Monday, July 10, 2017


 I asked the boys to smile and instead they dove at each other and wrestled under the water.  Today is a warm one, and perfect for inviting friends to swim.
 Reagan, Hannah and Sam enjoy each other's company.  Hannah has made some good friends here.
 You can't really tell but in the pool are Brynn and Grace, Ethan, Brody, Zach, Austin and Travis and Noah.  I always cringe and hope no one hits their heads or losses any teeth when E has his friends over.  Seriously it's a worry for me.  Also lots of my photos are from a distance because I usually "lifeguard" from inside :) where it's not 110 degrees.

Our weekend was good, except Rob hurt his back.  We have horrible carpet in our's not that awful but who carpets around the toilet?  So we have wanted to take it out since the moment we moved in.  Also our bathroom is pretty dated and we've wanted to upgrade it.  But there is always something else to put our money on and I think it'll be a couple years before were really get to it.  This weekend, the weekend before 20 people come to stay at our house BTW, Rob decided to start pulling it out.  He got hurt and then we had a huge mess.  So a) I feel really bad for him.  A bad back is the worst. I know very well and sadly still struggle with mine.  b) I "hired" Grace this morning to clean up the glue and mess from his project which she did.  She worked really hard and it took over an hour of constant scrubbing to get it all up.  It still looks like we are ripping up our bathroom but it's something we can live with now.  And c) "splain me this Lucy" what is it about men that makes them want to start projects at such interesting times?  After all these years I am not mad but it's still a mystery.  I do remember one time when I was mad.  We had an ugly sweater party at our house one December.  We invited about 8 couples over and I spent a couple days getting ready, planning games, cleaning, cooking.  The afternoon of the party R decided to clean the garage and install his kayak holder on the ceiling thus making him unavailable for last minute party prep...and when guests arrived he was still in the garage, with the door open, in shorts and a tee shirt because he was hot, installing the thing.  Several men asked if they should go help...and their wives were like "no way! What is he doing out there on the eve of a party?".  He finished shortly, cleaned up and joined us for a fun night but it was frustrating and not an isolated incident.  (early in our marriage his idea of helping to get ready for company was to mow the grass an hour before they came, then to leave the grass clippings on the walkway because he had to run and shower,  EV.ER.Y.Time)  Why do I write this now?  I was remembering it this morning as I was meal planning for our next busy weeks and Grace was scrubbing and he was working from home (because of the back injury) and I was laughing to myself because life is so funny and learning to live together happily with your family is such a journey.  I write my blog for me.  I love to look back.  For our parents, who read and stay caught up on our antics. For my kids, who love to read about themselves and use it for evidence of things in the past.  And also because I think some day my granddaughters, or great granddaughters might read it.  When they read about Grandpa they will be so surprised.  I can picture Penny saying to Tatum "Grandpa is so nice and he and Mimi are so happy I can't image them being frustrated and having silly disagreements" and then when they are frustrated with their own husbands or children they will feel better and know they are not alone, that it's part of the process.  Even Sariah was frustrated with Lehi (although we don't know much about the details we do know it happened).  

disclaimer: I am fully aware that as the story teller the stories I tell are slanted to my perspective so if you want to know some of my annoying quirks you can read his blog...(LOL, oh yay he doesn't have one!)
Anyway, good times.  The hot summer days, the chocolate chip cookies fresh from the oven that the kids are inhaling, and the memories and shared growth that show us how far we've come.  (an inch in 10 the stalactites)

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