Saturday, June 17, 2017

high adventure report

Ethan made it home this evening and had a great time.  I am hoping one of the leaders posts pictures later but for now a little report.

They went North past San Fransisco and camped in the mountains by a lake.  11 boys and 3 leaders went.  E and 7 of his closet friends shared a tent.  The leaders were laughing at them but the boys said it was great.  Apparently E was one of the first to fall asleep each night.

They ate well.  They grilled tri tip, steaks and kabobs for dinner.

They did a lot of biking.  The boys said it was a lot of uphill.  Only 3 guys could go all the way up the hills without walking: Bro Harvey, Preston and Ethan.  Down was fun...except if you hate to go fast (which is E).  Brody told us E was in the top three to get up each hill and the last 3 to get down.  He bit it once but only got scratched up.  Levi had to get stitches.

They went fishing, caught some fish, "fell" in the water.  They climbed trees.  Brody was a ninja for his climbing and jumping abilities.  They played capture the flag. Played with fire and basically had a great time messing around.

One boy didn't want to participate in a lot of the activities and that was kind of a bummer, especially for the leaders who had to stay back with him, but the rest of the boys did.  Hopefully our camp will go as well (minus the stitches) this next week!

The boys got home had time enough to shower and change and then went to a dance.  They learned the meringue :) and ate ice cream and danced with girls.  Good night.

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