Saturday, June 10, 2017


 We chaperoned youth conference this morning.  We got the easiest day.  We helped with breakfast, sat with groups while they did readings and attended testimony meeting.

picture from youth conference at Apollo Park.  They had several special reenacts sharing stories.
taken from FB, thanx poster:)

Ethan didn't want to go but he ended up having a really good time.  They played a lot of fun games and also did a couple service projects, had a dance, went to the park and had many devotionals and lessons.  They played that cool bubble soccer game that E has been wanting to try.  I think it was a great mix of active crazy activities and good spiritual lessons.

After we went to the temple, which was very nice.  It was a long day gone from the house.

Ethan and Brody helped a family move it.  It was right as we were driving home that we saw Bro. Ryder helping the Dunn's move in just around the corner from us.  The boys came home and changed and headed right over to help.  I am sure it was very appreciated and I was very proud of them.
Camp prep is in full swing.  I am excited to go...and excited to be done with it too.  It's always SO.MUCH.FUN and an equal amount of so much work :)

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