Saturday, February 17, 2018

the big day is here: science olympiad edition

Yesterday the hover craft was still having issues.  Rob and Grace stayed up until 1am working on it.  I went to bed.  I am not a stay up forever the night before something is due kind of person.  Sleep is important to me and I plan my time accordingly.  Grace "plans" differently than I do and her dad was nice enough to offer a helping hand.  (He is a night owl so that helps)

This morning we got up early (6am) for a Saturday and headed out for the competition.  It was a much bigger deal than I realized.  There were tons of teams there and the whole campus looked like a camp ground with easy ups, snacks, camp chairs, blankets, frisbees and what not everywhere.  There were also tons of kids headed this way and that to their various events.  For the most part the adults couldn't really watch so we sat and heard reports and waited. It was a fun...and kind of a long day at the same time.

The hover craft didn't work.  After the event she changed the fan and then it did work so that stunk...big time.

Now we are home for about an hour putting away stuff.  We'll head back for awards and learn how we did soon.

Update: the team did really well. They placed 4th out of 26 teams and are going on to state!

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