Sunday, October 22, 2017


Driving to ward council this morning I noticed that the bison that have lived in the pasture not too far from the church as long as we have lived here were gone. Sad. I loved seeing them each week. They had babies that were really cute. I knew they were leaving, it was in the paper, but still I'll miss them.

Church was good. Lisa asked me to come to her Sunday school class and talk about a teacher who showed me love and how I show love to my students. I shared about my favorite leader, my Mia Maid advisor Kelly Larsen. Then I talked about how it's easy to love the youth I serve. They are funny and smart and great to be around. That's the easy part. The hard part, and it's this part that really shows a teacher's love, is talking to them about mistakes in their lives. Teaching them to follow the Savior. Saying the stuff that no one wants to hear but that makes all the difference. That's where the real love comes in.  
I FaceTimed with Clayna. Jenna made home made pasta for the first time yesterday. She got a new pasta attachment from
Nana, as well as some other awesome kitchen things last week and she is very excited about it. I sure do miss the Ohio contingent of the family. All of them. Sometimes our country is too big!
Chelsea posted this picture in her email this week. It hangs in the new MTC and I think it is beautiful. It just really spoke to me. This is Martha, who worried much. I love her and totally get her servants heart. The lesson here is choosing the better part. It's hard to chose between multiple good things, to know what is the best thing. I am grateful for our loving Savior who forgives and invites over and over. 

And in conclusion: this first world problem. Grace needs a new chrome book. She has had hers for a couple years and they just don't last that long. As she was trying to convince me of this "need" she said several of her keys don't work any more, including the space bar. So when she writes she has to cut and paste a space in between each word. That really does sound awful. After I finished laughing as her I agreed she needed something different. Luckily we had something available for her to use. 

And that was the weekend.

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