Friday, July 14, 2017


Before we moved away from our beloved MD to the desert we were trying to encourage the children that it would be awesome.  Normally it's quite exciting to move somewhere new and I eagerly look forward to our next move, which in not eminent. 

One thing we did was promise Disney season passes to them and that was really fun!  Hannah is a foodie, and was in the culinary program and was really sad about leaving that.  In our CA research she found the "French Laundry" was here (in CA) and asked if we could go. I said yes not knowing what it costs to go there.  When I found out I sadly had to go back on my word and tell her we couldn't go.  She took it well enough but was disappointed.  There are a lot of "fancy" restaurants around and she kept looking and then found Melisse.  It's close to home, not as $$$, although still insanely costly, and she wanted to go for her graduation present.  So it was set.  

Anna and Amadeo love to fine dine and they agreed to meet us.  Hannah and I were both glad, they are good dinner company and it was fun to get their perspective and expertise on the food. Rob graciously stayed home (because we were too cheap to take 3 of us)

I didn't take any pictures.  Anna did but she hasn't posted yet.  Hannah did with her not very good cell that's what we have :)  

It's a whole experience.  We were there about 3 1/2 hours as each course was brought out and explained to us.

First we had:
 a fancy shot of soda (not it's official name) it was a cleanser and palate awakener.  
served with a collection of seasonal stone fruits in plum and rhubarb water with purslane and minetuna salad on top and drizzled with walnut oil.  It was delicious and delicate.

Next was a lovely tomato soup, made with green and yellow zuchhini and a viva patricia strawberry sorbet. It was a delightful swirl of cold and hot dancing on your tongue.  It was really good and I don't even like tomato soup.

Hannah's favorite was the next course which was egg caviar.  It was a soft poached egg with lemon creme fraiche and sturgeon caviar.  It was pretty and delicious.

My least fav was next (I liked it, just not loved it, like the rest of the wow dinner):

Foie Gras and Rabbit Torchon
Devil's gulch rabbit, patterson apricot, pole beans, petitie mustard and bacon vinaigrette

That was followed by a lobster pasta dish that I don't know the description of.  It was tasty but not very lobstery.

Next was the fish course:

Wild King Salmon
summer truffles, green chickpeas, chanterelle mushrooms, spanish eggplant veloute.

Marcho Farms Veal Loin
Braised veal cheek, courgettes, oreon porcini, spring onion and nastrutium sauce.

It melted in your mouth! This was my favorite!

Last was the dessert:

We started with a dark chocolate dessert that looked like a little ball with gold painted on top.  You broke it and inside was a swirl of deliciousness.  Several flavors blended together in a symphony of chocolately goodness in your mouth.

and then my fav dessert:

Gaviota Strawberries
ricotta cremeux, elderflower sorbet and aerated yogurt.  The lid was a sugar wafer that you broke thru and it made a crumble on top.  It was delicious.

Lastly there was a petite four dessert taste.

I didn't get a picture of Hannah (dumb) but here I am.  We didn't know what to wear but this ended up fine.  It was dressy but also LA, beach casual dressy. (I wore shoes :))

Anyway, Hannah had a great night.  She said it was her best meal ever and she hopes to fine dine again some day.  I had a fun night.  It was awesome to do something with Han that she really loved and it's always fun to be with A2. I don't feel anxious or motivated to seek out other Michelin restaurants.  While it was very fun and very yummy and lots of surprising, unique, flavors it was too $ for me.  I'd rather spend that on Disneyland day, or a little weekend vacation or something else.

*edited to add some of Anna's photos.  

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