Thursday, July 6, 2017

103 degrees

Grace always tries to hide when I take pictures
 Summer is reaching it's peak.  It is hot today.  Last night Grace got to have Brynn sleep over.  This is a rare occurrence at our house. We used to do sleepovers pretty regularly.  I never loved them and the kids were always asking.  For older teens it wasn't inconvenient for me but also some trouble was gotten into at sleep overs, or using sleep overs as an alibi.  (Of course they weren't all bad but I'm just saying)  Then we decided not to do them and we didn't for years and years.  Occasionally I will allow one though and I am particular about who and when.  I also really like that the kids don't have that as an expectation but think of it more as a huge treat now.

Anyway I like Brynn a lot and she and Grace have become great friends.  I am very happy to see that friendship growing as well.  So she got to come, or Grace got to have her come is more accurate.  Last night they played with the animals, made slime, and we went to the park for awhile when we had to pick up Ethan from soccer and he wasn't done.  Then the girls did a night swim, which they loved.  This morning they woke up and hung out, painted peg people and swam some more.  They were cute and nice and cleaned up their messes.
This afternoon Ethan wanted to invite some boys over to swim.  So Brynn left at 2 and his gang came at 3. He invited Preston, Brody, Noah, Adam and Caps. Noah invited Gabby and Rayanne.  Then Noah couldn't come...which was kind of weird but the girls were nice.  The boys wrestled over the flamingo for a long time, long enough that they were each injured and a few of them bled.  I guess that's the sign of a good time for boys.  
It was pretty funny, I was paying attention from inside but not really wanting to be intrusive...then it got pretty wild so I figured I'd better sit outside so I would know when to call 911.  The boys were all over the place and there was yelling and splashing.  Eventually I heard one of the boys say "lets stop and eat some more mormon snacks".  I then heard Preston laugh and say what's a mormon snack? I did put out a bunch of food and we stocked our mini fridge so I guess that was it.  If you feed them, they will come.

In other news learning Hebrew is super hard, but super fun.  I think I may be able to ask for an apple or say I am tired by November. 

So we are loving summer. Love Love Love. 

 Hannah's having fun in Ohio.  Abba sent these cute pictures.  She comes home Saturday and then we have one week with her home, one week of camping and then she's off.  CrAzY!
Jenna and Sierra both got new jobs.  Sierra is going to be the activities director at a long term nursing facility.  She will get to work with Val and Kenz, which is super fun.  Jenna is still with the same agency but she's going to be training as an adventure therapist.  Which sounds right up her alley!

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  1. Wow--when did Hannah grow up?!? I haven't been here for so long--will have to spend some time reading more. Why are you learning Hebrew?