Saturday, May 13, 2017

Eagle Project

 Today was supposed to be day 2 of 3 but actually the boys worked so long and so hard that they got it done today!
 It took over 120 man hours of labor alone.  Not counting planning and meeting.  Not everything went smoothly or as we hoped but no one got upset or discouraged.  They worked together, problem solved and tried different thing until eventually we had a beautiful, safe, secure fence in place.
 It was cold.  It's been a weird May, weather wise.  And super windy, ugh.
Grace, Hannah, Ethan, Preston, Jayce, Rob, Collin, Curtis, Emmett and Landon.  
later Braydon, Matthew and Parker joined us.

 The painted turtle is really nice.  They had their community volunteer day at the same time so we got to have breakfast and lunch in the cafeteria, which was really nice.  The boys were happy to be fed.

We all cheered when we were finally done.  It was a long day!

Then we got home and Hannah and I went shopping for a graduation dress...again.  Found one! Score!
Then we went to the grocery store :(

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