Tuesday, August 8, 2017

First day

 Sunday night we went to seminary kick off.  Ethan looked very handsome and it was a good meeting.  Pres. Silva spoke and did a very good job.  The sophomore class does not have a teacher yet so Sister Alius is going to be subbing for awhile. This year the kids are studying the Book of Mormon. Hopefully it will be an amazing year!

Monday morning I drove the seminary/school carpool but I forgot to take a first day of school picture of Bub.  Instead I got this one in the car.   He had a good first day.  He has Ms Beinvietes for math again and he likes her. He's taking Calc A/B.  He also has chemistry, history, honors English, Spanish 2 and PE.  He said his Spanish teacher taught the whole class in Spanish the whole time, which was hard for him.  

Last night he had practice with his new soccer team.  It was fun, the team is young, which is one of the drawbacks to playing AYSO, but he had a good time and I think he might be one of the stronger players on the team which would be okay.

So lots of new things.  Grace still has one day of summer left and then everyone's back to it.

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