Tuesday, December 12, 2017


The number of hours we’ve been up so far and the end of the day isn’t quite in sight.

What were you doing all day you might ask?
art lesson for 3rd graders
5am wake up.  Get Bub up and then make lunches, do some reading.
6:20 get Grace up.  Shower, eat, take her to school.  Go to work. 

Had a 3rd grade class, they were really good.  We didn't have enough work for the whole day so I taught them a little shading art lesson.

2pm.  Done.  Drove to LPAC to get tickets for Grace's Pat Boone concert.

Came home and did some laundry.
Santa baby
3:30 pick up Grace from Vex.  Go by the post office.  Took Grace to choir practice

Came home and cleaned the kitchen and swapped the laundry.

5:00 picked up Ethan from soccer.
Paige, Rylie and Kelly
6pm pick up Grace from choir.  Swing by home and got  E who was showering.  Go to mutual.

We had a special elf bowling night.
Lilly, Grace, Grace, Brynn, David and Ty
It was lots of fun..but we didn't get out of there until 9:15.

Drove kids home.
Curtis, Brody, Ethan and Preston
Got home at 9:45.  Made bed.  Folded clothes.  Started NCIS.  Learned from Ethan that while I washed his uniform for the game tomorrow he didn't put all the parts into the washing machine so started another load of laundry.

10:30 waiting for the ding of the washer so I can move the uniform to the dryer.
showing the lucky socks
The kids had busy, busy days too.  We all did.

This week is finals for Ethan.  Tomorrow Grace has a merit field trip to see Coco.  I am back in 3rd grade.  And I'll be yawning.

Update: Ethan stayed up until 11:30 doing chemistry. I got the uniform clean. 
5am came and he needed more homework time so I drove Collin and Noah to seminary, then later Ethan and Grace to school. 
Honest, I’m grateful for our full and busy lives. I am sure I will miss this when the kids are all grown. Much like I miss sweet baby snuggles, cute toddler playtime and elementary school Christmas cheer now. Every season has its joys. The trick is to find the joy in the moment and not  just in retrospect.

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