Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Keep on the covenant path

President Thomas S Monson passed away last week. He was very old and frail so it was no surprise. He was beloved to all the members of the church so we are sad to lose him.

Today the church announced the new first presidency. The new prophet is Russell M Nelson. Dallin Oakes and Henry B Eyring are his counselors. I was surprised that Elder Uchtdorf was not in the first presidency any more. He is greatly loved by all. However the Lord has a plan and I have full confidence in Him. I am sure Elder Uchtdorf is delighted to serve where ever and how ever he is needed. 

What a wonderful blessing we have to be led by the hand of the Lord. How grateful I am for a living prophet. I am anxious to stay on the covenant path. 

Yesterday I got back Ethan’s quilt. I have saved his shirts since he was 3 and on his first soccer team. Mom and I sewed them together. I didn’t want to tie it though. I really wanted to have it quilted so I took it to Nikki and she did a beautiful job.

I gave it to Ethan and he really liked it. I was so excited that he thought it was neat. He even instagrammed it.❤️

Yesterday we didn’t have school. Grace had a friend over. She also worked with her birds. Ethan had soccer practice. Sierra went home. She had a long visit and I really enjoyed having her here. I was quite sad that she had to leave.

We’ve been making some wedding progress. We ordered the girl’s bridesmaid dresses yesterday. I am gathering addresses for invites. I’m looking forward to the big day!

Grace’s dress below. I think it’s so pretty.

Jenna had a sonogram yesterday. I thought this was the funniest picture with baby A kicking baby B’s face. I am very excited for the little girls arrival! I did feel bad though because I put it on fb thinking the whole world already knew and then J said she had it announced it there yet.

Last night we had Joe (a new convert) join us for dinner and FHE. It was a pretty nice evening. 

Today I am subbing PE and tonight is mutual. Also tonight choir starts back up. Lots of good stuff:)

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