Wednesday, August 9, 2017

7th grade

 This morning was the first day of school for Grace.  She was up and ready early, as is typical for her.  Our girl is an early riser!  Yesterday she got her schedule and was disappointed with some of the teachers she got.  Hopefully it will be much better than she fears.
 Here she is on the first day of Pre-K.  She was excited then and is now.  Grace is a gifted learner and does very well at school.  It will be exciting to see what she does with that big brain of hers!
Steve is always ready for a good morning snuggle and he wished her well on her first day!

I had a little brunch this morning.  I invited some friends who also sent their kids off to school today.  I only invited friends who didn't have little kids left at home, and also who were not empty nesters, and of course they couldn't have full time jobs because brunch on a Wednesday morning.  So there were 5 of us and we had a nice morning.

I made overnight french toast and sausage and had these cute oui yogurts. Audrey brought a fruit tray and Kim brought juice and we visited and ate.  It was a nice morning and a good start to the school year.  It's always nice to have time to chat with other moms in the same place in life. 

I'm excited to hear about Grace's day after school.

update: The day went well.  Grace has a lot of friends in her classes.  She thinks her Algebra teacher will be her favorite.  She was sad about her advisory teacher and her science teacher but will try to make the best of it.  She is one of 4 7th graders in the honor band and will be marching in parades this year.  Lunch was fine, she had lots of friends to eat with but her ramen was soggy.  Also she and Rylynn, Aubrey and Brynn want to be in the lip sync competition.  So overall I think that's a success!

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