Saturday, June 17, 2017

this and that

 Rob got his executive photo shoot done.  I think he looks very handsome and very executivey :)
 Yesterday Grace had some friends over to swim.  It was a hundred degrees out and perfect pool weather.  Brynn stayed after for dinner and then the girls got to "jeep" home.  Looks like fun right?

 The Z saga continues.  Her cruciate ligament is definitely completely blown out.  The estimate was near $4000 to fix.  So we called around in Tijuana and found a place that could do it for around $1200 but we had to wait two weeks.  We were going with that plan until we talked to Dr/President/Brother McEwan and he said he could do it for about the same price.  We took her there this morning and it's going to a be a little more but we don't have to drive to TJ (twice) and so that's what we settled on.  She will have her surgery the week after girls camp.
 Charlotte, Brynn and Grace enjoying our backyard oasis!
Family scripture reading took place a little bit on the late side last night.
Sierra with the girls at the splash pad.  Love those three!!

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