Tuesday, July 11, 2017

palindrome week

Grace and Brynn
 For a family that celebrates pi day palindrome week is exciting.  Every day this week the date is a palindrome. Today 7.11.17, tomorrow 7.12.17 etc.  Hannah was especially excited as her name is also one, and for this week only we wish we had named Steve "tacocat".

It's also 7-11 day and Chickfila cow appreciation day so we had a full agenda.

First this morning Z got her stitches out.  She still has to wear the cone for another day or two, which is hugely disappointing.  Also she is still not using the leg ...which is even more disappointing.  She has not been herself and it's put a little black raincloud over the whole house.

After that we suited up and met the Sherwoods for lunch.  Then drove to 7-11 for free slurpees.  Free food cheers everyone up!
Austin, Travis, Hannah and Ethan
 Grace went home with Brynn to hang out for the afternoon and there goes another summer day.
me and Audrey with the kids

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