Monday, June 5, 2017

"well, shoot, dang"

A frequently used Hannah expression that applies nicely today.  Today was our last day of company.  
 It goes by so fast.  We love having the Brandts visit.  We really enjoyed having all the family but the grandkids are the favs :)
To end on a high note we spent a lot of time in the pool.  We went to Aloha Shave Ice.  We played games and read books and baked things. 

 Becky and her kids happen to be out here visiting Grandma Joyce.  We saw a picture on instagram and Dani quickly called and invited them over for a swim so that was really fun too.
 So it was a great visit.
On the flip side, awful Ziva news.  She has totally blown out her ACL.  I took her back to the vet today and after a long and dramatic wait, with dogs throwing up, one being put down that came in with a crying family and some other chaos, we got xrays and the bad news.  It won't get better on it's own.  Surgery is estimated to be over $3000 plus other recovery expenses.
I don't know what we are going to decide but I do know we are not spending that much..even though I love her and feel sick and sad over it. She's been the best little companion.  We'll see, nothing is decided yet.

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