Tuesday, August 1, 2017


R took this picture after I left this morning.  Z often waits for me at the window when I am out
 Our house is quiet.  Yesterday I cleaned the kids bedrooms and did some laundry.   When R got home from work we went to dinner.  We had no time constraints so we rejected a couple spots before actually eating.  First we went to the park for food truck day.  After checking them all we decided not to eat there and went to Red Robin, we sat down and then changed our minds.  Finally we went to Chili's which was yummy.  When we got home we watched a movie.
This morning I had my annual substitute training.  I actually did the online part yesterday and the in person part today.  I learned I get paid sick time! and it's accrued for the last two years while I didn't know I had it!  Sweet!!

This evening was our ward's turn to serve at the homeless shelter.  I was able to go and help out.  The shelter is closing next week, which is really sad.  Tonight we fed 90+ folks, where are they all going to go?   

It was super hot in the kitchen, as they had no AC, and it was 104 out.  When I got home I showered then R and I went out for Thai food. It's hard to see the huge disparity between what I get to enjoy and what those homeless folks have.  Cool house, private shower, dinner out with my employed husband for starters.  I am blessed.

I spent my afternoon reading, cleaning a few things, talking to different kids on the phone, and watching this crazy quail who was perched outside the window on our fence for a long time.

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