Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Independence Day

Wednesday morning, Rob is back to work after 5 days off.  Our last day off was July 4.  We had a fun day.

He went fishing in the a.m. and also went to Wes' to work on his gun.

We all went to the Chronis' for a swim party.  They have an awesome backyard with a trampoline and a pizza oven and a pool.  It was really fun.  We played water volleyball and hung out.  The pizzas turned out great.  Lots of people came and everyone got to visit and hang out.

While R was off we netflixed a new series called "travelers".

Yesterday Z was out of her cone of shame for a few minutes yesterday and she managed to lick out 5 stitches.  This was super upsetting to us.  We called the vet and he said we had two options 1) go to the emergency vet $$$ 2) wrap her leg, treat with polysporin and bring her in in the morning.
 We took her in first thing this morning and she got 3 new staples. 6 more days until the cone is gone and I can't wait.

Also she hates fireworks.

Lots and lots fireworks were shot off last night.  We stood in our backyard and could see them at all sides of us.  Some really close, others far away.

Stuart died yesterday.  We knew he had a high mortality rate but it was still sad.

Tonight the elders come for dinner.  What to make???

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