Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Eagle Project

 Today was day one of the project.  Ethan got 3 friends and headed out.  They worked really hard.  I was very impressed with those young men.
 They had to take apart the existing horse corrals and mark the spaces for the holes to be dug.  It took them two hours of non-stop work.
 Ethan and Sam clearing the troughs from the corrals. 
 Saying hi to some of the horses that didn't have to be relocated to the barn.
 Sam, Ethan, Brody and Josh.
 So there you go.  We have two more days of work ahead but today went smoothly and hopefully the rest will continue to go well.
Brody came home with Ethan and they did homework and played video games.  We had dinner and then I had to leave for a laurel class presidency meeting.  When R got home they picked up Sam and the boys came out for our combined activity, which was volleyball.  

Fun fact: Ethan's first injury was volleyball related.  When he was a newborn we went to the church gym to play volleyball.  Mostly the men played volleyball and the women gathered on the stage and played board games.  We did this a couple of times.  One of those times was when E was like 2 weeks old.  Marcia was holding him and the ball flew up onto the stage from nowhere and hit him in the head!  He cried, She cried, I cried.  We all felt awful.  Warren was the one who hit the ball and he also felt awful.  He hopped up on the stage and checked little bub out.  Luckily there appears to have been no permanent damage but it was very sad.

On the drive home from volleyball tonight I asked the boys what was more fun volleyball or tearing down the fence? They all quickly replied "volleyball!!"
Sometimes I feel like we live busy lives, busier than average.  ...but probably not.  Everyone is busy busy.  Today I didn't take a job because I had a presidency meeting this morning, and the eagle project in the afternoon.  The rest of the day was taken up with chores, laundry and brownie baking (for the activity) and kitchen cleaning and what not.  When I work a lot the days at home are busier in catching up with chores.   Before I knew it it was time to get ready for bed again!  Crazy!!

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