Sunday, July 2, 2017

the weekend

I didn't take any pictures but imagine our pool full of people.  That was yesterday.  We invited several friends to swim.  The Evans, Sherwood's and Boudreaux's came.  We BBQed and everyone brought sides and desserts.  It was a lot of fun.  Everyone swam and visited.

That's the best part of summer, lazy afternoons spent with friends.

Today we went to church.  Audrey taught a lesson in YW about temples.  I talked to Hannah, it's quiet here without her.  This weekend Clayna came down  to Nana's and they are all together having a good time.  They went to an escape room, and to some kind of golf game place.

Marshall caught his first fish.  Greg had a video on instagram that was so cute!

Z is healing well.  She had her 3rd laser treatment yesterday and she is starting to use the leg a little bit.  Dr McEwan was surprised and pleased.

We had a very restful Sabbath. After church Rob and Ethan went home teaching. Then we all napped! After that we made dinner together. Rob grilled. Grace made dessert and Ethan helped me with the mango, black bean, corn salsa dip/salad. This is his year to learn to cook:)

After dinner we watched a movie, played a super long game of phase 10 (Dad won) and then read scriptures and had prayer.  Can't beat that!

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