Monday, June 12, 2017

fun day

 Yesterday John Croxson came over.  He and E were best friends in MD from the time we moved there until we moved away.  They were in the same class at school from 2nd grade thru 7th and we lived in the same neighborhood.  Then they moved to CA 6 months after we did.  We haven't been able to coordinate until now but the boys were excited to see each other and they had a fun time.  They watched movies, played soccer, played electronic soccer, went to the field and played soccer with some of E's other friends and talked about soccer :)  It was pretty fun to see and hear them together again.  John's a great kid.
 Hannah started a new "job". She's driving for a family.  Today she took them to the dentist and to their trainer.

After she was done she helped me with some camp craft samples.

Tonight we had tickets from Team Silva for the Jethawks.  It's a fun night.  We get to see lots of friends and watch some baseball.  Noah brought his soccer ball so a bunch of boys went to a side field and played soccer. It was pretty chilly outside but we had a good time.

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