Saturday, January 20, 2018


Grace’s Birthday is today!!! Our last baby is now a teenager! What?! So it’s exciting and unbelievable at the same time. 13 years went fast! Grace is spunky and headstrong and opinionated. She is very very smart. We think she might have a photographic memory. She is very musical and great at math. She loves animals and to be silly. She loves technology, is an awesome swimmer, but hates to hike or play sports. She makes a lot of slime, sings in the choir, is on the robotics team and the science Olympiad team and student council and in honors band. Grace has a weekly babysitting job and is quite responsible. She likes to play games, do puzzles and watch Netflix. We love our little caboose and are so grateful she is in our family.
Last month Grace really really really wanted/needed/longed for a kitten. She missed Steve soooooo much and her life was incomplete. She didn’t want a birthday present or party or anything if she could just get a Christmas kitten while she was going to be home for 3 weeks to “train” it. So we got Matilda. 

This morning we surprised her with a birthday bag. It was filled with little gifts. A couple new tee shirts, some Swedish fish, some hand sanitizers and a cute pair of ear rings. She also got to invite some friends over to hang out. Not a party but something fun to make the day special. We went to michaels and she chose some slime supplies, then we went to coldstone and got an ice cream cake. 
In the afternoon Truc-mai, Rylynn and Aubrey came over. 
The girls played with the birds, played games and I heard a lot of laughing so I think it was a nice day for her. 

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