with three little monkeys living in her house.  Which is fun and two thumbs up for me:)

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