Thursday, June 15, 2017

what have we been up to?

I don't even know.  Tuesday Hannah and Ethan went with some friends to the movies then hung out at Jayce's all day swimming.

I had a mammogram.  And went to Costco and Grace and I did some camp stuff.

Tuesday night we got Ethan ready for high adventure.

Wednesday morning he left at 6am.  They were going to go to Mammoth but it is snowing so they changed plans and went to Troy Meadows.  I hope they are having a great time. Haven't heard anything from them but no news is good news;)

Wednesday night we had a pre camp meeting with parents and girls.

Today we had a last camp food meeting.  When I got home the girls and I got ready and went to the temple.  It was a nice drive down, not too much traffic and lots of chatting.  They got to do a lot of work while we were there which was awesome and they both really enjoyed it.  Then we went to the Sherman Oakes Galleria, which changed a lot in the last 30 year :)  We had fun and ate lunch then drove home just in time to for me to drop them off and go meet R at the emergency prep classes.  It was about cooking with out power which was very interesting actaully. He got called to the high council a couple months ago and one of his responsiblities is stake emergency prepardness.

It was a long day, and kind of hot and I got a lot of bad news about different friends and a dear little brother so that's been hard.  You take the good and the bad in this life.  And pray that things go well.

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