Monday, July 3, 2017

4th day off

 Rob has been waking up early to do manly things.  Saturday he and Grace went shooting.  This morning he met Shawn and Jon for some mountain biking. Tomorrow he is going fishing.  This is a little taste of retirement... 20 years from now:)
I've been having fun with my new scripture study journal.  It gives doodle and question prompts  and it's a fun way to study.  I've also been enjoying Hebrew lessons, although I am not sure I have learned anything.
Grace and Mark shooting on Saturday. 

Z continues to recover.  It is a full time effort for me...and for her.  I will be glad when she is well.  Poor baby.  She had her 4th laser treatment today.  Steve is anxious for her to get better too.

This afternoon we had the Roberts over. We swam and ate and talked.  Super fun.  I love Julie and it's always super fun to get together.  Poor Cierra is having a hard time.  She's a trooper but it's sad to see the consequences of peoples choices on innocent people.  She and baby Zane left early, she was tired.  It was kind of weird, Julia and Emmet had Landon with them and we had Bub home (Grace was at Rylin's playing).  Usually when we are together we each have 3-5 kids with us, not just one.  

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