Wednesday, June 7, 2017


 They left :(  So sad.  We had a really fun time.  The house was very full for awhile.  I miss the baby days.  I know I am remembering them with some rosey glasses on because I also remember that it was tiring and I was happy when they went to bed, but I enjoyed my little ones a lot, and I love the grands!

It was really fun having D and S here too.  Adult children are the best.  It's so great to see how they have turned out to be wonderful women.

 We had an anniversary.  19 years. It's been good.  We've lived in 3 states, had 3 babies together, raised 3 more, had 3 grand babies and 2 sons-in-law, been on some awesome trips, buried 2 dogs and a cat ( and more fish, gerbils, birds than we can remember), paid for 5 sets of braces, countless formal gowns, and lots of soccer camps, lost four babies and lots of tempers and more sets of keys than I care to count.  We've visited 15+ temples, seen 5-6 Broadway shows, watched a lot of NCIS and Star Trek, been to some baseball games, some soccer games, some swim meets, a little volleyball, a few dance recitals, 4 high school graduations, 1 BYU graduation, band concerts, school plays, choir performances.  We've driven to early morning seminary for 14 years (and counting), girls camp, EFY, soccer practice, dances, movies, parks and playgrounds.  We've been to Disneyland and DisneyWorld, Harry Potter land, NYC, Hawaii, Canada, the Carolina's, Michigan, Florida and lots of other great places. We've been on 3 cruises (one more coming up), spent too much on Christmas 19 times, built a swimming pool, a deck, a house, and a fancy dinning room light. We've paid taxes, and HOA dues, and tithing, and parking tickets, and school supply fees and vet bills.  We've disagreed and gone to bed mad.  We've had a lot of fun, learned a lot, helped a lot, tried a lot.  We've been to the beach on both coasts, eaten poutine (yuck), escargot (okay) and banana foster (yumm).  All of that has been sweeter because we've been together.    So it'll be fun to see what the next year brings.
 Today was the last day of school  SUMMER SUMMER SUMMER!!! Grace had a swim party to celebrate.

Brynn, Patty, Mia, Makayla, Rylin, Aubree and Grace swam.  Kaitlin, who is 3, walked around the pool blowing bubbles and watching the big girls.  Laura and I sat and visited and life guarded.
 Tonight we tie-dyed shirts for camp and chose secret sisters.

Kathryn posted this gem on fb today.  I remember sporting that lovely blue headgear helmet. 
me, Kathryn, Alec
Michael and Chrissy

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